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I guess the Master Plan of recruiting mediocre employees nobody wanted wasn't working out?
When you get less than they propose, that's the opposite of "conservative estimate".
so...count on 10-12
Interesting that the AI Blog is ahead of the ATV Event play...
And it will have keys with the revolutionary new Samsung "Moth" mechanism...I wonder if Ive knows Phil stole his presentation? APPLE - still nearly the only entity - outside of performing artists - consistently willing to build its imagination.
getting the feeling Apple is high on China...
3) You feel compelled to participate in every discussion on AI and your phone is charging!
Ouch...   It's true that common criminals benefit in exactly these ways... But, in this case, with so much at stake for Apple and Pay, it might be fertile ground for white-collar and corporate crime, as well.
"If you have to ask, you'll never know...If you know, you need only ask..."
Be nice if it counted steps accurately, too...
New Posts  All Forums: