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I know I'm speaking from my own experiences, and many won't have had a similar set of them, but it seems many have...   I have to ask, when exactly did Apple lose the ability to present reliable, successful updates?   I probably won't install that newest one on my iMac, and have never put Mavericks on my MBAir because of my results with it on my iMac - and for the same reason might never put Yosemite on either machine... From the last major ATV update, to iOS7 and...
Or, take it as a sort of compliment.After all, what would be the satisfaction of dragging down the losers?
Reliable sources tell me this joke will still work because of all the 'wallhuggers'...
They'll be rolling out actual "Firmware" updates, starting Friday, I think!
@Tom Beasley: goodbye
I'd think the "main reason" would be to present the most advanced and polished product possible.Despite what they say about security, I don't really see the endless buzz hurting Apple… especially given the fever-pitch resulting by the time the products arrive.  Not sure they'd make the 6 o'clock news so many nights around the release, otherwise.
I'm a little curious about who is scrutinizing 140,000 or so screens a day and finding them wanting... how much of that can be automated, I wonder?  Seems like that might be a stricture in itself.
- Maybe, but it doesn't seem like much of a match... - So?  Rolls Royce is a very niche product, too…(not that I'm comparing the quality),and for quite a while, most things Apple were 'niche' too…I think we still loved them!
Not everything you wear around your wrist that tracks some health info has to also do everything else the Apple Watch is going to do, just to be useful and worthwhile...   I know a lot of you will go to town with Apple Watch, and use the living s**t out of it, in creative ​and integral ways…but I wouldn't.   Speaking just for myself, this looks like something that might suit my more limited tracking needs, and I don't need it to do all the other fabulous,...
I suppose  if anyone would know about the "truth hurting", it'd be Samsung...
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