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Yes, that's what he says in the clip talking to Fallon, and he claims "it's the only one available to the public in the world".
Maybe he just spoke carelessly...?
Looks like Putin could lose his shirt...again.
I believe the Amazon Music app will export music to iTunes automatically - you don't need to access/drag/drop.
Oh no!  Please don't send him away...he's "just trying to spread some facts and truth in the land of the delusional."However else will we know??!?
...same thing happened to the guy who built a better mousetrap - Apple should have been taking notes.
Apparently, we need to have someone reliable & credible investigate  the crap coming out of the WSJ... perhaps the New York Times could help out?  Consumer Reports?
Yes, it's hyperbole when you intentionally phrase it to sound like a 75 cent increase, for effect.
Hyperbole much? - the tax was already 68 cents per gallon, and the increase is meant to fundchanges in climate control regs which might, one would hope, keep the planet going a while longer.Not a bad way to spend the 7 cents. BTW, yes, here it was $4.50 six months ago (SoCal), but is still $2.90 or so where I am...$2.40 sounds pretty good!
Wow...now this is what I call 'wishful thinking'.Apparently, you've traded in the Grape-flavored Kool-Aid for Apple...?
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