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"Still in Beta:  Siri falls short"   Maybe they should change its name to Betty or Bette, at least until its bettah?
Glad to see they've finally instituted a valid product testing program...
Not quite sure what you mean by "travesty", but the style of management you describe is usually characterized, when it doesn't work, as "rudderless". I think you'd have to say that the Apple culture is embedded in Mr. Cook, and vice versa, and I, for one, am comfortable with him shaping his team as he sees fit. This doesn't appear to have been a mistake, in any case.
I don't see how you can object to an androgynous, synthetic humanoid thingy that wants a bucket of paint poured all over its phone - its pure genius!
And this is why Nokia will WIN!!!! They go right for the throat - right for the vitals! How can you compete with that??!?!!???
"When the iPhone 5 debuted last month, many longtime iDevice users bemoaned the new handset's Lightning port, as it effectively ended compatibility with nearly a decade's worth of accessories built for the legacy 30-pin standard"   I was wondering, could AI supply any figures for complaints about the introduction of "the wheel"? I've heard it was even worse than when "fire" came along...
I can't describe the thrill of finally having Google's new 45-degree satellite imagery   for Los Banos, CA!!!!   Google really hit it out of the park this time time! Nailed it! Epic win! This definitely necessitates another Tim Cook apology!!!! Just can't see Apple recovering from this anytime soon :-(
Well, I'm absolutely sure of it... They would never put something on Star Trek that wasn't true! Although, I do think I liked the one on Galaxy Quest even more.
Huh...I thought the article did a pretty good job of explaining why this isn't a "key weakness in the Apple platform", but rather, a brilliant coup in progress. And since this is a significant part of Google's bread and butter - how they accumulate the data which is their coin - I expect they'll fall all over themselves to find a way to recoup users representing the lion's share of web traffic.   Were you perhaps holding it upside down when you read it???
Yes, any lens that I am using... None of my pictures seem to have any flare. Everyone says so.
New Posts  All Forums: