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  Actually it is not. You are correct that production consumes labor. However this is not at all the sense in which consumption is used by the Keynesians. They are referring to purchase of, demand for and consumption of consumer goods vs. high-order production goods and services.
  What is your point?
  I like how you cleverly (yet indirectly) imply that the lessons offered in the other article are somehow not part of reality and then selectively chose a piece of reality and claim that to be all of reality. Well done, sir.  
Think Consumption Is The 'Engine' Of Our Economy? Think Again.
Gun control lessons from Prohibition   GUN CONTROL AND STATE-SPONSORED RAPE
When Will We Realize That It Is Murder?
  There were also practical economic, tax and corporate issues at play that had nothing to do with slavery. Slavery was the publicly acceptable reason to go to war (for the northern states and Lincoln)...not unlike terrorism is used today and evil dictators are used as excuses to go to war for oil (Iraq), etc. This shit is as old as time itself.
  OK. So it's about some random Mitt Romney supporters have to say. I still fail to see any relevance here. Again, a diversionary tactic. What is your point?
  Think about it.
  I see we're moving onto the guilt by associate fallacy now. Good for you.
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