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...Well, it's about "women", so, not really important...   /s That night, I bought my eldest daughter (she's not pregnant, btw) that new Sport - rose gold (So, Sog was sort of wrong, there) w/lavendar band...And, I really thought that introducing those several new fetching possibilities in the Sport line might indicate that,whatever your opinion of how well they are selling, Apple sought to attract a lot more 'entry-level' purchases,in service of more firmly establishing...
I suppose it's comforting to have all my data stored where all my porn comes from
My household backup size needs changed dramatically, not because I was backing up more devices, but a couple of months ago when Photos changed and the camera roll disappeared.  At the same time, it seemed that all our devices were being dinged for the same photos on each device (that's 3 iPads, 3 iPhone 6's, 1desktop, and 1 laptop...there are 2 ATV's in the mix as well, but I've no idea how they are involved...and another desktop and MBPro as well, but they aren't syncing...
Not the entire desktop...just the surface.
"... improved local tone mapping, and optical image stabilization." From "Learn more about 6s Cameras".
I didn't get to see the whole thing yet, so I was only thinking of the iphone,but, yes, I know Cook (?) referred to 'the entire product line' at the start (right??), so I'm looking forward to streaming it when it's available.
Seems like an awful lot of things addressed - really nice 'upgrade', Apple!
Guess I'm going to have to see it...for better or for worse.
I guess it takes a week to ship them back to Asia...
Anything wrong with using more than one?  Do you use several on your Mac?  I use two, not exactly sure how effectively, though.
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