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I know you enjoy raving away without really trying too hard to see other people's viewpoints...but at leastthe first sentence above seems a lot like what I and others have said...perhaps what we have here is"a distinction without a difference"? But, WTF guy!  Try combining both elements of my comment before going off. Besides, it's not much fun having a personal, sentimental comment blithely derided,but I guess I've come to the right place for that... Meanwhile, Tim Cook...
"...Apple Watch underwent many iterations and refinements before..."   So now, when seen wearing it, you really will be able to say, "What, this old thing?"
I had an old friend - the one who introduced me to Apple products in about 1991 or so (he brought over a Newton) -who tried to make this same point...the way he put it, describing problems Apple was having, was something like,"Apple needs to get hit on the head a few more times before they realize they aren't a hardware company..." Then they brought out the iMac...then the iPod...then the iPhone...then the iPAD...(soon the Watch)...Then my old friend died, but, he lived...
poor guy...he'll never be asked to write for the WSJ...
Samsung seems to require competitors, in order to have some idea of what to emulate and build...It never seems to me that Apple needs to have competition to "push" it towards improvements, innovations, or quality.So I'm not sure we'd suffer that much if Apple were the "only supplier"...(but God help us if almost any other company were).
...only when morons write the regs
"Apple Watch sales could reach 40 to 50 million units by 2017..."   The only thing I can see wrong with this particular baseless speculation is... it seems not to take into account the looming global wrist shortage some of us are predicting...
Totally surprised me the first time a call came thru my iMac, as I'd forgotten setting it up, and hadn't brought the phone into the den with me...now I usually just pick up the phone out of habit anyway (agree with SY about the stops-too-slowly ringing).   But it was cool telling the caller (my wife) how we were talking (I ceased to surprise her years ago...). Reminded me of the first time I called her on an airplane (seatback) phone...interesting times.
"She did however suggest she feels regulations are "constraining innovation" in some respects..."   I prefer to think that intelligent regulations channel innovation intelligently.
"a windfall of $392..."   Cool!  Now Apple can afford its own Edition watchband!
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