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Aw c'mon guys - he just left out that little sarcasm thingy...hey, so did you two!
I'm hoping the new ATV will eliminate performance flaws in the current one, most notably, inability to maintain personalized photo streams while playing music or at rest...it's annoying to look up and see that it's reverted to a generic National Geographic stream instead... Also, navigation and list access could be smarter.
What's truly flabbergasting is, that the government won't sanction Android devices for themselves for these very reasons, yet they want the rest of us to be vulnerable, and are willing to tear down Apple to ensure it... I guess it'll be 1984 here forevermore, no matter what your calendar says.
"Latest Android security exploit could leave more than half of current devices 'dead' & unusable"   Pop the bubbly!  Great time to go iPhone! (sparkling Apple cider is acceptable)
Certainly respect your pedigree - and I'm not trying to be contentious.I hold no degrees in either "EE" (electrical engineering???) or physics,but I'm hoping you'll elaborate your comment.  This may well be an extension (ripoff?) of previous theory, but...in what way is it not impressive, actually to put it to use after 44 years? ....or, sorry - did I misunderstand? Were you being mildly sarcastic, and saying this shouldn't be snobbishly dissed on those grounds...?
Apparently they are firmly committed to not "walling" anything...Well...there's Google Wallet, isn't there?  I wonder whether even that is "walled"?
I dunno...I think he looks more like Sculley than Jobs... just me?
Except...just think how many people could use Christopher Walken's remote 
Newest App:  Where's My Remote?(or, just check between the sofa cushions)
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