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  So you're not really interested in a serious discussion. I might have guessed. Oh well. I'm tired of dealing with children. Goodbye.
  Perhaps you'll read the paper I posted to start with rather than trying to deal with this through a series of internet forum posts.
  Why? Some of these things can certainly be handled individually. Others, admittedly, would benefit from coming together as a group of homeowners. There's nothing special or magical about that. But there's nothing that fundamentally requires it. In any case, there's nothing wrong with voluntarily engaging in contracts and associations to achieve these things. Some of these things may have the superficial appearance of being no different from the state...but this is...
  Yes. Though with a condominium/townhouse there is shared ownership of some aspects of the property.
  No it isn't.       Yes it does.       There is a massive and fundamental difference, you're just not seeing it. Whether this is because you cannot or will not, I don't know.
  I don't know about the Mormon church. I don't attend. But with the HOA, no.
  You're mistaken. The stealing in the tax situation is the state stealing from people. Get it straight. Think about it. The state is the one doing the stealing.
  But you'd be wrong if you consider that an example of initiative force, coercion or violence. Try again. You're smarter than this tonton.
  I understand this perfectly.       This is almost certainly not true, but I'm willing to listen your logical support and defense of this claim.       Actually, it's not. The government/state is a unique entity within society that has unique properties, privileges, "rights" and powers. Chief among these is the monopoly on the use of initiative force and violence. That's what we're referring to when we refer to the government. NOTE: I'm not referring to the more general...
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