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So, just don't send any singing birthday cards...Problem solved.
Which has pretty much come to describe your response to all his posts...Are you really that bitter about his opinions?  Is there really no better use for your time?Have you really not mastered "blocking", or is this your mission in life now?
Early or late 2013 I wonder?...probably no important differences?  Except 2 hours less battery if it's "early" 2013.and 2.4 instead of 2.6 i5...Lots of folks qualify for Apple discounts.  For instance, the Education discount meansyou'd only pay $200+ more for a brand new laptop with more RAM & better processor.It'd be worth the extra, at least to me, were I in the market for a nice starter. Well, what exactly is the point of peeing on it if it isn't electrified???
I've been treating it like a novelty - I usually just forget and send a "finger text" (I think that's what Fallon would call it).Then too, as with calls, there are plenty of times when a voice text would be indiscreet, or impolite.
These just in: "Pot Calls Kettle Black!" "Man Bites Dog!" "Govt. Says:  If This Happens, It Better Be US Doin' It!"
But, is it a USB3 or a Thunderbolt Portwoman...?(We know which one Thor thinks.)
So, you all stood up to cheer when Apple tried to look out for assembly line workers in China, but you don't give a s**t about quality of life of American workers in a more inherently dangerous job? Don't these people contribute to the safety of, among others, Apple employees, facilities, and therefor, IP?   With a high profile comes a certain responsibility - I don't see anyone accusing Apple of mistreating these folks, but they're certainly in a position to be a...
You know, I think it would - I for one would really like to see that story...Could we insert an iPad-announcement segment, too?
And, "would you like to stop at a Microsoft store on the way home...to pick up a little nothing?"
New Posts  All Forums: