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Wow. Kutcher sure seems to have nailed Jobs' vocal mannerisms/style.
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights Leader and Gun-owner
  This is actually a good point and, further, stock prices are about the future more than the present.
  Whether SDW meant this or not...I'll tell you why it doesn't matter: It's a red herring. A person's qualifications with firearms is irrelevant as is whether someone "needs" X firearm for hunting (or whatever activity the anti-gun crowd wishes to limit people to.) And so is whether or not you think someone (or a group) could reasonably defend themselves against a modern tyrannical government armed to the teeth as the US government is. These are all red herrings. They are...
  I've pwned you so many times here that statement is laughably delusional.       I won't hold my breath waiting for you to prove that.  
  In one sense you are right. But not in the sense that you mean.       All evidence to the contrary?       And shitty analogies are another hallmark of liberal/progressive argumentation (if you and BR...and the above analogy are any example.)   To be truthful, what's most idiotic about me is my continued engagement with you.
  Of course.    But, of course, you missed my point. What's liberal of you is dismissing opinions you disagree with as "absolutely idiotic."
  Then why ask?       How liberal of you.
  Just as frequent or less.
  Nope.   And the USPS has a legal monopoly on the delivery of 1st class mail.
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