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I wonder how much flash storage will be available after you install it...is a negative number possible??? @sflocal - Thanks for copying in the whole article - I was thinking about rereading it anyway!
LAUSD Motto:  "Nothing Is Too Good for Our Children...Except the Best!".   dismal
I wonder whether the author actually got the Dell to display the 5K using an iMac, or just read it in the product description?   (edited to specify not a Mac Pro, but thanks Marvin and SolipsismX for helpful replies)
? Probably just tap-to-click?...but using Force Touch on all their track pads and touch screensgoing forward would be a nicely consolidated step up.
The ladies must positively swoon...
I'd forgotten to mention that Scoopertino spoofed this in September: http://scoopertino.com/apple-launches-new-line-of-bendable-devices/
Aw, c'mon...wouldn't you feel just a teeny bit bad if you talked him into it??? (...anyway, what the hell am I supposed to do with these tires now???)
Always!  They insist on ruining it at every opportunity...
They tricked us into thinking it was a flaw!!!Benjamin Frost has some serious crow to eat now! 
The "ignorance" reference is to the notion that other methods are easier - they clearly aren't -or that they might be remotely as secure - they again clearly aren't. These are factual points, so attempting to dismiss them as unwarranted "hostility"is a rather disingenuous defense, I think.
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