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Oh, I dunno... I remember, when I was a kid, "thousands of students" were being forced to intern in the United States Army, so... s**t happens, I guess.
Oh...good to be "odd" then, I guess...better than trolling anyway ;-)
Why are you ranting hysterically about AT&T? Doesn't it specifically say "Verizon store"? Maybe we can get Crispin Glover to play you in the movie...similar temperament, I hear.
How do you know they are "odd"?
Huh?   How is that related to this article? Or my original comment?
I like sarcasm as much as the next person, but, this post (like so many others), is a perfect example of why you really should use one screen name as a moderator, and a different one as a commentator/contributor.
HEY!!! SAMSUNG!!!!   Now's the time to copy Apple...
I think when it's returned, they still count it as a tenth of a sale...   although, then it should have said, "Amazon sold 1.6 Kindle Fires..."
I guess it might depend on your opinion of the definition...here's another one:   http://www.blinkenlights.com/pc.shtml   (so, you're where? Santa Barbara?  South Boston?)
Just for a moment there, I thought I was reading "Scoopertino"...
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