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I bought my daughter one for her birthday, when the newer colors and bands came out last month. ...So, it's a fashion accessory/status symbol, sure. But in her job, she's all over the office, but can't conveniently carry her iPhone. This way, she can be "in touch" with whatever she wants to be, while the phone is safely locked in her desk. For her situation, it's brilliant.
Huh!  Another dang 'Land Grab'...
I find censorship, or any case of people telling me they can know things but I can't, objectionable... Please remove that, Apple...
I suppose we'll just see more and more of this - the price of popularity. The advantage is, Apple addresses it...not saying anything you don't all know.
Let's all just hope that size matters...
That's neat...although, it is a bit ironic that Apple is striving to make this feature more true to life, while having spent the last few years making their UI's, generally, more 'mechanical' or 'sterile'...or, you can use words like 'modern' and 'clean',  if it makes you feel better.
Hey gang!  I just saw a Samsung commercial - it said, "The next Big Thing is here'!!!   So, I guess they've heard about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus...   Can the next lawsuit be far behind...?
13 million down...7 billion to go!
But, no, I've purchased Apple products (multitudes of them), so I guess I've sided withthe "other" opportunists...sorry, but I just don't think there are really any virgins in this catfight.
Are we done circling the wagons yet...? No, probably not. But, at least to me, it would seem both sides are utilizing the "Cult of Personality" aspect of Jobs' life for their own purposes.  And bombastic comments are a dime a dozen in the public arena, and sometimes, in this forum. I certainly agree that the "child labor" comment was despicable and insupportable,  and that Mr, Cook's 'advocacy' is mostly driven by genuine friendship...   But, heck, while 'the...
New Posts  All Forums: