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I think AI should have stuck with Apple's term:  "reversible"... Much less suggestive.
LMAO! thanks for saying it.
Gee, what WAS Apple thinking???   They just had to make a folder look like a folder,  and it all just went downhill from there!     ...I wonder why MS worked so hard to emulate that sort of GUI?
Well, yeah, but, they've been selling it as a feature for almost two years now, complete with an advertising campaign built around it... I really think that excuse may be wearing a bit thin.   **oops, one year
Well, I did, and while the term "secular" might be applied to an event defining a century or an age, it still doesn't seem applicable, for an event described as *maybe* defining the second half of the current year...
I like the way he used the MacBook to prove that the hula hoop was WiFi !
Huh!  I thought my iShaver and my iCoffeeMill looked familiar!
Euclid, perhaps?
What he said...
Preachin' to the choir, but, yes, it was Mac's of all non-portable types that they were positing. And, you know, that 2042AD date may look good for it, but, like you, not ready to give up the desktop one just yet, although for "portable" I go Air, just because I prefer the OS. Wife loves her iPad, but I just haven't heard the song of that siren yet (the wife's, yes...the iPad's, not so much).
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