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meh... Wake me up when someone "reimagines" imagination...
Sorry, but I have to go with Zoffdino here, based on how verbs work... Besides, I would say that most folks today are far more familiar with details of Hawkings' plight,when we think of Gehrig, I'm betting we are really thinking of Gary Cooper.
He's in L.A., preparing to ruin the Clippers...Strange, but his was the first name I thought of, too.
Hey thanks!  Haven't heard the "iPad is mostly a toy" troll for a while, needed the laugh!
It's actually the new iPeriscope...
It would be a very nice addition to a very nice intention if, when posting these offers, AI could just ensure they work…after all, someone went to a very great deal of trouble to create the price lists and the step-by-step guides, so just that tiny extra bit would have been nice. I'd have liked to purchase my daughter's new MBPro from Adorama - more machine, fewer dollars - but, after 20 or so tries, with numerous drawbacks - from not presenting the join/sign in box so...
Or, try learning to express yourself politely...Security was not really the issue, but auditing and settling accounts was. Meanwhile, thanks again to everyone who spent their time responding to me with detailed instruction on the ins and outs…that sort of thing is useful.
One of those times when it would be really nice to have a "thumbs down" option...
Thanks, that's helpful, but I'm still concerned/confused:"The program stipulates that all users who participate within a household must be use the same credit card."Proof-reading aside, this means I'm going to be paying for everything they buy, much of which I might not care to share...As it is now, can't they "share" regardless of account affiliation, if I simply 'authorize' their computers/devices?
How is this different from Home Sharing, except that that's 5 versus 6 computers and what, 10 devices? It seems like we're already doing everything referred to here around our house.
New Posts  All Forums: