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Oh, yes…but sadly, he isn't with us anymore...
Yeah, I'm also confused...Per Apple Support page "Here's what iCloud backs up: Photos and videos in your Camera Roll Device settings App data Home screen and app organization iMessage, text (SMS), and MMS messages Ringtones Visual Voicemail" I have a couple thousand photos in my camera roll, I share them with mostly family in photo streams,yet my storage says I'm using approximately .31GB out of my 5 free…clearly, I'm not "getting it", or at least not using it...
I bought more than a few songs (and a variety of iPods) based on those ads.
Took over 20 minutes before you could even see the album in the iTunes Store - where it says I've already purchased it. Not in my library though, nor is it listed as an "available download". Another 'not impressive' performance. I have a feeling Apple flatly failed to account for sheer volume in any of today's endeavors.
Well, it glitched again while Tim and Bono were playing patty-cake...   "U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, going out to over half a billion people, free on iTunes as of... NOW!"   Well, no, it isn't even searchable yet on iTunes 12:13 pacific time
At thirty minutes it was still "in Chinese" - the annoyance, and the clear note of screwing up at a very bad time,are what support that judgement - name another at which the experience was so unpleasant,and indicated such a level of technical bungling...oh, and you can't use one from Microsoft or Samsung, either! ;-)
Why? - he isn't saying anything he hasn't a perfect right to say, on top of which, he's speaking the truth!
and at 10:03 I have only bar codes on Apple & Apple TV…starts a little introductory film, can't buffer, back to bar codes... not impressive. 10:05 Tim on computer, with Chinese(?) translation overlaid, crap on APPLETV, then Safari crashes, when it returned, still Chinese overlay totally distracting & AppleTV "error loading content"... Yay Apple!  Welcome world! It's almost 10:30 - why am I STILL hearing Chinese???????????
No, because I think they've said it leading up to other events too... Anyway, I'm not really that interested in a watch - I've never worn one anyway,and don't really see myself as 'Mr. Jet-packing Into the Future' as to using it...Plus, the only mock-up I've seen that came close to giving me a chubby was this one, I think I saw on Mashable:http://mashable.com/2014/09/07/apple-iphone-6-event-what-to-expect/ 
Yep, it could.
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