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Funny they called it that... Why won't 'Samsung Pay' Apple those damages, after all this time?
When Microsoft closes a Window, it opens a backdoor...
Hmmm...how bent, and how permanently?When I first got my '6', on the second or third day I noticed that, on a flat surface,it "rocked" just a tiny bit (yes, it rocked in other ways, too).Anyway, the next morning it was back to flat, and I've noticed no curving since.So, while there is obviously "elasticity" in any such object,at least with mine, there was also a certain "memory".  But perhaps yours went beyond some critical point.
This is excellent - just the sort of service we expect Apple to provide effectively, and, quite obviously, a critically important element in the 'subtle' agenda of "going nuclear" on Google's a**.   And I'd really like to see Apple, in the same vein, do more to help block spam effectively in Apple mail. Not that they haven't started, but really aggressive and "clever" commercial spammers have found ways  to disguise headers in such a way that it can be difficult to...
Yeah, that kinda helps pull the curtain away from the 'Wizard'.I don't baby mine either, although I sometimes minimize the coins in that pocket, or even remember to put my keys against the back, but no case or cover or 'bumper',and no marks either.
Aware of that, but if they haven't started assembly, then the location of parts may yet be limited...so, again, where'd this guy get one?
What a tiny car - not even room for a search engine.
So, we're giving this guy credit for bullshitting Apple into "fixing" something that wasn't wrong in the first place? I didn't think he had credibility then, so why would I credit him for "prodding" Apple now?   And the thing I'm most curious about:  how does he even have a real shell, for an as yet unannounced product? Thought they weren't even starting assembly till later this month, so they probably exist, but again, how does he have it?
I think I read that this wouldn't be posted until "Cellophane: the Series" ended.
Good points.  I just remain slightly skeptical, and really only time will change that.Comparing the two "products" isn't necessarily telling, because the early adoption rateof one may not speak to the long-term 'legs' of the other...I was simply suggesting that there might be a clue in Apple's willingness to be specificregarding only one, not the other, but you've suggested a way to interpret that, so...we'll see!
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