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      No. The problem is the government. The politicians and the voting patterns are the symptoms.
That picture captures the perfect iconic image if a life long, fat cat politician.
  For the last time...sales taxes (and most property taxes) are not regressive. Please learn what these words mean before using them.
This whole thing is getting ridiculous.
  The problem is that that should have to.
  You're wrong. I am talking about how to address both problem by addressing the root problem. Again, your facile thinking prevents you from seeing this. You prove my point about being the immature child stomping his feet and pouting and screaming "I want it NOW!!!" You have repeatedly demonstrated an interest only in treating symptoms of the problems society faces.
  I love it when your anger and bitterness take over. We get to see the real you.
Actually, the real irony here is that you are the one unable to see things are deeper and more complex and you are the one blinded by your pet issue. You look to apply bandages rather than cure diseases and solve root problems thus continuing to allow the disease to destroy while continuing to complain about the symptoms.   I've found this to be a common problem with liberals in particular. It's like their brains have not fully developed beyond adolescence or even...
Richard Milhous Obama:          
Actually, I think we're seeing more and more reasons why, it is more important to recognize when the state has overstepped the boundaries of what it should have any legitimate authority to do.   That point is profoundly muddle today and it is muddle, in great part, because of people like you who do think the government have the legitimate authority to tell people to do (or not do) all manner of things that you don't like, but then expect it to be reigned in and...
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