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  Well, I think you sort of countered your own point right there.   The Air was the appropriate name for that product, to differentiate it from other laptops, which were so much heavier at that time.   In the case of iPad, its weight has never been a weakness, so touting the iPad mini in that respect doesn't stress its improvement, or anything unique about it.   I always also sort of thought that the "Air" designation, aside from weight, was intended to mark its departure...
  It must be very comforting, to find that your views are "pretty consistent" with your beliefs...   DUH   Buncha self-supporting double-talk, trying to make your blahblahblah appear substantive.
Yep, just exactly like World War 2: Not to be viewed as a win for the Allies, but as a loss for Allied servicemen everywhere...
Did you actually just copy your own post, and then describe it as "brilliant"??? Strange way to pump up your post number...
By "we" I think he meant the industry as a whole, not just Apple. And he also said it would cost the same to build shit or beauty, so, let's do beauty.   Its like taking the stealing quote out of context, as an apology/rationalization for Samsung copying... gotta take the whole idea, not the bit that supports your point.   Sorry, if I misapprehended why you quoted this "bit".
That's why it took them 25 years... They wanted to get the snores just right!
To be fair, a square is an equilateral rectangle...
Well, that nails it down!  Now the Surface is sure to be perfect!!!   (oops, should have caught and corrected "Slate" way quicker...well, I knew what I meant anyway!)
You mean, you don't find its a big surprise every time 90% of the leaks turn out to be bogus?
I think they already have:   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-07/apple-seeks-swift-appeal-of-kodak-imaging-patent-ruling.html
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