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  I thought that too, at first, but then, I wonder if these aren't all current run-times, but in a couple cases, the ones you mentioned, were 'historical' (i.e., times before, not since, current versions)?
"The carrier is looking at a variety of operating systems to fit their low-cost needs..." I have a suggestion:  one word - "abacus"... (okay, they are hard to dial)   One advantage "developing markets" may have, is that they can build their developing infrastructure toward the needs of the future, unencumbered by the existence of an infrastructure built for the past. Carriers are fighting this war now in the US and elsewhere, and it seems to help determine who...
Hey, thanks!  It is nice to have Armageddon so carefully calibrated.
And I hear they are calling it "The GoosUs"...?
I've been buying eBooks for over four years now, and I suspect that the majority of you DoJ trashers can't say that, and so don't really have perspective on this, except your usual perspective that everything Apple does is Golden. Now, I love Apple's accomplishments and products, but I don't have that particular brain-cloud...at least sometimes! Once you and Apple stop babbling about "free enterprise", the "value of competition", "better for consumers", and "a...
So, you are saying they should be sued any day now...?
Hmmm...doesn't sound like Kutcher...
YAY Verizon! Way to discourage sales of new phones! Which might eventually help to discourage or at least slow development of new technology! Maybe you can even help march us back to the Middle Ages, too, as part of your Hope for Tomorrow strategy...   I'll say again, that it was a mistake to allow public utilities to stop acting like service utilities, and if you don't know what I mean by that, reread the first reply to this article...
Lol, okay, I guess I am nitpicking, then, but the iPhone 4s was announced 10/4/11, but not available in the US till 10/14/11.   That isn't 6-8 weeks, to be sure, and it isn't, in the popular conception, a 'computer'...   but I'm pretty sure its a field they had products in already ;-)
  Not to nitpick, but "announced" or "introduced"... versus "released"? Not quite the same thing for Apple, sometimes by 6-8 weeks, isn't it? Or am I remembering iPad wrong?
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