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I believe the Romans were particularly fond of them...
It helps to define terms -I think it's always fair to say a company is perfectly"in alignment"with those people it's successfully exploiting.
The tree just wouldn't sit still...Also, there's a discernible difference in clarity between the doorframe/flag and the tree,which tells you something about the focusing capabilities at different depths...although I thought the phone's camera was supposed to account for thatby using different parts of its burst...or however Apple described that...? >Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost >Having said that, the cameraman made an interesting point about how people don't respond...
Happily, haven't had wifi issues, per se, but filesharing seems to have reverted to number limits, and I'm not pleased with the protocol Preview uses for opening multiple files, to mention a couple... Not exactly cataclysmic, but annoying.
Yes, well, that's why we're 'mooting' it, I suppose.
Bah Humbug! Even if you granted that many of these are more or less mall kiosks, that's more stores than Apple currently has worldwide.     O!  The logistics!...partners or not.   The article doesn't really suggest the timeframe for this many openings, but an expansion on this scale in a country where you aren't currently that much of a presence, and, in fact, have no retail outlets, isn't likely to be the sweeping success the article portends.
I think that's what I said, no? I believe that in Spain, the problem has traditionally been where the reins fall...or the reigns, take your pick.
Not going to be popular, but it might be possible in unusual circumstances... For a while there, Amazon would very occasionally disappear a Kindle book, when for some contractual reason or other they'd lost rights to a title...no reason a similar thing couldn't have happened in iTunes, if iTunes got confused about what they'd sold you versus what you'd ripped.   Not suggesting it's likely, but perhaps not impossible.   More currently, ripped titles are regularly...
Wouldn't it be because Apple makes only those four models, as opposed to dozens of other models, albeit all with smaller shares?Or were you kidding?
Glad they are so sanguine about various services - I've just discovered I can finally use my Visa Barclaycard in Pay... Couldn't when I got the phone in October.
New Posts  All Forums: