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I believe that you were saying that Amazon having a software issue immediately upon release was an inauspicious launch, and I was merely pointing out that even apple has had software issues, in these cases not at the launch of a hardware product, but when releasing something new they'd had some time to work…so, it even happens to my tech brand of choice. If I didn't interpret your comment correctly, apologies.
No, but Apple's had those too,didn't they update iOS 7.0 in about a day? And a similar event with an ATV upgrade,just to name two.
Well, golly gee!  Thanks AI!!!Now we won't even have to watch the commercials!You've pretty much made your Fire tablet sound like a glorified (and expensive) Kindle!
hmmm...Still, I think that's better than being represented grossly...
lol -well, it's just that they're so poetic -they had to make it rhyme with 'aluminium' after all.
I'll see your 'heck yeah', and raise you a 'heck yeah'!But I'd hope to also see the other half of the equation,where developers and manufacturers like Apple start takingthe larger ratio of negativity that will result to heart, and respondmore aggressively when negative feedback is accurate.
I'm curious - who couldn't you share with?  PhotoStreams for other OSX or iOS users, Public Website for 'non' (or, I think, jail-broken Apple users), if I'm remembering correctly, but it's been awhile since I did one.
Hear, hear! NSA has become the new Google...
The thought of them designing something that complicated is a little scary…I've never used a 'Fire', but I can attest that they've finally got the Kindle UIabout where it should have been 4-5 years ago…which is about how longit takes the device to do things when it's 3/4 full of books.
Presumably this would also lead to the same specs on an upgraded stand-alone Thunderbolt display?
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