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The "ignorance" reference is to the notion that other methods are easier - they clearly aren't -or that they might be remotely as secure - they again clearly aren't. These are factual points, so attempting to dismiss them as unwarranted "hostility"is a rather disingenuous defense, I think.
I dunno, Benjamin...I often have hands in my pockets (generally, my own).
Yeah - so much easier that you won't even have to go shopping to find things on your bill!It isn't chip cards Apple has to beat - it's ignorance...Thanks for demonstrating it.
Guys, you could have just checked the calendar on your iPhone -4000/s!
SOG!!!!   Where are you??!??!
You mean, you hallucinated that fantastic things were not just possible, but probable, too?
...They really should have saved it for "H. L. Mencken Day"...
Thanks...for inspiring me to make sure I had the spelling of 'balderdash' right.
Why?  They are coming out of the cloud, not local, aren't they?...but I wonder whether she signed into her iCloud account on Apple TV?  Gave it time to recognize them all?  Or at least, it needed that time with iPhoto,if I'm remembering my own experience...One moment, I could only see a few hundred photos,got frustrated and pissed off (nothing unusual there) and walked away.When I went back to it later, they were all there...(and I mean several thousand). My own problem...
Ludicrous - not even apples and oranges,but pointless to explain if you don't already see that.
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