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Why'd they do that??!?!!? Beats me...                           groan
Of course, but I'm not really in the market just now.  Simply likening this to all our earlier speculations regarding iPhone 6's jumping from 16gb to 64gb as sort of 'forcing' that upgrade choice.
Once you've got yours, be sure to let us know.
And perhaps another "this too" for no standalone display just yet?
Wonder whether you'll really end up saving at all though,once you're paying in bits and pieces"for only the specific things you wanted"...? But I like your interpretation of the catchphrase.
Presumably you 'double-padded'?
  ...or maybe "xiăngshòu", not sure which is more appropriate.
Yeah...and '640k should be enough for anyone!' etc. etc.Things Evolve--->Shit Happens--->Things Evolve Again. I understand the value of simplicity in this, but it's also clear that iOS, and the devices,are evolving prodigiously, and the mobile world -however much we ol' codgers are uncomfortable with it -may very well not value mere so much simplicity 'tomorrow'.   So, why not lay the groundwork now?  So long as the greatest characteristics of progressare always respected...
To me, the critical aspect here is the suggestion that GTAT failed because Apple kept changing the terms, starting with something GTAT felt confident it could deliver, ending with something they couldn't, which led to their failure and bankruptcy.   IF the judge is predisposed to seeing it that way, it could be tough sledding for Apple.   IF Apple can demonstrate that they were clear all along on what they required, and GTAT thought they  could sneak under the wire...
Scully, maybe...?
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