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Yeah, I'm predicting that they will sell 1,001!!! So, I'm already brilliant!!!
When you think of the form factor involved, it doesn't seem feasible for such sets to be sold directly out of the typical Apple Store. It'll be hard enough to display them in-store, but impossible to store them on-site. They'd have to just ship them after you order in the store or on-line.
Yes, and, by the same token, "baddabing" appears to be the universal pronunciation for...uh... "baddabing"... On a more serious note, due to the penetration of the ad campaign and accompanying fanfare, I was not aware, until Apple had to emphasize it in their statement vis a vis the lawsuit, that Siri was, in fact, considered a beta. Now I'm sure that a lot of you on this thread, the lawsuit thread, and AI in general WERE aware of it, and that many more wouldn't ever...
WOW!!! Right on topic!
You could just post a pic of a copier...
So, now, Foxconn's not even giving them water!!?!??! Oh, Apple! For shame!!!
Can you say, "iPad 2S"?
How about, "MacPrayer"?
I guess this means, if that commercial is to be believed, that the ATF needs toys, not tools...?
well, the ones about who they were buying it for and why seem pretty clear, and the one about not being in a position of selling similar or competing products too. good enough for you, or do you still have your hands over your ears and eyes?
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