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Let them talk.  Every time they make this claim, they are saying, "We were incompetent, and failed in our fiduciary duties  to our employees and shareholders". So...say it louder.
"Because you loved it so much, you abandoned it!!!!"
They might, but you can bet you'd be required to watch it some minimum amount if they did.
You are quite correct - I should have said "parallelogrammatical"...
Why, yes!  And, given the very next article, we can all start laughing now...
Yes, but at least we can thank that "analyst" - Carolyn Boroden - for really putting the 'fib' in 'Fibonacci'...
Well, except for that insignificant portion below the equator...oh, wait...Thank you both for parsing the lexiprose and cons...
a continent north of the equator - just trying to be parallelistic.
So, your claiming to know Englisher than me???
How dare you knoe English?!?  ;-)
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