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I think I received 4 from various sources. "Adam and Eve's apple"??? haha - which of these three doesn't fit?
thanks Webster! - just continuing the string of "ous" words was all...
And if you drove on a street, or over a bridge, built by the government with those taxes, etc., then YOU are an accomplice!
Prescription, or Black Market? Once I read of your situation, my objections to DHMO simply evaporated...
Once you say "noxious", isn't "dangerous" superfluous???
Even better, lets have Apple evaluate conditions in an ABC news production facility, or at The New York Times newsroom floor! I bet everyone there loves their life and everything about the conditions!
I agree that there isn't much to admire in the NYT's articles on this subject... Still, this seems kind of snotty and juvenile on Apple's part. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies, closer."
"Boat anchor"??? Really can't see it that way. Between my wife & kids, we have 3 iMacs, and 3 MacBooks (one doesn't get used extensively anymore). We also have 3 iPads, 6 iPhones, 2 iTouches, 3 iPods and 4 Nanos. So thats 6 MacOS machines, and 18 iOS devices. While it is true that some of each group are eliminating themselves through redundancies, thats happening more in the iOS category so far. I really couldn't see eliminating either category anytime soon, if given a...
Over one quarter of European doctors use an iPad at work Really poor journalism here: there is a huge difference between saying that one out of four doctors in Europe use an iPad, and saying that of those who own them, one in four uses them for their work...
Not to worry, production costs will be very low. They intend to make a documentary miniseries chronicling the development of a mediocre, underpowered, poorly programmed, limited-function tablet pretender.. So, most of the work has already been done.
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