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  Thanks to you both - makes sense, especially the part about minimizing grounds for appeal.
I thought final instructions came from the judge herself. Why do the contestants have to create them?
Typically useless troll...
Yes, poor Samsung...   Their arguments don't have enough testosterone, and their legal team has too much Estrichen.
Uh...I don't get it...couldn't she just copy someone else's license???
What a curious point of view for someone with a screen name like "nunyabinez"... Seems like this would be right up your alley!   And I kinda think that punishing users with legitimate reasons isn't going to do anything to cut down on drug-dealing... or those horrific "one night stands" (Don'tcha just hate it when those happen???).
Apple takes over one-third U.S. smartphone marketshare   I bet before you know it, Samsung will try to copy this, too...
I think if Samsung sees it, they'll seriously start trying to pattern their advertising after it. Don't give them any ideas (and then they won't have any...)
'Apple' parody?  You might want to watch it again...
Oh yeah, that was a good one!  I'd forgotten.
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