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Early or late 2013 I wonder?...probably no important differences?  Except 2 hours less battery if it's "early" 2013.and 2.4 instead of 2.6 i5...Lots of folks qualify for Apple discounts.  For instance, the Education discount meansyou'd only pay $200+ more for a brand new laptop with more RAM & better processor.It'd be worth the extra, at least to me, were I in the market for a nice starter. Well, what exactly is the point of peeing on it if it isn't electrified???
I've been treating it like a novelty - I usually just forget and send a "finger text" (I think that's what Fallon would call it).Then too, as with calls, there are plenty of times when a voice text would be indiscreet, or impolite.
These just in: "Pot Calls Kettle Black!" "Man Bites Dog!" "Govt. Says:  If This Happens, It Better Be US Doin' It!"
But, is it a USB3 or a Thunderbolt Portwoman...?(We know which one Thor thinks.)
So, you all stood up to cheer when Apple tried to look out for assembly line workers in China, but you don't give a s**t about quality of life of American workers in a more inherently dangerous job? Don't these people contribute to the safety of, among others, Apple employees, facilities, and therefor, IP?   With a high profile comes a certain responsibility - I don't see anyone accusing Apple of mistreating these folks, but they're certainly in a position to be a...
You know, I think it would - I for one would really like to see that story...Could we insert an iPad-announcement segment, too?
And, "would you like to stop at a Microsoft store on the way home...to pick up a little nothing?"
Honestly, I suspect this with each new Apple product - anything the competitors can doto make the story a negative, instead of about the thrill of it being finally in our hands.
I carry mine in my pants pocket, with coins and keys, just like my 4. I didn't even get a bumper for it for over two weeks.  I will say it feels more like plastic than glass, not sure why.   Nothing at all on it so far.   ...oh wait - there's a scratch right on the bend! oh no! 
New Posts  All Forums: