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Gosh, I bet you didn't feel that way about protecting IP when Samsung was 'stealing' Apple's, didja?
I'm still not sure why the group that does the _least_ with their phones thinks that screen-size is the cutting-edge value...
I think this makes Apple a 47%-er, doesn't it???       (There, that makes 300. Nice and round. And I'm done)
To some buyers, I believe they do.   Apple didn't make enterprise inroads these last few years solely because of the iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  There's a synergy (don't you love vague buzzwords?  never mind, I know you do). And when you are working with a small minority of desktop users already...
Clicking either product name will take you ..***OUCH***..there.
Well, Yay, I guess, for those who take advantage... but its a little disappointing to have ordered 6 minutes after the store re-opened that night, and then have someone who thinks they might want one  later this week go pick one up, when I haven't even received a ship notice yet :-( 
Isn't that how Australia got colonized in the first place?
Might not be that simple, since it says "iPhone" right on it.
Wouldn't think you'd need to use a microscope with screens of that quality...
Can't say I agree with your logic here, But I do applaud the accuracy of your user-name! ;-)   (shouldn't be hard to answer that, I suppose)
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