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So then, to design the Sammie it takes...what?   A dolt? A moron? A dingleberry???   A copycat?
Just to add to the data pile, my daughter ordered a 32GB/white at 6PM Friday from Sprint's site, and their message was, "We will do everything humanly possible to have your phone reach you on 9/21/12".   So whaddaya think?  November?   I know its a bit off-point as not AT&T, but...
It's a privilege, not a feature...
I noticed a lot of discrepancies, too. But, its just possible that the offers are dropping as requests come flooding in...supply and demand-related, perhaps?
"HP developing smartphone for 'post-PC era'" Ummm...didn't they mean the "post-Meg Whitman era"?
But in the public vernacular, it is.
Yeah, that really rolls off the tongue! Can you make it into a jingle for us???
Nice try, but, the only thing spinning here is your logic. Try putting the horse back in front of the cart, and it might become clear why Dell et al have fewer loyalists in the first place...
Strangely, Software Update isn't pulling it yet...noticed some of the iPhone5 info links in the Apple store weren't yet working earlier either, after the store re-opened. Odd that they didn't have everything "just right", at the bell.   7 hours later you can download of course, but right below that button is still a little corner banner saying "Coming in October"... just not tight this time around...
You are losing sight of the only really important thing:   None of those Android phones was an iPhone a year ago. None of those Android phones is an iPhone today. None of those Android phones will ever be an iPhone.   That's huge.
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