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That makes things perfectly clear:the good guys produce white particulate debris,and the bad guys produce black particulate debris.Was there ever any doubt?
 I don't recall Apple doing this with previous product introductions... It's especially interesting given the rumors of constrained availability on some models.   I can't wait to hear the spin that will be put on this, and I wish I had a "spin" of my own to kick it off!
I'll bet they're just reprinting Apple's test results...
Good thing Apple hasn't tried developing a new line of chocolates...
I dunno...I suppose it could be more streamlined or automated - and it'll probably evolve, but this seems to respect the needs for both security and control. It just doesn't seem that complicated to me, and I'm not much of a techie.   I vaguely remember that when McDonald's started providing wi-fi at their stores, they'd hand out a little pamphlet explaining how to connect - three panels, two sides.  One or two panels were devoted to pointing out how wonderful...
Hmmm...perhaps.But I don't recall it working that way with the first iPads or iPhones.
I'll set my watch to it...oh, wait...
Yes, profits are great, and very healthy for a company.But marketshare still matters - the clout attendant with being a widely used,deeply penetrating "format" is a potentially powerful luxury that Apple survived for a long time without,but I bet they're pretty glad to have it - and to have it growing - now.(And there are a lot of related benefits and conveniences for their users, too.)
I wonder whether it's more accurate to assume that watches were initially round because sundials were round first?I don't know that anyone ever engineered a square or rectangular sundial,but once these became portable - especially in the form of wristwatches - numerous examples of angular design appeared.
Wow!  And, whatever the Chinese is for "bravo". ...Just think what they could do if the Chinese government promoted a more level playing field. 
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