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  I'll go one better:   I get tired of anyone (regardless of religious belief or political persuasion) that think it's a good idea to use law to force their principles on other people.
  Like who for example? Given that you believe there are several, you should have no problem naming a couple specifically.   Frankly, based on Merriam-Webster's definition:     You're about the only one here that fits that definition.
  So you're saying this was basically a federalist/states-rights decision?! That will really piss off liberals when they figure that out. 
What's most interesting (and ironic) here is that, I'll bet that many, most or all of the people patting Apple on the back for speaking out on this subject are the same people who (privately or publicly) were bitching about and denouncing the CEO of Chic-fil-a for expressing his opinion on the subject of same-gender marriage.
What can the US learn from India about the healthcare business?
US Drone War   I need to vomit.
   I'm just fine.
  Time will tell what? You're engaging in fallacy. It's called a non sequitur (and begging the question.) Look 'em up. You assume some outcome as inevitable without creating the logical connection the shows it to be so. It is merely your assumption (and opinion) about what "must" be done.
And what happens when you're a "super power" but no one bows to your threats? Or...How decades of US government arrogance and hypocrisy are starting to pay off.
New Posts  All Forums: