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I dunno…that looks like OS Twenty-Ten to me...
…problem with that, if they say the deal is finalized in September, then it isn't final in July, and if something happens in Julyto make you reconsider what you thought you'd want to do in April…well, then.Not sure why it's so hard to accept that possibility - deals fall apart all the time, for both big and small reasons - in this case, the possibility ofdoom for your intended acquisition.
Unless you know for certain that Apple couldn't back out of the deal if this made them want to...then you haven't really altered my point, have you?
The curious thing is that Bose didn't wait until the deal was done, if you wanted to assume the deeper-pockets rationale.Perhaps it's that Bose wants to scotch that deal and interpose themselves in a partnership with Apple?
By offering stock and part of that gazillion dollar war chest Apple has…and maybe a few plum jobs….?But seriously, why would they?  At this point, Apple seems to be "getting the milk for free" with this 'synergy'.And besides, an everyday anchor would cost so much less, anyway.
"The circle is now complete... [the learner has] become the Master…"
Yeah, it would be nice to have "others" broken down, but it probably is some Kindles & Fires and a lot of those not-really-full-functioned-tablets $49 POS's that sog35 and an article here from a few months ago refer to…so, see? they probably do "break down"...And there should be a new rule here not to print articles that don't differentiate between 'shipments' and 'sales'.
Yikes!  Now I'm really glad my mid'11 is still running 10.8.5. 10.9 hasn't been a joy on my mid'11 iMac, so I've never installed it on the Air, despite Apple's fairly persistent 'reminders'.
Personally, I'm glad to live in a state, and, less markedly, a country, that tries to protect the humanity of workers. But, I'd be pretty surprised to find that a particularly large fraction of Apple's people felt taken advantage of, or wanted to actively join the class…or that it will be proven that there was willful disregard on Apple's part. So many of the things they do, here and abroad, including in places they don't strictly have to, show a very active concern...
Well, really they are supporting Mavericks here, I'd say.
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