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Hmmm, well, it certainly isn't the point of broadcast TV now, as proven by the proliferation of commercial breaks,and, worse, the gigantic ads that play onscreen even during the "content" now...So, if this is just another way to deliver that...well, not as much 'better' as it could be.
Gee, isn't that exactly what you've proceeded to do??? I think it's okay to have and to express different opinions...I think it helps everyone understand things. I'm really pretty damn sure that that is precisely what this sort of forum is for... So, disagree!  Yay!  Explain why!  Double Yay!! But let's please stop telling people they can't express themselves,and/or always calling them trolls when they happen to disagree with us, huh?
Don't be so annelidical...
"...reportedly halted the advance of proposed antiterror legislation..." Hilarious! Requiring these back doors and the forfeiture of encryption keys IS the terrorism!
A little strange that Apple campaigns so stalwartly for our privacy generally, then leaves us all relatively exposed in this way...
Well, these are lovely and impressive, but, they're still just filling the slot the old white MacBooks filled,which is to say, less powerful than the MBAir.   I'm looking forward to the day they magic the power of the MBPro into something like this form factor ( not that MBPro isn't impressive already).   As for all the pretenders referred to in this article (who can't even win their own argument, and are afraid to mention battery life), I'd recommend including this...
Of course Apple has the right to merchandise their stores in any way they choose, on-line or physical. But I also think it sends a poor message to remove devices - especially from erstwhile 'semi-partners', and especially when they aren't remotely competitive.     It almost suggests a legitimacy they otherwise couldn't have. And I think Apple may 'sort of' think so too, by removing them so far in advance of the appearance of the Watch, amidst the hubbub of their own...
I guess the Master Plan of recruiting mediocre employees nobody wanted wasn't working out?
When you get less than they propose, that's the opposite of "conservative estimate".
so...count on 10-12
New Posts  All Forums: