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Just think!   Apple could afford to give $1 billion to each and every satisfied, productive Android user!
Capitalism:  If it's _still_ moving, exploit it.   Aren't those "French" words???
Not to mention all the expense of copying ideas from others, as opposed to the relatively inexpensive process of inventing it all yourself!
Gosh, I bet you didn't feel that way about protecting IP when Samsung was 'stealing' Apple's, didja?
I'm still not sure why the group that does the _least_ with their phones thinks that screen-size is the cutting-edge value...
I think this makes Apple a 47%-er, doesn't it???       (There, that makes 300. Nice and round. And I'm done)
To some buyers, I believe they do.   Apple didn't make enterprise inroads these last few years solely because of the iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  There's a synergy (don't you love vague buzzwords?  never mind, I know you do). And when you are working with a small minority of desktop users already...
Clicking either product name will take you ..***OUCH***..there.
Well, Yay, I guess, for those who take advantage... but its a little disappointing to have ordered 6 minutes after the store re-opened that night, and then have someone who thinks they might want one  later this week go pick one up, when I haven't even received a ship notice yet :-( 
Isn't that how Australia got colonized in the first place?
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