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Plus, would you really expect both 4.7 & 5.5 to have the same battery?
Well, as of when did a network need to be confident of delivering, or actually end up delivering,anything particularly earth-shaking to use those terms to drum up viewers? I do think it's an interesting attempt to make themselves more accessible to otherwise non-alert folks,and I hope it doesn't backfire on Apple, if the announcements are "merely" incredibly cool,instead of the best freakin' mousetrap ever in the whole universe in all of history...
I still have trouble seeing them completely abandoning the current form... It would be a bit horrific if the "c" was again a repackaging, of 5s guts instead of 5 this time. But I think, since my 4 is now 4 (years old) and I will be upgrading, that I'd like the newest tech but in the current size, at least as an option. I can see switching to 4.7, but 5.5 is just too big for me, for a phone...   (sorry, sog)
I've never in any way said _I_ disrespect Apple's security commitments or expertise. I'm suggesting that when you enter a market - the rather significant portion of the world'spopulation that makes credit purchases - you are reaching a huge number of people whomay not be as sanguine about Apple generally as you or I, and which may need a reason to trust Apple…or beopen to reasons, however spurious, not to. So a preemptive strike against that aspect of Apple may slow...
Unless, of course, the public decides it can't trustApple's hardware's or software's inherent security to protect their privacy...​Hmmm…where have I heard that suggested recently?
But, that's like asking them not to report 'the wind'...as breaking.
"Fired on the spot??!?!?"If it did come directly from Ive's mouth, would you want him fired too?If they live here in the US especially, I'd like to see neither of them fired...But really, does anyone seriously believe it was said, in the first place?
I suggested this as an explanation for the appearance at this time of the hacked celeb pics story...Got about zero traction.  But I'm more in tune with GTR and Flaneur than with Suddenly Newton -I don't insist that solid proof is required in order to have valid suspicions, soooo...let's combine the two and put this outage down to Misguided Revenge of the Hacked Starlets!!!!!
Nobody thinks it "odd" that a challenge to Apple's vaunted abilities in security  should be trashed on the same day they announce agreements with major credit card companies on a new payment system?   I'm not convinced this is really all about 'naked starlets'…maybe, but...   As Apple attempts to enter another hugely lucrative market (assuming these deals pay them even a tiny transaction percentage) they are playing in the big kids' pool… and the big kids can see...
Why not 'the Tall-ee'?
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