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I kind of like the idea of a three-size lineup... The current form factor will be iPhone6, then the iPhone 6G for Gigantic, then the 6WHG for Way Huge Gigantic... I got this from a fortune cookie, if anyone's curious. (wanted to be sure the day had its proper rumor ration)
Well, Folks, there it is!!!This post definitely proves there'll be a 5.5" iPhone!Only a daft donkey'd doubt or deny it now!
Not to mention that language neither is nor was,nor ever has been, a static proposition.
I think Samsung is hoping Siri will say, "Oh, no!  I can't do that!"
I think the side buttons on my about-to-be-replaced iPhone 4 protrude a little more than that...still, it just doesn't seem 'elegant'…maybe it extrudes for photographing, and retracts afterwards - except, tiny little motors? nah
Wow…you're actually trying to pursue a logical reply to one of sog35's "jokes"?He's been running that general one for, I think, months.
I think B&N and Nook would be thrilled enough just to "take on" the Kindle... slightly closer to "picking' on someone their own size".
…except for the guy who wrote that into their Constitution...
It's so much harder to execute anonymous people who say what you don't want them to…poor Brazil.   Although, other digital content can be disappeared when permissions or copyright issues arise. Don't see why apps should be immune.
In other news, this site is being renamed, AppleInsidYerHouse...
New Posts  All Forums: