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It's already working!!!Every time I see a commercial for their phones, I flip off my TV...And then I flip the channel.
What year was this???
You might want to take this up with Galileo...
Is there a Korean word for "seppuku"? 'Cos here's the definition.
...and if she's the former she'll love the latter.
Typical market anti-correction?
File this under, "No good deed goes unpunished".   Didn't this come up just a few months ago? Isn't it clear there have always been workarounds and alternatives? Wasn't iTunes always at least, and for quite some now time, a good deal more accessible than eBook platforms are, even today?   ​...I wonder how it sounds when Thomas Slattery plays his vinyl on his cassette player?
The test would be to see what percentage of those other platform-users actually use the feature,as opposed to the percentage of Apple users who will find a use for it.That will tell us something about both the quality and effectiveness of the ads, as well as demonstratingwhether Apple has again waited until it had a feature "right" when they added it.Sometimes Apple does things first, just as often they simply do them better.
So, just don't send any singing birthday cards...Problem solved.
Which has pretty much come to describe your response to all his posts...Are you really that bitter about his opinions?  Is there really no better use for your time?Have you really not mastered "blocking", or is this your mission in life now?
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