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Maybe I'm missing some control or setting, but the healthkit app and phone, by themselves,  do an abysmal job of counting strides and measuring distance walked.   I wonder if it's different with other hardware or apps added.
Okay, you get the flags, I'll get 43 shares of Apple instead
My point would be, "WAAAAAAA MOMMY THANKS TO APPLE'S AGENCY MODEL EBOOK PRICES ROSE BY 15-40%".How do you guys keep conveniently ignoring that fact?Thanks, Amazon, for trying to keep prices lower - since you had no real control over product quality, as Apple does,as a way to seize market share on items it makes, competing on price was not only sensible,BUT GREAT FOR CONSUMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get it yet?
Hey, Apple - stay tough as hell, don't ever change! The reasons and the proof are on my desk, in my laptop bag, that phone in my pocket, the strength of wifi in my home, the visual quality of streamed content, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum...
Crap... Will Ghostery or AdBlock, e.g., still work?
I thought the main reason the constituents of 'Rockstar' bought the Nortel patents - specifically, why Apple paid the rumored $2.6 billion, was to make use of select patents without having to license them for the hundreds of millions of devices they anticipated selling?   Did I get that wrong?   If that's not wrong, then the consortium members are patent owners/users, not patent trolls.
I can't tell, lkrupp...is it the interface you like, or Ive himself?I'm not sure why expressing a personal opinion that differs from yours,in and of itself makes him a bore, but I suppose it would make sense to a 'fanboy',and I didn't think that that term described you. I think it's the ugliest interface I've ever seen on a Mac, but then I've only beenusing them since 7.5 or so, so there's room for competitors, I suppose.To my eye - yeah, just an opinion here! - it's a...
Ah...the 'Harrison Bergeron' method of social and legal reform.
It's easier just not to let your gorillas play on the stairs, really...
Well, if anyone needed a handy definition of dirty pool, here ya' go.   Honestly, I'm ashamed. How did my country become a place that so readily selects this kind of thorough-going butthole for success and responsibility?
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