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Interesting - my iPad mini now has about .7GB more available, but my iPhone 6 has about 3GB less available...Neglected to check my iPad Air before upgrading.
Thanks for linking this in.The problem I've been having and was hoping could be addressed is that voicemail sometimes won't "play" without a full reboot (most likely the iPhone, but could maybe be Verizon issue).  Verizon tells me it's a well-known issue...but then, they would!But if it's something peculiar to the Verizon version of iPhone...well, I hope between them they figure it out.
Even sadder, I don't seem to have an "old geezer" option...ūüėĘ
I think what troubles me here, is the seemingly implicit assumption that only "recently convicted felons" are corruptible. Or at least, vastly more prone to it than the rest of us. When I worked in retail, I remember our Loss Prevention people explaining to us that about 90% of people were susceptible to the temptation to steal, given the right circumstances... If that figure is remotely accurate, it makes little sense not to give people the opportunity to recover from...
Great!... I mean, my greatgrandparents once told me of these films...   This was like waiting for the Beatles.
This is especially good for iOS. It may happen less often on my iPhone or iPads, buts its more annoying when it does, and usually harder to find time to deal with "conclusively".
Thank you for the link, although, since this happened in 2012,it wouldn't apply to the initial product release of either iPhone or iPad.I was thinking of that specifically but probably wasn't explicit.(The implication being that they are trying to improve the category send-off.) Still, it's good to know 'the troops' are well-cared-for!
Did they?  I thought it was a week wait to get 15% off or something like that...Unless you're talking about Ive, Cook, et al.  They might be expected to get free ones prior to releasefor dry run purposes.
That makes things perfectly clear:the good guys produce white particulate debris,and the bad guys produce black particulate debris.Was there ever any doubt?
 I don't recall Apple doing this with previous product introductions... It's especially interesting given the rumors of constrained availability on some models.   I can't wait to hear the spin that will be put on this, and I wish I had a "spin" of my own to kick it off!
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