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Yes, I know - I just wouldn't have expected it to be such a stridentand instantaneous response anymore 
Hmmm... How about, " The App(le) Store"?
It's already working!!!Every time I see a commercial for their phones, I flip off my TV...And then I flip the channel.
What year was this???
You might want to take this up with Galileo...
Is there a Korean word for "seppuku"? 'Cos here's the definition.
...and if she's the former she'll love the latter.
Typical market anti-correction?
File this under, "No good deed goes unpunished".   Didn't this come up just a few months ago? Isn't it clear there have always been workarounds and alternatives? Wasn't iTunes always at least, and for quite some now time, a good deal more accessible than eBook platforms are, even today?   ​...I wonder how it sounds when Thomas Slattery plays his vinyl on his cassette player?
The test would be to see what percentage of those other platform-users actually use the feature,as opposed to the percentage of Apple users who will find a use for it.That will tell us something about both the quality and effectiveness of the ads, as well as demonstratingwhether Apple has again waited until it had a feature "right" when they added it.Sometimes Apple does things first, just as often they simply do them better.
New Posts  All Forums: