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Wow...what are you smoking'? I don't have any other kind of desktop, laptop, tablet, device or phone in my home except Apple (unless you count Wii and Playstation and their derivatives), so I'm all for the Apple ecosystem and its success in all quarters... but I also had a few Betamax's... So I suggest you pinch yourself, stand in front of a mirror, and recite, a few times, Mencken's dictum: "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public". I know,...
lucky you! I'm on my wifi at home, and its estimating about (equivalent hours) 4 and a half weeks to go! course, Time Warner might be unhelping too...
I apologize for in any way encouraging this otherwise heart-felt thread to veer in this direction, but, according to The American Cancer Society, "only about 5% to 10% of all cancers are inherited." So, we really _don't_ "know that most cancers are hereditary". I don't think we need to entertain unneeded worries in this regard about the rest of his family.http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerC...ity-and-cancer
Point is, it was an insignificant grammatical error. You, and everyone else, knew what was meant...but you just had to be a...well, a Pooch.
Dear Mr. Van Winkle! What a hilarious thought! However, while you were sleeping, the phones have actually already undermined the iPod industry! Sweet Dreams-
I've been reading almost exclusively on a Kindle for about three and a half years. No eyestrain, no headaches. To me, dropping e-ink seems like a step backwards, especially in exchange for fairly limited tablet functionality. So instead, maybe a desperate attempt at lurching forward. But then, my tastes and MO aren't necessarily anyone else's. We can natter all we want, I suppose. The marketplace will decide.
Well, when what you refer to as "reasonable market competition" results in higher, not lower, prices to consumers, should consumers be cheering about it? The point is that what you have characterized in that way, is seen by the suit as encouragement from Apple for publishers to collude in raising prices, by offering that "agency structure" as an alternative to Amazon's original, more consumer-friendly prices. But it would be naive to think that, while putting on a frowny...
Ooooh, I hope they do! Then they could call the stores, "Apple Barnes"!
The part that seems least logical or fair is the part about the bankrupt company's assets also being distributed among its creditors. Suppose five companies had sold goods to Ultimate. The goods of two of the companies have already been sold at the time of bankruptcy. Most of the goods of two others are gone, but lets pretend that the goods from Apple remain unsold (Microsoft fans cheering, Apple fans incredulous), for which they were paid the $420,000 they are now...
I think if Amazon wanted to control both device and content, they wouldn't have created Kindle programs for multiple portable platforms.
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