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Euclid, perhaps?
What he said...
Preachin' to the choir, but, yes, it was Mac's of all non-portable types that they were positing. And, you know, that 2042AD date may look good for it, but, like you, not ready to give up the desktop one just yet, although for "portable" I go Air, just because I prefer the OS. Wife loves her iPad, but I just haven't heard the song of that siren yet (the wife's, yes...the iPad's, not so much).
Fascinating - thanks for the link... It may be very awkward for Amazon to have to "regretfully inform" pre-orderers that they'll be paying a premium for "ad-free" if they choose to revise their orders!
I especially love the way they put in that "study average" bar, just so they could put Samsung below that bar...   But also, folks, and I'm not a statistician, but I suspect that if the average is 783, it should explain how the gradient (probably not the precisely correct term) in the graph works. The bottom score isn't zero, and 400 is off the graph, to refer to a previous post.
I envy you!  I bought mine 15 months ago, so they'll be capable of making sushi for me by the time I'm ready again...always assuming they continue making them at all.   I have friends (not "insider" types, but original Apple users) who feel we'll see signs within the next 12-18 months that Apple will eventually (foreseeable future, not 2042AD) stop making desktop machines entirely.   But I don't think I'll ever be ready for that...   I like a lot of scout devices (not...
The new Kindle Paperwhites (refers to screen technology, not color) can still be purchased without ads, like all the older Kindles, for a higher price, but on the *new* Fire models, it isn't optional.     They display full screen when you "sleep" (or "lock") the gadget, and in a lower screen corner when the gadget is in use...
Well, now that you've referred to it as an "idea", I think its a lock...
Oh, I dunno... I remember, when I was a kid, "thousands of students" were being forced to intern in the United States Army, so... s**t happens, I guess.
Oh...good to be "odd" then, I guess...better than trolling anyway ;-)
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