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  With Tim Cook?!
  Your opinions about who is on the right or wrong side of the issue aside, the irony (and hypocrisy) is in the criticizing (or praising) the head of a company for commenting on the issue merely because you disagree (or agree) with the position they hold.   It's not specifically about the position per se, it's about the criticism (or praise) of the company head merely for speaking out on the issue.   You don't like one's position, so you criticize him for expressing his...
  Apparently he got educated. People do change, sometimes even for the better.
  You don't really expect logic, consistency and coherency with them do you?
It looks like BR is insane.
I love how you get to run around calling people all manner of names but when someone (correctly) calls you one you deflect it back as if you inhabit some sort of moral high ground. You're quite hilarious and hypocritical.
I understand your illogical assertion of being intolerant of intolerance.   I also understand your erroneous assumption of my intolerance.   I also understand your deep bigotry. No one is stopping you from stopping your bigotry besides yourself. Go forth and de-bigot yourself.
Can't you be both? Not be a "hatetard" and be right about other things? Or is your own bigotry so deeply ingrained that it's not possible yet?
Wasn't so much a complaint as an observation. Get it right.
  The mistake you have made, however is that in saying you have "fixed" you have implied that what was said was wrong. Do you have any special knowledge that would support this implication? Probably not.
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