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Well, it's about Time!...   Actually, although this forum seems pretty resentful about it, I can't imagine Mr. Cook regrets losing the Time award to the sort of selfless, cooperative, humane activities of the collective that did win it.
Ironically, so is VD, traditionally...
 I think I could see these increasing sales...not sure how multi-Putins orburned-out looking health-worker covers would have that effect.
Plaintiffs are still skating on thin ice...
And I happen to agree with you on the "merits",but I'm not willing to overturn the legal system to glorify my opinion.
I don't much care how they try to spin it - that's just what they do... But I've been thinking since this "testimony" was first mentioned in an article here  that I'd very much like to hear what he had to say. I don't think that makes me ghoulish or disrespectful... Just nostalgic.
The judge cited a responsibility to 8 million "potentially affected"  iPod owners. She never stated they were claimants,or that they actually were affected.The delay in the suit is to discover whether there are the former,the suit is to discover whether there are the latter.
Or perhaps AI was trying to turn a noun into a verb, and left out the apostrophe (plea'd)?
And inadvertently you've proven the opposite!Well done...
What a wonderful opportunity for China to be able to hornswoggle and stonewall several American companies at the same time!
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