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Or perhaps some of us would simply like to suggest that, while countries and cultures differ, there should still be some minimum standard regarding the treatment of human beings, wherever they are. Otherwise we might as well accept eight-year-olds making tennis shoes for our kids, who I'm sure we are glad aren't doing that sort of thing themselves. For what its worth, what little I know of China and these factories suggests they do meet a fairly decent standard, and I'm...
try "kleenex" and "xerox" (I'm going for the "X" factor here)
Look, everything you've reasoned is clear and accurate. Everything you've ascribed to his comments is as well, including his attempt to disavow his own BS and credit it to you! But why are you bothering? That person obviously meant to name himself "Dr.Trollio", but he can't spell any better than he thinks or argues. And you clearly know that, too, so, again, why are you bothering with the idiot?
Yes. That's clearly Apple's weakness. No ideas...
Well, they both have a history of humiliating people...and there's always the magic of make-up!
"Your call has been terminated..."
Now, that is truly hilarious! Who do you suppose constitutes "labor" if not the "average person"?
Hmmmm... so, it seems that Apple is trying to "win", while RiM seems dedicated to "losing"...? And they both seem to be very good at those respective aims... I guess I don't understand what this use of the term "proxy" implies. Or, I guess that maybe RiM and Nokia were hoping to sell the rights to their own developed standards, so the idea of adopting a different standard which would be free to all would be a threat... That IS a dastardly Apple strategy.
Hmmm, the update seems to address the very problem he had, so perhaps you aren't using the word "impossibility" correctly? ...I know, impossible... But, I was having the same problem last night and intended to call Applecare today, but was happily lazy enough to wait for this to appear.
So now we know why, when trying to decide what to call the new iPad, Apple finally rejected "IcePad"...
New Posts  All Forums: