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Bill Gates isn't doing much? I guess not, if you don't consider eradicating polio, TB and malaria to be "much". wasn't talking about his hobbies...say "hi" next time you're hangin' with him.
hmmm...Bill Gates ain't doin' much...maybe they could lure him out of retirement?!?!??! He does have some limited tech experience, and could probably learn to use an iPhone in just a few months...
I suppose a back-lit keyboard might be nice, if you could actually control it. The one on my 15" MBP will only come on when it wants to, and it never seems to think its quite as dark as my eyes do...
[QUOTE=sdbryan;1897575]Perhaps, but there is a damn new iPod touch every year that is clearly more capable (new and/or better sensors, faster graphics, etc). you are right, there IS a hot, new, more capable one out every year...and it typically debuts the week after the promotion ends, so you are always going to be just behind the 'cool' curve.
well, I'm pretty sure that if you are dense enough to reply to yourself, and chuckle at your own obtuseness, you are too dense to understand the concept of relative rates of growth, so clearly explained to you. take a nap, maybe it will make sense to you if you actually wake up...alternatively, you could troll a different thread.
I'll give you three guesses as to which orifice, but you're only going to need one... [/QUOTE] Is that the prediction of a professional anal-yst?
I believe that all that is necessary to ensure public safety, is the application of some very traditional telephone technology. Simply, "reverse the charges".
Wait, wouldn't that be, "WePad"??? "Her Majesty's a pretty nice Girl, but she doesn't have a lot to tweet, (bum bum bum bum)"
The dark side of genius... But, really, why doesn't he just obtain the rights and market it??? The all-new iSteve! Amazingly thinner! Everything he's learned comes down to this! The high-resolution retina-display is truly brilliant! The new lithium-ion battery lets you dominate longer, the flash drive holds more Earth-shattering concepts, and a whole new meaning for "unibody construction"!
New Posts  All Forums: