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"Latest Android security exploit could leave more than half of current devices 'dead' & unusable"   Pop the bubbly!  Great time to go iPhone! (sparkling Apple cider is acceptable)
Certainly respect your pedigree - and I'm not trying to be contentious.I hold no degrees in either "EE" (electrical engineering???) or physics,but I'm hoping you'll elaborate your comment.  This may well be an extension (ripoff?) of previous theory, but...in what way is it not impressive, actually to put it to use after 44 years? ....or, sorry - did I misunderstand? Were you being mildly sarcastic, and saying this shouldn't be snobbishly dissed on those grounds...?
Apparently they are firmly committed to not "walling" anything...Well...there's Google Wallet, isn't there?  I wonder whether even that is "walled"?
I dunno...I think he looks more like Sculley than Jobs... just me?
Except...just think how many people could use Christopher Walken's remote 
Newest App:  Where's My Remote?(or, just check between the sofa cushions)
It's 1:45 Pacific time, and I can't even stream music through my Apple TV... When is a "service" not a service??? As I've said before, "And the hits just keep not happening'"!     Update:  Well, this is marvelous - before discovering this article, I tried several things to reverse the "content not found" message, lastly trying a restore of the ATV...this was progressing vvvveeerrryyyy sssssllllooowwwwllllyyyy, but just as it was finally about to finish, voila!...
It may be true that Americans are drawn to stories of disaster and woe, as being less blandthan unmitigated successes, which, to some degree, we may have become inured to. But I think you'd do better to ask yourself why outlets like the Times report more positively on some companies - what greases the wheels here?  Who benefits from whose success?Who "plays ball" with whom, and who relies on quality more than influence to make its own successes? Probably no different...
That's funny...you'd think protecting patent integrity would encourage and promote innovation, not stifle it. Maybe they meant to say "stifle our ability to copy what we can't create for ourselves"...? Must've been a misquote.
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