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Just did my iPhone6, seems easy now, of course... But everything looks smaller, and that is NOT good for old eyes and pudgy, careless fingers...   And why "Wallet"???  Isn't that Googlese?     And, as someone else mentioned, why does iCloud storage say on the downgrade page that I've already lowered to the 50GB level, while the "available" page still says I have 180GB?
Can't be too sure of that - Fallon still has that MBP on his desk, after all (although it did disappear there for awhile).
I'm a man (I've been tested), I'm not 'insecure' (I don't think), and I'm very fond of pink (not so much for my devices, however).
If there's one thing I hate, it's making "ad executives" upset... These selfless idealists do nothing each day but strive to make our lives richer... or so they tell me.
I agree that Street reaction to Apple is twisted and atypical, but, remind me, how many years,say, Amazon was a Street success and a ledger disaster...?
"Given that Apple is really the only tech company to have any real success in selling products in China..." Doesn't he mean 'non-Chinese' company?  I thought a couple of their home-grown ones were doing okay...?
In Apple's accounts in banks around the world...
I'm not quite clear what Apple will require the storage to be used for...Apps and Games seem like the obvious reasons.  But will you be asked about storing music on the device?  Photos?  It doesn't seem practical to store movies or tv shows on it, except perhaps the one(s) you intend to watch immediately, if streaming isn't going smoothly temporarily (for ISP reasons).
Just fyi....this is not what they mean by Watch.
Yep, I see that now - thanks for straightening me out - guess I wasn't paying attention
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