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  Which, according to at least one person, makes them not even part of the civilized world.
  Correct, except of     Of course not. But then you presume the service is necessary.       You didn't seriously use that as an example did you? I should stop right here if this is any indication of what to expect further.       There's actually quite of bit written on this.       Thanks for sharing you opinion.       I really wish I had the time to address the numerous errors here. I just don't. Sorry.       Of course not.        Well it doesn't exist presently. But if...
There's never been a doubt in my mind. But I find the straw the broke the camel's back for you to be hilarious.
  I'm speaking more generally and broadly about how the economy works to create wealth and how everyone who engages in voluntary exchanges helps to create wealth. But whatever.             So you really don't know what you are talking about. I was right after all.       Whatever. 
  Yeah, my TV has all that stuff built-in too. Made me wonder what real value Roku or AppleTV would bring me. I think Apple's on an uphill battle here. Maybe if the build the whole TV, and it's not massively overpriced and it provides some compelling feature (ease of use might be nice), I'd buy that. But, for me, right now, AppleTV is a non-starter.
  In fact, what you just said, is one of the arguments against the (government-granted) monopoly on intellectual property.
  Sure:       People who have earned their income and wealth through voluntary exchanges are not "stressing the system". They are, in fact, making "the system" better by producing and exchanging and creating wealth and generally raising the standard of living.   The people "stressing the system" are those who are taxing it, taking money out and destroying wealth and generally distorting the economy. This the government. That's who is "stressing the system." Apple, for...
  Ahh...and we have a false dilemma/choice. Good for you!       You'd be attacking the problem exactly the opposite of the way you should. But thanks for playing.       Hoarded? Closed monetary system? So you don't know what you'r talking about either? I notice you skipped right over the part where I earned the money in the first place and jumped right to your Marxist wealth-is-a-zero-sum game perspective. Good job.       Arguably these are corner cases.       Incorrect....
  So you don't know what you're talking about then.
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