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Really?...I thought the main purpose of the iPhone was to kill Samsung.
"When iPhones are outlawed, only outlaws will have iPhones..."   (or something like that)
Correction:  It isn't a huge market...yet!Once Apple releases it?  Whole new product segment - just like iPad & Watch.
I don't think they repainted the handrails on the Titanic, either...
Isn't this the new Apple Titan?
Apparently you, like Apple, are simply setting your sights too low...  /s (Although, "doomed" is good.)
So...the architecture of the A9 and A9x chip - however "fast" - would allow seamless running of OSX?  Good to know.
Well, he did say the same thing a couple of years ago, about "converging" iOS and OSX, didn't he? Of course, Apple's mobile processors haven't really been capable of it anyway, have they. ...but, eventually, won't "A?" be? When that happens, it'll be time to take the question seriously.  Denials might then no longer be moot.
It's at least a part of the point, or should be.
So...MakeMKV to rip, Handbrake to convert to usable format in iTunes.   Thanks for the help, and apologies to anyone who didn't really want to read about this,or who wanted to talk about other stuff instead!
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