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Maybe...she's the Dutchess of Earl?
"...the company has issued a statement saying the service is a work in progress and will get better with time."     They keep using that phrase...I do not think it means what they think it means...   And the reason its such a lame explanation is that, when you think about it, can anyone name a single piece of software or hardware ever released that wasn't "a work in progress"?   I think that when you want to shout from the rooftops about your...
Clearly, you have a special dictionary, in which "capitulation" and "exoneration" mean the same thing... Did you get it in the App Store, by any chance?
Or maybe, in fact, they are paranoid that someone will discover whose IP they've stolen?
So then, to design the Sammie it takes...what?   A dolt? A moron? A dingleberry???   A copycat?
Just to add to the data pile, my daughter ordered a 32GB/white at 6PM Friday from Sprint's site, and their message was, "We will do everything humanly possible to have your phone reach you on 9/21/12".   So whaddaya think?  November?   I know its a bit off-point as not AT&T, but...
It's a privilege, not a feature...
I noticed a lot of discrepancies, too. But, its just possible that the offers are dropping as requests come flooding in...supply and demand-related, perhaps?
"HP developing smartphone for 'post-PC era'" Ummm...didn't they mean the "post-Meg Whitman era"?
But in the public vernacular, it is.
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