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There was a time I'd have been delighted with news of a 4" iPhone on the current pattern. But I've been thoroughly pleased with my iPhone 6, and was even remarking to my wife the other day that I'd been startled that it was starting to look "small" to me.   Next time I upgrade, it'll probably a "Plus", although, not for the size, but for the camera and battery advantages... Although I've no complaints in those regards now, better is, well, better.
Okay, but not contradictory.  If you look at their site, they do say "available 11/13/15", which doesn't change my view that it's odd a warehouse style venue - sort of the antithesis of an Apple Store -would have any available at launch - eventually, certainly - but initially?  I thought we'd read here a few weeks ago that the initial product run wouldn't be that large,so...how many Watches did Sam's Club have on launch day??? (Incidentally, you can't order them any...
Well, the article's not wrong, but what I find curious about it is that Apple would have enough of them available at launch to bother with this sort of outlet...I'd have thought their own online and physical stores would be sold out by dawn.
The headline says "shipments at almost 7 million", the article says "sold nearly 7 million"...  Which is actually meant, then? Haven't we endlessly disparaged the Android world for touting one when they mean the other?
I don't particularly think of myself as a conspiracy nut, but, instigating this sort of rumor is exactly how I'd go about stalling 6s/6s Plus sales, were I an Apple competitor...
"Facebook forces some workers to switch from iPhone to Android..."   I'm thinking this constitutes "hostile work environment"...
THE GUARDIAN IS DOOMED!!!!!   (...just wanted to see what would happen next.)
And, like a broken record, I wonder whether it will communicate more reliably with iCloud services with the A8 vs. A5 chip...and whatever else is new inside?
Too bad you can't assign different "names" to Siri on different devices...Just think how many new friends you'd instantly have! 
I don't really think anything I said suggests any sort of deception, so dismissing my point on those grounds is...off-point.It simply makes sense that the app - Apple's own creation - would work right off the bat.  I don't feel cheated, merely disappointed,that something seemingly obvious and congruent would not have been anticipated and prepared for in the launch.  It's just an observation, not quite yet an indictment.
New Posts  All Forums: