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LOLNah...too much like Google's failed SF Bay adventure.
...and now he's been 'Manured'...
Pretty soon, Apple will be talkin' some real money...
Apple was never "immune", just not typically targeted...But becoming the 'big dog' makes them a bigger target...well, makes us...
Revised rankings - just released!   1) St. Patrick (the snakes)   2) Pied Piper of Hamlin (the rats)   3) (well, a very distant third) Dancing Dingbats of Microsoft (the - you know)
I'm not a lawyer either - and I'm sure plenty will weigh in - but my own sense was that the greater protection supersedes.LOL - your new nickname???  
Perhaps they intend to wait until Windows 10 fails,then release it as "Windows 9-11"?(...which will be disastrous.)
Yes, their intentions after year one might be ominous enough, but I wonder whether the scarier caveat will turn out to be "qualifying hardware (and software)" issue?
Yes, but my point was that weight management needn't involve a condition such as obesity.However far the FDA's head may be up its own ass (or not),they've been able to make that distinction, as shown by their guidelines.You, somehow, have not.
You might try reading with a bit more discernment...plenty of people DO have weight management issues,without it qualifying as a "disorder" or "condition".Further, when you think about it, "weight management" doesn't necessarily imply being overweight -it may simply imply a systematic attempt to avoid that result.
New Posts  All Forums: