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But that would then also be "years"...so, 23 months anyone?
Can't see how that would have legs.  Plenty of places don't take Discover, Amex - is there still Diner's Club??? - checks, large bills, etc.No one's being successfully sued over any of that "exclusivity".
My Left Click...
Good point, and ties in with education purposes for younger users...maybe just a change of name,from iPad Mini to iPad Kidi?
No point - they already have this in the future...
his loss   how about Gregory Lee instead?
just Googled it - no hits...guess I was wrong.
btw-There is no 'Private Sector'...
I think it has been destined to happen since a couple of years before Apple started denying it would ever merge the two.Have they stopped denying it yet?
Wanted to be the first to say, if the thinness is true, NO, Benjamin - they will NOT bend in a strong breeze...
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