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  So your advocate pacifism as a response or defense in the face of violence that is initiated against you?   That's fine. It's your choice. I disagree. If someone initiates violence against me, my family or property, the initiator has made a choice and I have a right to respond (with defensive violence if deemed necessary).   In fact, had those people in the story you mentioned take than approach, the innocent victims might still be alive while the criminals might be...
  Because everyone should have the right to the tools necessary to defend themselves against the violence that criminals try to initiate.
  Possibly. However, when you teach, train and indoctrinate people with the idea of a better world through violence, this isn't terribly surprising.
Food for thought:  
  Fair enough...and I agree. I guess it just seems odd that you picked one story like this. Sadly this kind of "unfathomable" thing happens all the time all over. I guess I was assuming there was either something unique about this particular story or this is the first time you've ever heard of someone doing something like this.
  Yeah...ummm...no thanks.   I don't see anything in what you posted that is "unfathomable." Do you know what that word means? Perhaps I don't have trouble fathoming such crimes. They happen, sadly, often. But the ability to fathom such crimes is merely an acknowledgment of reality. There are bad people out there.
  What is?
  Really? Who? From the several you assume, you ought to be able to list at least 2-3 that you're sure will leap to defend this.
  Assuming it is actually true that the West (US in particular) wants to "spread democracy," is this something you support or advocate?
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