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Perfectly fine - I'd rather have the horsepower anyway.
Ecosystem?  Vertical integration?  Compatibility of hw/sw design?  The same thing said a fourth way?
I usually get my nose out of joint when people use their phones in, say, restaurants, but then,aside from the chance to get one's shorts in a bundle for yet another reason,I really can't understand why I do.After all, once you get past the initial ringtone - assuming the bozos don't use 'vibrate' in such venues -you are really only forced to listen to half the talking you'd be exposed toby any normal conversation between the two passengers in the seats behind you!
Happily, the article doesn't confuse the issue by referring to the history of it.../s
This "living a life of dreams" theme has been on for at least a couple of weeks, in SoCal anyway, so,I'm not understanding the 'released Saturday' thing...At first I felt the same about the music, but, as so often happens with Apple's ads, it grew on me, in a sort of hypnotic,comforting way.  And I've been a fan for a long time of Apple's approach to actually showing people doingcool stuff with any or all of their devices, in contrast to most of the 'competition', so I...
Aw, sorry Google! So much for those 'off-shore' profits!
Well, yeah…but at least, now we know!!!
I see the sarc, but, you know, I think it may be as important to Apple that (as the Ford spokesperson referred to) it will make the Apple ecosystem sticky at home for these thousands of people too…they won't be buying Apple TV's or iPods at work, but they'll be buying iMac's and Apple laptops and iPads for both.  I know the Enterprise is huge, but for, literally millions of workers to be exposed to that experience will make so many of them finally a bit more willing to...
…and if you squint a little, I think you can see her Home Button.
I dunno…that looks like OS Twenty-Ten to me...
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