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You are right about the acreage and overall advantages, but mostly wrong about weight. The mini weighs more than any Kindles (reading) except the Fires (other media), and only an ounce less than Nexus 7. The iPad4 weighs more than any of the Fires. Of course, its only a few ounces, and anyway, 'the weight ain't the test', especially at that small a difference.
"now advertised to ship in two weeks"???   I'm in California, the Apple Store went back online at 12:06am, and I immediately ordered a white mini 32GB wi-fi, and my notices ALL say  "available to ship in two weeks".   Maybe it was asking for engraving, but, aside from that, I can't see how that many people in the US could have ordered before me at 12:08...?
Well, my original vinyl of the White Album and Yellow Submarine, for instance, are that way...Let It Be sort f is except the apple peel side is a red skin...didn't bother to pull out any others.   If we are still looking for varieties, I would suggest "russet'...but 'someone' would probably try to rustle it...
Lol!  Thanks for the excruciating documentation!  My Kindle (3 at the time, now known as  keyboard) if it is .34" is therefore 8.636 mm, so not quite 1.5mm thicker. Not nitpicking at all, you are proving my point, that at this size the vastly greater performance & functionality is well worth the extra $ ($139 for my Kindle, which displays books AND anemic dictionary entries, won't search its own content if the battery is below half, and often freezes while I write...
Thanks, yes, I could and do use those "Kindle for..." apps, but I have found them to be buggy and unreliable, and I can't seem to put all the books on all the devices I use - they tell me I've reached a limit they impose... still, good point.
Not saying it necessarily will be that different, just saying its silly to say you prefer that experience when you've never even held one... I've driven a lot of cars, but don't presume to know what a Rolls is like without ever having driven one. Or what rotelli will seem like because I've eaten ziti... you can make a guess, even a good guess, not "know".
And different sizes, which in theory _could_ alter the experience. So, to reiterate, we can't know with certainty until we have it in our hands...that's just common sense.
Be nice if you'd bothered to read the point made in my post...
You are assuming that the user-experience on the mini will be identical to what it is on the iPad...perhaps very generally it may be,but the experience on the iPhone and the iPad are markedly different,so I'm not sure how you can presume to know what it will be on the mini...did you receive a review mini that you've been using for a while?
A real "stocking stuffer"?
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