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So, do some NFC equipment standards require contact? It seemed from the keynote they didn't...this seems 'nearer than near'.
Excellent, thanks...and it's good to see that democracy still works in such a way that the biggest dog commandeers the bone! /:
Interesting - source?  I'd like to learn more.
Macy's may be responsible when you use your Macy's card, but when using a major credit card, the card is, I believe, responsible, unless or until the card company demonstrates a pattern of negligence by the merchant - at least that's my recollection as a former retailer (one lifetime of several).What I said?  Or at least I intended to.
I suppose I can understand this.  The merchant's themselves, unlike the card issuers and consumers, don't particularly benefit from the increased security, so have little incentive to purchase compatible equipment, if they haven't already. What I think they are overlooking is the same rationale that made cards popular in the first place.   Ease of use and ready acceptance remove impediments to more casual and impulsive spending... What merchant doesn't like that?  OK,...
So, you are saying Apple would have been more likely to give the money to starving children than U2?Don't think I agree, although I wouldn't say the same for their label.
Sad, really... He was listening to the National Anthem at the time.
Weren't there 25.883 million complaints?
But the security number on the back already raises the non-identifier digits by three, and there's no reason that number couldn't be four or more digits long too, so, along with all the other qualifiers mentioned, whatever the top number is, without changes to the front of the card it's flexible, and we're nowhere near needing to worry about it.
Sooo...selling their own products and delivering them locally? In a city the size of New York, they'll need at least one person to do the packaging. Probably even have to be full-time.
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