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Wait...there's a country somewhere with a "fair and just judicial system"??!?!!?
      -----------------------------------------------------------   Well, here is CNet reviewing it in 2002 - they refer to it as a "tablet", and in a way that makes it sound like there were others to choose from...        ------------------------------------------------------------ $450.14 Review Date: 
Almost certainly - most of his posts begin that way, so, presumably, most of his conversations probably do as well... Wait, my bad, they would start with, "Nonsense", and run from there.
Very en-lightning.
Oooh - excellent critique!   Good thing Einstein didn't look "different", or we'd never have had modern physics.   And, while I'm at it, why would I ever question the credibility of a caricature from the "southeastern US" named "Whitey"?
Hmmm...so, you feel that being told you've won the lawsuit because your product is CRAP is a big win to you???   I think I'd just as soon take a pass on that one...
Really, its kinda hard to tell who won this one...
It's funny - I was just thinking how the legal system is plagued by a proliferation of laws...   I wonder whether Judge Judy is retiring soon...?  It'd be nice to find just the right spot for this gentleman's dotage.
In the thread "Microsoft faces 'major dilemma' pricing Surface tablets against iPad" I made the same point Gates is, and suggested this same approach might be their only conceivable winning strategy.   Gazobee mentioned it was "nonsense", and that I wasn't "even paying attention"...   Hey, Gazoobee!  I guess you forgot to tell Bill!   There ARE significant differences in iOS vs OSX, their respective abilities and interface.  And so, there may also be between...
Because he's not sure what "in-cell technology" means...
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