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Wanted to check out all these wrinkles - wouldn't be the first time that configuration upgrade pricing for the basic model didn't quite match the initial price of the premium model, so I'm not so sure they will correct it, but, right now, the Store seems to be flummoxed - can't see configure pages because the group product pages have so select buttons, at the moment.   Or, I get an "Oops" message from the store. Otherwise, I might have thought it was one of the...
I think he may be right though! Why can't Apple just relax, allow Samsung et al to steal ideas and IP, and sit back and watch them make billions doing so??!??!? After all, Ive has just said that Apple isn't doing what they do to make money, so why can't they simply celebrate others doing so...with Apple's ideas?   And before you say he's wrong about fighting over "rectangles", remember the shape most currency comes in...
  Well...if they had a lick of sense, then yes!     (You didn't think they'd know how to buy them on-line, didja???)
Sitting Bull???   ...well, half right...
Except, it is what happened, entirely, unless you are just so committed to loving EVERYTHING Apple does...which, you decidedly are, post after post, facts supporting you, which they often do, or not, as in this case.
Well, its a pretty neat trick:   Make not that many (primarily because iPad has crushed almost all other pretenders), then, when you sell out, you can say demand was "overwhelming".   At which point, of course you'll make more, and spin the whole ploy to best advantage...duh.
Really???? You did notice the comments on the left side in yellow???  (uh, and the halo?)
Wait...there's a country somewhere with a "fair and just judicial system"??!?!!?
      -----------------------------------------------------------   Well, here is CNet reviewing it in 2002 - they refer to it as a "tablet", and in a way that makes it sound like there were others to choose from...        ------------------------------------------------------------ $450.14 Review Date: 
Almost certainly - most of his posts begin that way, so, presumably, most of his conversations probably do as well... Wait, my bad, they would start with, "Nonsense", and run from there.
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