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Ha!Next you'll be trying to convince us that a billion is a million millions...
Does anyone else remember SCTV's "Amazing New Portable MiniCam" for studio TV broadcasting?Similar theory at work...
Crappy pic, I know, but I was surprised at this.and as iOS and hardware mature, I have to agree with cali - I don't much enjoy using my current iPhone browser or as a book reader,but it's getting there:oops, on the left is an iPad mini, if it isn't obvious?
I do know what you mean - when I was a kid we lived in upstate New York, and in summer, it was still fairly light well after nine pm (although it was admittedly firefly-catching time for some of that.   Then we moved to SoCal where it is well-dark in summer by 8:30, and I remember feeling pretty cheated by it.   Fwiw, I did really enjoy the conversation mostly between you and Mac-sochist (I wonder if they thought we wouldn't  figure it out without that 'dash'?) -...
Shouldn't you be blaming latitude for this attitude?
Any chance we can apply that principle to the backlog of iPhone shipments???
Depressing - Saturday 7am in California- AT&T shows for iPhone 6:  ships in 21-35 business days for any GB in space grey; for silver or gold, 16GB or 64GB ship in 7-14 business days, 128GB will still arrive 9/19/14. For 6Plus: any GB in any color will ship between Nov 9 and Nov 27 (that's roughly 7+ to 10 weeks from release);   Verizon shows for iPhone 6:  16GB delivers by 10/7, 64GB delivers by 10/14, 128GB delivers by 9/19 in space grey, silver 16GB or 64GB deliver...
It's the new iSore™!   (which will apply to any building unfortunate enough to be too close to the new Apple campus).
Please just block me if you don't care for my comments - be best for both of us.
I think it should come in colors that reflect its name: Transparent, Cloudy, Misty, Lightning, Dusk, Smog, Industrial Tragedy, etc….   and yes, this is my way of saying…meh
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