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Google Self-Glass! You make a good point...Although I would like to just mention that 1984 was written by your countryman, I believe?And I don't positively know, but I suspect London might still lead any major US city in CCTV surveillance...? Otherwise, couldn't agree more -So, Mr. Pot, regards from Kettle.
I'd normally only order from Apple, but we were ordering 3 6's and one 6 plus (128GB on that one),and wanted to get one of those sharing plans.  I suppose we could have ordered them individually from Apple, then coaxed Verizon to combine them, but it seemed at the time that that and the trade-in thing would go smoother this way.Actually, if Verizon didn't insist on not shipping till all four are ready, we'd have gotten the 6's weeks ago.Live and learn...and then forget by...
I'm thrilled to know that folks in India and China will have phones in hand before my family here in the US - we ordered ours early on 9/13, but they still won't ship from Verizon till 10/24 at the soonest...aaarrrggh!   But I'm happy for Apple, anyway - helluva triumph!
Aside from the fact that it's getting pretty boring, hearing you restate the same rant a dozen times(with minor variations), try to stay on point at least.The article doesn't say that Apple ever imposed this fine on GTAT - GTAT is including it in their ludicrous filingto add weight to their depiction of Apple as a tyrannical partner. So, without engaging the point of prokip's post, you aren't engaging the topic of whether the penalty is fair or draconian.You're just...
October 18 plus...isn't it obvious???   
LOL!I doubt it will come up, anyway.
So, do some NFC equipment standards require contact? It seemed from the keynote they didn't...this seems 'nearer than near'.
Excellent, thanks...and it's good to see that democracy still works in such a way that the biggest dog commandeers the bone! /:
Interesting - source?  I'd like to learn more.
Macy's may be responsible when you use your Macy's card, but when using a major credit card, the card is, I believe, responsible, unless or until the card company demonstrates a pattern of negligence by the merchant - at least that's my recollection as a former retailer (one lifetime of several).What I said?  Or at least I intended to.
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