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  When you're dealing pre-formed biases and opinions, yes, there is no way. Plus, you know, when your being all logical and scientific you can, you know, logically and scientifically predict the future. And, you know, when you change the subject and address different issues, you can say things like there's no way Obama's not worse than Bush.
  And I'm pretty sure that you don't get to unilaterally declare what negligence is in the law despite what your authoritarian inclinations may lead you to believe.
  Your problem here is in the "allowing" part. Negligence requires...you know...negligence. There's a standard to be met hear in the courts. A guy having guns locked in safes is probably fairly well below the bar. Newspapers publishing addresses might be a bit higher on the list though.
  First, I don't know why you bring up Romney.   Second, I don't know that at all.   Third, your boy isn't doing anything to stop this.   Arguably it would have been pretty much the same under Romney...not better, not worse. He and Obama are cut from the same cloth. Shit Obama is worse than Bush on many issues. He supports the PATRIOT act. He's going after whistleblowers and drugs with greater fervor. He's amped up drone wars. He's just fine with all the "war on terror"...
  Crap, you just described the basic formula behind most Hollywood movies and TV shows!
Google refuses to censor search results accusing police of covering up crime    
  That's important to keep in mind. It's also important to realize which details (and people and events) are fine to gloss over or "composite" for efficient story-telling. Even "Pirates of Silicon Valley" composited some people and events but was still largely accurate.
  Who said they were doing that? I didn't necessarily interpret the discussion that way.   Think about the historical context of the Apple I/II. At the time people were using punch cards on mainframes and entering programs by flipping a bunch of switches on the front of a metal box. In this context, what "Jobs" is saying is quite applicable.
  And why is that? Is it because people don't, you know, walk and talk at the same time in real life?
  Sounds like someone maybe has a stick up his butt about Aston Kutcher.     Sheesh.
New Posts  All Forums: