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Strangely, Software Update isn't pulling it yet...noticed some of the iPhone5 info links in the Apple store weren't yet working earlier either, after the store re-opened. Odd that they didn't have everything "just right", at the bell.   7 hours later you can download of course, but right below that button is still a little corner banner saying "Coming in October"... just not tight this time around...
You are losing sight of the only really important thing:   None of those Android phones was an iPhone a year ago. None of those Android phones is an iPhone today. None of those Android phones will ever be an iPhone.   That's huge.
I think AI should have stuck with Apple's term:  "reversible"... Much less suggestive.
LMAO! thanks for saying it.
Gee, what WAS Apple thinking???   They just had to make a folder look like a folder,  and it all just went downhill from there!     ...I wonder why MS worked so hard to emulate that sort of GUI?
Well, yeah, but, they've been selling it as a feature for almost two years now, complete with an advertising campaign built around it... I really think that excuse may be wearing a bit thin.   **oops, one year
Well, I did, and while the term "secular" might be applied to an event defining a century or an age, it still doesn't seem applicable, for an event described as *maybe* defining the second half of the current year...
I like the way he used the MacBook to prove that the hula hoop was WiFi !
Huh!  I thought my iShaver and my iCoffeeMill looked familiar!
Euclid, perhaps?
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