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  I meant both ways. Perhaps I should have used the word "migration" though my understanding of the meaning the word "emigration" did not indicate which direction only movement from one area to another. But I digress. I meant the freedom to go both ways.
  Is that some kind of an argument? Some kind of refutation of what I said?
  It might, yes.
  Actually, yes, I do support open borders and open emigration.
  I see you believe the war of northern aggression was about ending slavery. You have some homework to do.   Actually, I wasn't referring to that incident. But, it applies also, yes. I was thinking of more recent history.
  They took no action when the US government murdered its own citizens in the past.   What you don't seem to get is that Americans are quite adept at dismissing and infringing on the rights and lives of any class or group of people they don't particularly like or align with regardless of skin color or religion. We see this with "the rich." We see it with gun owners. We see it with unborn children. We see it in lots of ways.
  Actually...especially the poor and middle-class. Obama is an elitist corporatist socialist fascist who's reign has benefitted the politically well-connected rich far more than any other group and, mostly, at the expense of those other groups.
  Can we stop with your non sequiturs already?  
New Posts  All Forums: