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That's funny...you'd think protecting patent integrity would encourage and promote innovation, not stifle it. Maybe they meant to say "stifle our ability to copy what we can't create for ourselves"...? Must've been a misquote.
Actually doesn't run the last three "latest iOS's", I think.
...and the hits just keep not happenin'
" Any perceived loss in speed is likely more than made up for in power savings..." Interesting boast... 'Cuz, gamers usually look to trade speed for battery life, right?
I have no clue where I said I had no clue...I did say we're all speculating...maybe it's just too foggy where you are
No, I hadn't seen that, but, although I live fairly near to LA, the chances of my sleepy little burg receivingor utilizing anything very advanced (Pay may be the only example) is pretty minimal (average voter age is about 87).We may be the only town ever to shutter an Applebee's (not using them as an example of 'advanced', btw),which should tell you where I live, if you're better than I at internet research. Which is also why I have to explain Pay everywhere I go, and...
lol - no, that's clearly a subway...didn't even know they had drive-thru's.I will agree that fast-food is generally a lethal weapon...But how did Pesci ever become famous with that voice?!??! 
As have I on other occasions at other locations.  The first time I got a buzz but a "try again".  They had to call a manager to try to "reboot" their handheld, by which time I was handing them cash.  The second time, their was simply no response from their device at all.I should admit that, in the 45 years I've lived near this McD's, they've screwed up 40% of my orders, so user error is probable.But that was really my point - that the challenge is still education, both...
I'm prepared to believe sales may be disappointing, but then, everyone, the above author included, are speculating, and also manipulating what data there is to suit their own viewpoints.   Someone called Smartwatch Group guesstimates smart watch sales this year will total about $8.9 billion, ( http://www.smartwatchgroup.com/top-10-smartwatch-companies-sales-2014/ ) at an average of $330 per unit.  IF accurate, that's roughly 27 million units in all, and IF the daily...
And yet, despite "not really [being] an option", it has served for a number of yearsto make Apple the most effective sales-by-square-foot retailer on the planet. And it was already pretty thoroughly "standardized", but not "sterilized"...and again, I liked that.
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