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Until otherwise proven, I choose to believe he's joking...
But...still not serious work, because it isn't a serious show, huh? /s
You're not wrong, but you are kind of cold.It might be on point to remember that almost none of those "employees" were alive when the icons you mention were active aside from Jobs, or even when they died (with the exception of Disney for the oldest ones).  And I think it's fair to say that we are currently embroiled most directly with Jobs' contributions and influences, the others having sort of faded into generic semi-obscurity.
Nice bit of revisionism, but since the bill was demanded by Kennedy(s), championed by LBJ, and strengthened in Democrat-led committees, despite Republican efforts to water it down, I'd say, yes, "the Democrats", but thanks for the "hint". It's certainly true that some southern Democrats were against it, and that was the primary impetus in the south going from generally Democrat to its current Republican orientation, but really, since Lincoln the Republican party spent...
I admire your enthusiasm, but wouldn't that absolutely requirean incredibly well-received introduction of Watch?  (Which some of us - you included - regularly gainsay.)And a lot more momentum for Pay as well?
Well, I think we can agree it'd be nice if the word got out before that happened!
Perhaps they could have her meme Mae West:"Come up and see me sometime, when all I have on is...my iWatch!"
Yes, you'd think such tales would eventually have their effect, especially coming on the heels of the decade in which "identity theft" became a household term, a sitcom joke, and a huge business in its own right.I maintain the average person is still largely unaware of the protections ApplePay affords, although people conversing here are not.
I'm voting for "maps", although they may be going skiing on Pluto... By the way, what's wrong with, "Cart"?
I was skeptical - and still am - about the future of ApplePay, but it's certainly nice to see the list of adopters continue to swell.   The problem remains, to get the average person - not the AI reader, or techie, or 30-and-under - to understand why ApplePay is such a significant improvement in security and safety, and, to a lesser extent, ease-of-use. These are the folks whose spending, by dint of sheer numbers, will make or break this foray into a new business for...
New Posts  All Forums: