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I think the "9" number is almost two weeks old now, but, if it were epidemic, someone would be jumping up and down and pointing at the new number,so, your point stands.
Well, Apple, I hope you're proud of yourself... This sort of disappointment is exactly what comes from not letting them copy you so relentlessly.   (do I really need this /: ?)
"...a long-running case involving the use of digital rights management for content sold through the iTunes Store"... Okay, so at least partly about content...Would a better comparison have been, "Apple made it impossible for me to play my LP's on their player...etc."?
When can we expect the eBook antitrust suit against Amazon for making  non-transferable eBooks?     Hard to see how this suit could have merit, since you can move music in and out of iTunes... Haven't I always been able to rip cd's into iTunes, and burn cd's from iTunes purchases?
Oh please!  Enough already!You've made your point...about twenty or thirty times, I think,and by the numbers of phones bent "in the wild" as opposed tointentional abuse, it isn't a valid point after all!So...unless you are going to start labeling those posts as sarcasm,kindly turn your considerable intellect to better uses.(I would have labelled that, but it wasn't sarcastic ;-)          )
"The event is reportedly expected to be a "more laid-back affair" than the unveiling of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch that took place in September."   Perhaps most importantly, Apple is adopting a more reliable way to "stream" the presentation to its avid and loyal followers...   This time, Tim Cook will whisper each revelation to the person in the front row stage right, who will proceed to whisper it to the person next to them, and so on and so...
I agree with both posts, which is why it confuses methat Cook, during the Charlie Rose interview,singled out Google as Apple's "top competitor".I know he thinks he explained it, but...
"Samsung! Where the truth isn't all we bend!"
It'll be three years Sunday... just hard to believe...
"Apple caters to minimalists by offering blank home screen option in iOS 8" ...I thought they'd been 'catering to minimalists' for at least the last couple releases. Or whenever Mr. Ive got his mitts on the look.
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