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Please just block me if you don't care for my comments - be best for both of us.
I think it should come in colors that reflect its name: Transparent, Cloudy, Misty, Lightning, Dusk, Smog, Industrial Tragedy, etc….   and yes, this is my way of saying…meh
I hear Samsung will be giving away a new album by V3...
Cut out the pdf to compare -the really scary moment was when we held the 'plus' next to our iPad mini...they just didn't seem all that different! (well, the mini was wider, of course, but it was revelatory.)
Yeah!  And I can't even throw the darned mint away!Apple sure knows how to ruin a pillow!
I'm not as much up on music as I once was,but to me, it sounded like Coldplay...with testicles.
I'm not sure how quoting him constitutes an insult, exactly... I did think this quote in that link was "quizzical"..."There’s more to a big screen smartphone than just all that extra real estate,” reads the message on the mini-site. In another jab at Apple, the message adds that “it’s what you do with it that matters most”. Am I nuts, or does sound more like what Apple could say, than anything Samsung (or its users) has demonstrated? btw, where are all the ads?   the only...
Ummm…sharpen your fingertips?I know I've heard that somewhere…                      
Both Verizon's Edge plan and AT&T's Next are selectable options at least in Apple's online store-shop iPhone-->view pricing and configurations-->under 3 choose a carrier select find the right rate plan,and under the bar of various carriers once you select Verizon you can see either a list of More Everything plans, or Edge plans...
I'd include that the App jumble on the home screen is, to me, dead ugly...I'm not a fan of the look Ive prefers in software (hardware is generally aces, though).All those primary and day-glo colors strike me as the antithesis of sophistication.
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