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Well, I'm absolutely sure of it... They would never put something on Star Trek that wasn't true! Although, I do think I liked the one on Galaxy Quest even more.
Huh...I thought the article did a pretty good job of explaining why this isn't a "key weakness in the Apple platform", but rather, a brilliant coup in progress. And since this is a significant part of Google's bread and butter - how they accumulate the data which is their coin - I expect they'll fall all over themselves to find a way to recoup users representing the lion's share of web traffic.   Were you perhaps holding it upside down when you read it???
Yes, any lens that I am using... None of my pictures seem to have any flare. Everyone says so.
If so, then on your Android phone its, "What? Never???"
Don't forget the "superior pocket profile"!
Well - He's not Dutch! ;-)
Maybe...she's the Dutchess of Earl?
"...the company has issued a statement saying the service is a work in progress and will get better with time."     They keep using that phrase...I do not think it means what they think it means...   And the reason its such a lame explanation is that, when you think about it, can anyone name a single piece of software or hardware ever released that wasn't "a work in progress"?   I think that when you want to shout from the rooftops about your...
Clearly, you have a special dictionary, in which "capitulation" and "exoneration" mean the same thing... Did you get it in the App Store, by any chance?
Or maybe, in fact, they are paranoid that someone will discover whose IP they've stolen?
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