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  You are right, GDP is poor measure of whether the economy is doing what it should be doing: Creating prosperity and wealth for the people of the country.   There might be hope for you yet.   It is poor in part because it includes government spending which makes it easier to "goose" GDP artificially without actually creating prosperity and wealth for the people of the country...while, in fact, actually destroying that.   Of course, by that measure, things look even worse...
Op-Ed: Gun control fails rationality test:    
  Not exactly. But there are certainly similarities. As Mark Twain once said: "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."       Thanks so much for sharing your opinion.       I don't believe they are "clearly refuted by the facts" at all. Perhaps this is how it appears when you're selective in what facts you use and observe and accept, sure.
  I don't know how what you've posted "refutes" my worldview. But whatever.    But what is lame is your attempts to derail the thread.
I someone's trying to put a penny on the track.   How utterly lame.
  It certainly appears that way. My wife read that book a while ago. I can't count the number of times I caught her shaking her head and sighing and relating how frightening is was to read that book and to see the astonishing parallels to what we see today.   While tonton claims that the constitution (which seems to be systematically ignored and circumvented today) and the vote (which has clearly become meaningless when selecting between two candidates who essentially...
  Crazy isn't. Doesn't even get that there's no provision for the president to be presenting bills (or ordering Congress to do anything) in the constitutional outline of authority and responsibilities. In fact it isn't even the president's job (constitutionally) to make laws (that the legislative branch) his job is merely to enforce them. But I don't expect Obama to submit to the constitution at this point. He just wants his way and he wants it now and he wants Congress...
Apparent, Barack Obama thinks he's a kind of dictator:    
  No. I saw your point. I simply found it ridiculous and your use of that example particularly ironic. Basically: They have too much power and they'll murder you anyway, so just give up your guns. Of the many ironies of that example is the fact that that's what they were doing...coming for the guns...and that's what they do...they murder to get them.   No, I get that your reasoning is the moral equivalent of telling a woman who might be over-powered and raped that she...
I just love the irony of the Waco example.   Leave it to a hardcore leftist to use an example of the US government murdering people (including women and children) who were actually responding peacefully (and defensively) to the US government's violent aggression as further justification for the US government to take away the rights of people to defend themselves.   That's just priceless.
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