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"Tim Cook unlocks the doors at Apple's Palo Alto store to kick off iPhone 6 sales"   I guess someone called in 'sick'.
Simple words, but "change" isn't necessarily "innovation"...More to the point, neither is necessarily "improvement".Too early to tell with this, perhaps?
I loved this caption: "Tens of hundreds" of Apple fans line up outside a reseller in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong."   Such failed hyperbole... So, as the crowd thins out, will it become a crowd of 'ones of tens'?
So then, anyone wanting to cast a shadow on the credibility or reliability of a companydoing an announced roll-out would have the choice of a few potential co-conspiratorsin making it a less than memorable internet day?Or am I misunderstanding the potential here for a guided sabotage?
…but…but…I can't do that!
Yeah, some were Apples, and some were oranges...(and I think they were Mandarin oranges).
Thanks - I'm feeling a little less hysterical now!it was OTA the first try, when I got the 'couldn't complete' message.  Then I plugged in but still didn't use iTunes, just for fun, to see, and it went through the update.What ticked me off was, at the end of the install, it appeared that the iPad had been wiped - it seemed to be asking me to start it back up from scratch.  I had backed up, so it wouldn't have been awful, but after about ten questions I still don't know why...
You are quoting the space iOS7 needed during install, not what it used in operation, I believe (about 1.1GB).
I know I'm speaking from my own experiences, and many won't have had a similar set of them, but it seems many have...   I have to ask, when exactly did Apple lose the ability to present reliable, successful updates?   I probably won't install that newest one on my iMac, and have never put Mavericks on my MBAir because of my results with it on my iMac - and for the same reason might never put Yosemite on either machine... From the last major ATV update, to iOS7 and...
Or, take it as a sort of compliment.After all, what would be the satisfaction of dragging down the losers?
New Posts  All Forums: