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You really can't spot a humorous comment when you see one?  There's nothing "down on Mansfield" there - he's teasing the lack of proofreading (hardly a rarity in these pages).
Well, it would sort of make a hash out of reporting sales and profits.
And you know, I looked all over their site, but I could not find their apology.   'I'm simply shocked! Shocked, I tell you!'
Okay, well, watch The Office, and you'll know all about American management... No country has the exclusive license on inappropriate lunkheadedness.
Thanks for confirming that folks often don't read the articles they comment on...
Gentlemen, Start Your Spin-gines!
"Continuous Scrolling in iBooks 3".
I think he's front row, fourth in:  Ive, Mansfield, Riccio, Forstall (or someone who bears a close resemblance?).
"According to reports, the roughly 80-meter long hull of the ship is made completely of aluminum..."   Gee I wonder if that was one single piece...like a unibody???
Well, it only "appears" to, they aren't on the same panel. But I agree it would look better if it didn't "appear" that way.
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