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Conclusive evidence of how valuable public relations is for businesses in general.But it's still nice to see a bit of counter-surge to the Pay competitors.
Just wanted to thank the majority of this thread for helping me to understand how lemmings "think"... I vaguely recall a scene like it in Alice in Wonderland, where folks charge off manically in one direction, then just as fanatically charge off in the opposite direction at the smallest cue. Once we were all agog at how smaller was so much more elegant...but now?  Perhaps "this too shall pass".   When Apple steadfastly refused to make a larger phone, we were all 110%...
Let me rephrase then - it doesn't give the sense of intimidating chaos I'd feel in other venues.Again, I suspect it's because such a large percentage of those present are focused on product,and by 'focused' I don't just mean riffling through some items, but raptly immobile.Yes, it's still an obstacle course, but, no, it's not a demolition derby. ...As for "B-line" (I think that's 'bee-line'?), aren't you using the anti-grav app on your iPhone???
@Rob Bonner Just the opposite for me.  I use an old pedometer, which, while "underfeatured" (to say the least), is at least reliably accurate. When I first got my iPhone 6, I carried them both, and in about 5 miles, my phone thought I took about 38% more steps, and it apparently thinks my strides are each about 25% longer than they are.  No way to "set" stride length that I could find...is it  using  some GPS sort of method for distance?  My ignorance probably seems...
The things that always amaze me in an Apple store, are that, regardless of how many people are in it, it rarely seems "crowded"... That, and the fact that everyone is usually glued to something, not just cattling their way through...   Imagine yourself in a Sears or Macy's with the same concentration of people per square foot as you often see in an Apple store - unbearable.   Given that this is a company dedicated to immersing you in a digital lifestyle, that so...
Maybe I'm missing some control or setting, but the healthkit app and phone, by themselves,  do an abysmal job of counting strides and measuring distance walked.   I wonder if it's different with other hardware or apps added.
Okay, you get the flags, I'll get 43 shares of Apple instead
My point would be, "WAAAAAAA MOMMY THANKS TO APPLE'S AGENCY MODEL EBOOK PRICES ROSE BY 15-40%".How do you guys keep conveniently ignoring that fact?Thanks, Amazon, for trying to keep prices lower - since you had no real control over product quality, as Apple does,as a way to seize market share on items it makes, competing on price was not only sensible,BUT GREAT FOR CONSUMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get it yet?
Hey, Apple - stay tough as hell, don't ever change! The reasons and the proof are on my desk, in my laptop bag, that phone in my pocket, the strength of wifi in my home, the visual quality of streamed content, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum...
Crap... Will Ghostery or AdBlock, e.g., still work?
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