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  I disagree.       How is that different from any other nation?       Right. It should come down to who you think has more than (you think) they "need" or more than (what you think is) their "fair share."  
  Yeah, and US government spent it all in less than a day.
  Or even income for US citizens even when they DON'T live in the US.
  There's actually something quite similar with the whole "bring jobs back to the US" and "shipping jobs overseas" as if a) these are things that are "owned" by the US (or even by some individuals) in some way, b) that they are physical goods of some kind, or c) that they "belong" in/to the US.   There's a fairly US-centric (dare I say ego-centric) view of the world he in the US. It is our own version of geocentricism and will look just as foolish 100 years from now (if...
  Plus he gets to enjoy all the benefits of living in the economically freest place on the planet while smugly sitting back and proposing, supporting and probably voting for making the U.S. less free. It's nice when you get to tell other people how to live but don't have to suffer the consequences of your policies. It is the liberal elitist way.
  In fact, they have probably done the most moral thing they could do in this situation: Keep as much money as possible away from the criminals in government who spend it on wasteful and even immoral things.
  First, this is a bit of semantics. Second, it actually illuminates the silliness of what is "made" where. Almost everything is global and international now. This has already been pointed out (many times now) with cars for example. Finally, it also exposes the fetish about "Made in America" that so many Americans and, in particular, politicians seem to have.
  Yeah, well, except that that plant has probably long since been re-purposed for something else, by someone else. It's been like 20 years! I was actually just kinda joking.
  In fact the old NeXT plant (Fremont, CA) would be perfect for this (assuming it is the Mac Pro). That plant was tiny. Fairly low volume too. Basically one or two straight line assembly lines and some warehouse space and conference rooms.
  Plus, they're only making and selling about 12 of them a year.
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