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You presume a great deal when you attribute your own vituperative prejudices to "everyone" reading here..."Paid troll"?  Try to stay attached to reality at least a bit, and maybe you'll eventually realize that it's actually possibleto admire and respect Apple, and own many of their products, without assuming everything they do is flawlessand appropriately inspired.  The company has had its occasional "oops", and common sense should tell you it will happen again now and...
Well, the "petulant toddler" rings true, but you really seem to contradict yourself in advocating both "less control""put[ting] legal teeth".In my experience, given the usual corporate 'character', failure to set rules and provide for effective enforcementleads to rapaciousness which the general public is otherwise defenseless in the face of.  The problem here is penetration of the defense mechanism (the FCC) by the entities it's meant to regulate (in the form of...
Clearly, because what might be done, will be done...and most of it won't be pretty.
Perhaps an in-school program combining iNdoctrination & iNoculation? Try telling that to the LAUSD...please!
I'm not suggesting there is any value to getting rid of it.  I use it and will continue to after I move "up" to Yosemite.I was asking what would be the value of buying an app that pretty much just doeswhat Activity Monitor already does - I thought the discussion, and your original point,was that the apps in the article were pointless...and that was my concern as well.Soli explained what the value of this one could be, at least as he would use it.
And I have 'almost the same question' about Monity...Did Yosemite eliminate the Activity Monitor?(haven't upgraded yet so I wouldn't know)If it's still there, what doesn't it do that Monity does?
Might just be happening already in the normal course of things, huh?
Quick!  Hit Apple with an anti-trust or restraint of trade suit!!!  
This just in:   MS seems to have discovered which mobile side its bread is buttered on... (probably no film at 11)
Nice link...although it is 27 months old, I wonder if its any different today...
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