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Might not be that simple, since it says "iPhone" right on it.
Wouldn't think you'd need to use a microscope with screens of that quality...
Can't say I agree with your logic here, But I do applaud the accuracy of your user-name! ;-)   (shouldn't be hard to answer that, I suppose)
Huh!  That article seems to suggest that Google Translate may be less accurate than Apple Maps is accused of being...wonder if it's a beta?
Isn't that why they like to position their stores near Apple stores? If cleverly photographed, the crowds at the Apple store can almost be made to appear to be Microsoft's...
The part I'd appreciate explanation of, is how the edict of an English court has precedence throughout the EU? And at least in one part of it - Germany - Samsung were found to have infringed, weren't they? So how is it that this ruling supersedes that one?   Not arguing, just curious...
No, it doesn't. I am thinking, for example, of the new iPhone keypad in iOS6... I'm sure some like it fine, but to me it looked like a high school project or beta when I first saw it. "Simplistic" doesn't always translate to "sophisticated", and, for me anyway, a physical world look is always more welcome than a machine language look. Just a personal preference.
You really can't spot a humorous comment when you see one?  There's nothing "down on Mansfield" there - he's teasing the lack of proofreading (hardly a rarity in these pages).
Well, it would sort of make a hash out of reporting sales and profits.
And you know, I looked all over their site, but I could not find their apology.   'I'm simply shocked! Shocked, I tell you!'
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