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Another good indication that "shipped" and "sold" are different things...and that the iPad and the pretenders are, and do, very different things...
In AFTER the peacocks strut...   But the real point here is probably a profit issue, not gross sales. Amazon sells their Kindle products pretty close to the bone, relying much more on content sales for profit. Target gets none of that gravy.
    May I suggest a two-story building instead, so as not to encourage any jumpers?  ;-)
Samsung is just trying to get the jump on Apple's upcoming iAlarm release...
Pretty much as I said. Do you ever try to post anything besides reactionary, antagonistic troll-bait?
Has it occurred to any of you rabid apologists that Apple, and other companies, strive to take the extraordinary measures they do, and are developing, precisely because agencies like Greenpeace keep the issue in the public eye? Many companies would never have discovered they could "go green" profitably, had they not been nagged into it. So, nag away - there is plenty more to be done to make the future a sustainable one... I, for one, would like to see it so.
No, it was the wild blue yonder
This person may have started at Continental in 1993, but, seeing as he was only 21 then, it isn't likely that he started "as a vice president of financial planning and analysis"... Although, if he did, maybe he does qualify as an a-list-er! Apple does have a huge patch to manage now, but I wouldn't like to see them get too far ,or at least too often, away from the tech field, into the typical corporate "revolving musical executives" approach. I would think that that...
Why not actually critique his comment, rather than making an oblique slur of the poster? I think of myself as a consumer, not an Apple apologist, and, frankly, I pay more for ebooks since Apple magnanimously "broke up" that mean old Amazon "monopoly". Speak to that very valid point or continue to forego credibility.
Or perhaps some of us would simply like to suggest that, while countries and cultures differ, there should still be some minimum standard regarding the treatment of human beings, wherever they are. Otherwise we might as well accept eight-year-olds making tennis shoes for our kids, who I'm sure we are glad aren't doing that sort of thing themselves. For what its worth, what little I know of China and these factories suggests they do meet a fairly decent standard, and I'm...
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