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Yes, it would appear that Mr. Vaiyapuri is a pretty poor historian.  iPhone was announced January 9, 2007 (I think that's before May) and actually released on June 29, 2007 (I think that's before 2008)...but perhaps they have their own calendar. Just wondering, why aren't folks there referred to as "Native Asians"?
Well, yes, but so did phones...before and including the portable family.
I think perhaps you mean you don't buy the rhetoric - the premise seems well-supported.
Well...they seem to be paying right now!
Very true.  IBM, HP, Sony aren't gone, but are not what they were, for example, despite having once been dominant.But it wouldn't be hard (if I had the energy) to create a list of extinct corporations or other institutions that once seemed unassailable.Just a question of how long a view you take.  I'm probably not going to see, say, 2034, and I hope I won't see them decline,much less disappear, in that time frame...but what will our kids see?
Yep - that's the whole problem:  charging for it...
Samsung already does feel threatened, but the relationship is symbiotic, so,they'd be hurting themselves when they need less of that to happen.Apple has shown a willingness to test other sources already. As for "putting your thoughts out there"...well, they say,"no good deed goes unpunished". 
This isn't specifically about Apple or any other one company.  It's about historical perspective, and the nature of change, and the transience of humanity.Companies don't last, countries don't last, religions don't last, scientific paradigms don't last,None of them last forever.I don't have to guess who or what will topple Apple to know that someone or something eventually will.Again, it isn't like I'm wishing for it, or expecting it soon.And neither I nor the original...
He's saying it because nothing lasts forever, as marvelous as Apple's accomplishments are(and will continue to be, for however long). It isn't as though anyone's wishing for it.But you always chase the lead dog, and, sooner or later, a better dog comes along.  And, as industries go, this is an especially volatile one by nature.Let's just enjoy it and hope we have years and years to do so.
Let them talk.  Every time they make this claim, they are saying, "We were incompetent, and failed in our fiduciary duties  to our employees and shareholders". So...say it louder.
New Posts  All Forums: