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Lol, okay, I guess I am nitpicking, then, but the iPhone 4s was announced 10/4/11, but not available in the US till 10/14/11.   That isn't 6-8 weeks, to be sure, and it isn't, in the popular conception, a 'computer'...   but I'm pretty sure its a field they had products in already ;-)
  Not to nitpick, but "announced" or "introduced"... versus "released"? Not quite the same thing for Apple, sometimes by 6-8 weeks, isn't it? Or am I remembering iPad wrong?
Its not?  Thought I saw a few things in there I respected, even if Social Network wasn't one of them...   Filmography A Few Good Men (1992) Malice (with Scott Frank) (1993) The American President (1995) The Rock (1996) (uncredited) Bulworth (1998) (uncredited) Sports Night (1998–2000) (TV) (Creator/Executive Producer) The West Wing (1999-2006) (TV) (Creator/Executive Producer) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006-2007) (TV) (Creator/Executive...
Enough already with these rumors about analyst Gene Munster!!!!   ...oh, wait...
Well, as long as they're INTERNAL! ;-)
How about a link to some article, any article, that states that the trial _in China_ has concluded.  Everything I've found, so far, says it is still ongoing as of 5/10/12...but then, my search skills aren't legendary...
  I sort of agree...this isn't an issue of clear-cut merits.   The question is, whether Apple's "friends" (read, "partners"), in Chinese business have more, or less, influence with the Chinese government than Proview's "friends" (read, "debt-holders").   I 'sort of agree' because I, too, think it would be more in China's long-term interests to support Apple...but, even in China, there must be some version of "the old school tie".
  My thought was that, at this point, all we have is Proview's account of Apple's intentions.  They seem eager to promote this idea, and have publicized it more than once.   Much has been made of the way business is done in China - "saving face" is a feature of this technique, though certainly not native only to China.
Can you say, "saving face"?
ummm...   "My dog ate it"???
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