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It was smart of Apple to do this, especially if she starts giving a little better idea of exactly how she does what she does, instead of just saying "I did...".
So, Apple gear is actually used out of proportion to its simple numbers "in the wild"...? No surprise there.
Let's see...how many Watch Edition's is that???
I've mentioned my own issue with Photo Streaming in ATV above,but I don't seem to have problems removing or altering the photo content on an immediate basis...(Of course, one cure is, don't put fuzzy photos in that photostream in the first place!)
I'm happy enough with my current model ATV's, so upgrading has no real urgency, for me at least. So it'll all depend on what it does and what the price is...and those factors will each depend on the other.   My real hope is that the new one will reliably hold my screensaver settings (PhotoStreams of my own photos), instead of whimsically reverting to the in-box National Geographic set at least once daily... (Anyone else have this happen?)
I think it would be good if the initiative were presented to private physicians to channel their patients with specific issues into the appropriate data pools.   It would make the sampling even more broadly representative and effectively targeted while not presenting any privacy problems...   Or perhaps they will be doing this, although I didn't get that impression from the recent  Apple presentation, where it seemed more like, "Hey, you're sick, you know what you've...
Now, here's something I might be willing to march in protest of... One of the more egregious proposals for accelerating the uglification of the world since the aborted suggestion of floating geosynchronous "mega-billboards" some years back.
They were always Nissan, they just called their exports Datsuns for decades...Then, I think, it was something along the lines of feeling they were selling the "Nissan"consortium name short, globally, so, to strengthen that global presence, everything became Nissan...At least, that's my fuzzy-ish recollection.
Perhaps Australia should do a better job of vetting its wild "gibsons" before unleashing them on the rest of world...? 
I think my point was that currently content providers don't respectthe entertainment content they convey (and thereby disrespect their public customers)they way they do the advertising content...or they wouldn't have successfully lobbied the FCC years agoto allow larger and larger in-show active banners over the entertainment you and I are paying for.Not sure how that was unclear, but sorry to have incurred the semi-hysterical response.
New Posts  All Forums: