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Or perhaps that experience might make Mr.Jobs sensitive to or amenable to just such a promise?
I think you both have unfortunate cases of "BrowettVision" - failure to look effectively ahead. Coming into a period of major new product releases, followed by the Holiday Season, would be exactly the wrong time to reduce staff and inhibit hiring.   These Apple staffers aren't just helping you find the right size of underpants.   These are sophisticated products, with multifarious uses and potentials, and the very large majority of the buying public (with the possible...
So, trying it on again, eh?   Another set of "evidence" you (and Samsung) are pretending is relevant to this case, but which points are all off-point...   Two are the ludicrous "bowl of water" diversion, and one, amazingly, confirms that the person whose testimony you are crying over (the "bowl of water" guru), didn't actually design any of the products contested in the suit...   Well, I didn't design any of them either, so, why haven't they called on me to...
I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but Samsung has already copied your fingerprint...   (ok, this is getting old)
  So, your contention is that Samsung already had these ideas because their teams reported thinking of them in the latter half of 2006, barely ahead of an actual completed product introduced in January 2007 and sold in June 2007? (which Jobs said he had been waiting to introduce for 2 1/2 years at that time)   If anything, your illustrations show that a company (Samsung), working on a phone, altered its design and features ideas about the time they might have become privy...
Well, you were certainly named (or named yourself) appropriately!
I feel as though I've been nit-picklarized... or is it nit-pickled?
  Thanks to you both - makes sense, especially the part about minimizing grounds for appeal.
I thought final instructions came from the judge herself. Why do the contestants have to create them?
Typically useless troll...
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