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I think there is a "future-proofing" element sometimes - for example,my 4 won't run iOS 8 but a 4S will...I thought that was the sort of thing being discussed, but thanks for clarifying.Perhaps I need to read more carefully.
Eating?  I think that's been illegal for years at least in a lot of US states. On the other hand, I think you are encouraged to look out the window known as "the windshield"...
Okay, perhaps I'm lost, then.YoY aside, I thought his point was that, if you were getting any given form factor - 4, 5 OR 6 - it's better to wait a year till the "S" variety of that form appeared,emending and advancing that particular form...Obviously 5 will be better than 4,  OR 4S, etc.What did I miss?
If the window were just a little wider, you could see the last, most dangerous category: "Laughing hysterically at science as presented by AAA".
Ummm...I think Fuzzypaws is comparing, for example, '5S' with '5', while you are comparing, for example, '5' with '4S'...?
Pocket-dialing perfected
True...I was thinking, though, how crappy would their stuff seem,if we didn't have some really excellent stuff to compare it to...? Then I realized!  Even crappier, probably,since they'd have had nothing to struggle to emulate in the first place. Enigma solved.
I think the "9" number is almost two weeks old now, but, if it were epidemic, someone would be jumping up and down and pointing at the new number,so, your point stands.
Well, Apple, I hope you're proud of yourself... This sort of disappointment is exactly what comes from not letting them copy you so relentlessly.   (do I really need this /: ?)
"...a long-running case involving the use of digital rights management for content sold through the iTunes Store"... Okay, so at least partly about content...Would a better comparison have been, "Apple made it impossible for me to play my LP's on their player...etc."?
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