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The unfortunate fact of the matter is, that nobody, but nobody in the business world, has any reason to help give Apple any piece of this colossal pie - not merchants, not issuing banks,  not competing NFC-pay approaches, not any of the credit card issuers.    The only motivation any of them have, is to ensure they don't piss off any Apple-lovers by being seen to be a factor in Pay's failure.   Sure, consumers, were they uniformly alert, informed, and...
Er...ummm...doesn't it kinda defeat the purpose,if I'm required to give them my information, in orderto tell them I don't like giving them my information? I have an idea...I'm going to write all my personal info on cash,just to see whether they'll accept that!
Perfectly valid point, and I sincerely appreciate the work that went into compiling all that. Personally, I suspect people are willing to favor a device that's only reasonably larger,given the other-wordly functionality of these little beasts... And, it's been said, but a lot of us find a larger screen a tremendous encouragement to explore those capabilities. Regarding how that impacts device size, we finally got our 6's Tuesday, and all three of us (me/wife/son)were...
I can't really feel confident rushing to embrace a casual, informal survey by...Gazelle???
...fixed it for you.
Actually, they could:  the latter is strategic, while the former is tactical and demonstrable, since we all know Apple is struggling to match demand, especially with the 'plus'.However, I'm not really constrained by the dichotomy of your 'memes', since -1) I only questioned the first;2) I've never stated the second;3) I'm not a troll (at least, not on this site ;-)  ).
Just hope it isn't a "rushing-to-market-to-match-demand" quality issue... If it was OSX, wouldn't pretty precise crash reports be going to Apple? Does that not happen in iOS?
Yeah - talk about retaining resale value...
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse -   Sorry, Sammy - wrong time to stop copying Apple!
Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a more modern version of a business model that,at least here in the US, contributed to the rise of organized labor over a century ago.Still, I appreciate Krawall's point - it's hard for first-worlders to rotate their perspective sufficiently sometimes,to recognize that this might be to some degree a step upward for these folks.
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