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"Samsung! Where the truth isn't all we bend!"
It'll be three years Sunday... just hard to believe...
"Apple caters to minimalists by offering blank home screen option in iOS 8" ...I thought they'd been 'catering to minimalists' for at least the last couple releases. Or whenever Mr. Ive got his mitts on the look.
Huh...I didn't think Paula Abdul could count that high.
I think if they really wanted to ride Apple's coattails,they could have called it:Windows OS X El Crapitan...
We could start with the fact that Mr. Frost was comparing Europe to Apple, not to "the US".But if you want to compare national debts, try also comparing GNP, to round things out a bit.
hmmm...vastly insufficient allocations, apparently.
Sorry, TS, they are not too large to be used as phones - most cellular phones since, their inception (before iPhones), were much larger.  They are too large to be merely phones, but that's the point - that's their evolution.I'm not sure yet how comfortable I'll be with it either - I just don't agree that it's stupid or pointless.
Hasn't it been largely debunked by now?  I think the media were abandoning it in favor of 8.01-gate, which Apple was quick to ruin for them, too. Seems there's almost nothing left for them besides berating Apple for calling it the "plus".
Excellent to see them able to get this market moving. I wonder what effect it might have on backorders and order times elsewhere...
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