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I happened to be in an Apple store last week.  It was a Tuesday, 10:45AM, and the place was utterly packed.   There was a little roped-off area where 12-15 kids - I dunno, 8 to 10 years old, were in some sort of class, making their own storybooks and/or movies, with soundtracks, etc.   Other informal groups were huddled around different hardware, being shown how simple it was to accomplish things...   I would think that showing that sort of fascinated crowd and...
sorry - missed it
Scamsung? Shamsung? Scamalong? Scamwrong? NoDong?
The Wizard of Troll strikes again...   Idiot Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, kinda their own fault!:     www.thefancy.com/
In spite of which, Mr. Cook has earned and retained a high reputation as a "supply-line wizard".
Wanted to check out all these wrinkles - wouldn't be the first time that configuration upgrade pricing for the basic model didn't quite match the initial price of the premium model, so I'm not so sure they will correct it, but, right now, the Store seems to be flummoxed - can't see configure pages because the group product pages have so select buttons, at the moment.   Or, I get an "Oops" message from the store. Otherwise, I might have thought it was one of the...
I think he may be right though! Why can't Apple just relax, allow Samsung et al to steal ideas and IP, and sit back and watch them make billions doing so??!??!? After all, Ive has just said that Apple isn't doing what they do to make money, so why can't they simply celebrate others doing so...with Apple's ideas?   And before you say he's wrong about fighting over "rectangles", remember the shape most currency comes in...
  Well...if they had a lick of sense, then yes!     (You didn't think they'd know how to buy them on-line, didja???)
Sitting Bull???   ...well, half right...
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