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Keep your friends close, but your iPhone closer...  (sorry - didn't mean to make he phone your enemy there...)
Well, no, you're not - everyone who appreciates the Pay approach said it.You're the one countering with ludicrous off-point analogies like armored cars...try to follow the flow.
The unfortunate thing is that media, at least here in SoCal, is reporting the roll-out is bumpy, implying that there are tech problems Apple needs to deal with, so, unless you get past  the lead tag, to discover that it's the merchants who are at least in some locations, not quite prepared, it casts suspicion on a process that really needs to be understood as secure and simple.   In other cases, media outlets are presenting Apple Pay as really no more secure or any...
That's a good point, but tricky, as there are still three major variables in that calculation (the Watch itself, the continuing slow death of the iPod, ands the impact of either significantly changing TV or not)...Plus, the huge whoosh of Beats sales without Bose holding them back!  /:
Yes, I cared enough about it to read the article to learn about itbefore expressing my opinion...Is that approach really revelatory to you?...Come to think of it, it might explain the semi-hysterical nature of at least some of your posts.
Ouch - ooo - oh no -aaarrrggh!  Not the username!!!Such a clever gibe!   If only "sog" sounded silly in some way...  You might consider that, just because my opinion about this is negative,or doesn't concur with yours, doesn't mean I won't want to express it.
I'm pretty sure only "living things" even have DNA...anyone see any signs of life over at MS?
Personally, I just can't wait to find out what price I'll be ignoring this at...
But it's a really nice-looking floor-top computer!
So I guess now they are 'singling-down' on secrecy... I just can't keep up.
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