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Really, its kinda hard to tell who won this one...
It's funny - I was just thinking how the legal system is plagued by a proliferation of laws...   I wonder whether Judge Judy is retiring soon...?  It'd be nice to find just the right spot for this gentleman's dotage.
In the thread "Microsoft faces 'major dilemma' pricing Surface tablets against iPad" I made the same point Gates is, and suggested this same approach might be their only conceivable winning strategy.   Gazobee mentioned it was "nonsense", and that I wasn't "even paying attention"...   Hey, Gazoobee!  I guess you forgot to tell Bill!   There ARE significant differences in iOS vs OSX, their respective abilities and interface.  And so, there may also be between...
Because he's not sure what "in-cell technology" means...
C'mon, guys - we aren't comparing apples and oranges here...   Possibly more like Apples and DogTurds, time will tell.   But the simple fact is, the iPad is a device, the Surface will be a computer, in tablet form (at least according to MS).   Not designed for quite the same things, not capable of quite the same things.  And I think that Apple, even while it makes its device a little more "computeresque" with each upgrade, has proven that there is a huge...
After considering the NYT's logic, I just feel really sorry for all those folks working for companies that are actually losing money... They must have to pay their employers in order to work there, huh?
    What about you is complaining?   Can't you read the tekst as it layed up for you???
  I'm probably not the best tech historian, but, to be more comprehensive, shouldn't this tableau have started with a picture of someone introducing the Newton, four or five years earlier?     (Unless you feel Newton should only relate to PDA's, not "tablets"...?)
If you read my post more carefully, you'd notice that, although I acknowledge the pull-away difference, I don't consider it an inconvenience, as I do the protuberance, for the way I use it.
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