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I wonder why they call it "MacRumors"...?
I've often wondered what a "lion's share" was - never having gotten a look at the lions' contract - So now we've nailed it down at 60%?   Sneaky lions...   Apple often does this though, and you really can't often expect them to be able to use just one supplier, especially at a major release...   I think I recall a big to-do about the MBAir a few years ago, and Samsung vs. Toshiba components? Funnily enough, I think it was still early enough that folks were clamoring...
Well, but hey - a full week out. I think with 7.0 it needed addressing the second day out(?)
Direct TV not onboard.
Someone or ones would almost have to be higher for this arithmetic...Also, when I subtract 76 from 82, ! keep getting 6, not 8...I'll probably have to reinstallmy OS, bringing Apple's score even lower...
oooh...I missed it again
Wait!  What??? Apple stuff  "outperforms", in spite of not clearly winning those all-important spec wars, and clearly copying Samsung's Noteworthy trailblazing???   I "carn't not believe it"!   ( \SS.../:s...:;\...dang, I can never remember how to make that sarcasm thing...)
"If true, the move would be a change from May, when Apple emphasized Beats Music as a key component of its $3 billion purchase of the headphone maker."   May???   Mr. Cook said something to that effect during the Charlie Rose interview... This is probably the kind of thing where a kernel of truth  has been given the most "newsworthy" spin...gee, wonder why they'd do that?   (oops, was typing - yeah! Waldobushman)
I may have missed the sarcasm mark, but otherwise, it just seems like some folksview the world with their eyes crossed...
To me, the problem with your reasoning is that, while the union protecting employees may be corrupt,the business or government entity they are to be protected from most certainly is.   Further, those venal entities always have the organization (unity of purpose, ironically), and the financial means not to play the game you describe one-on-one with workers,but play it instead by controlling  and co-opting regulating and legislating bodies. They may be imperfect, but unions...
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