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 Not to worry:  Apple has plans to redesign the electron anyway.
We're only talking about rumors, after all, strengthening though they may be as release nears. People are suggesting that Apple would move all production to the new size, but I don't see why the rumor of a larger model precludes keeping the current form factor as well, a design for which Apple always had very cogent justification.   My daughter, whose existence, as nearly as I can tell, revolves around her iPhone (to the exclusion of her MacBook and iPad(s) ), would...
Yep, thanks.
Are you sure??!?!!? ...I heard he was throttling them...
Naw, go ahead and be nervous...   If this were about the better product, there would never have been a "contest" in the first place...   Ask Sony and their Betamax, among numerous examples, how this works in the real world.
It's easier if you count on your fingers: whatever they call it, the next one they release will be the seventh iteration.  That's what he meant.
Just think!   Apple could afford to give $1 billion to each and every satisfied, productive Android user!
Capitalism:  If it's _still_ moving, exploit it.   Aren't those "French" words???
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