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I'll think I'll cast my lot with Einstein.  He felt capitalism breeds (by selecting for) predators.Socialism, it seems to me, tends to select for human (and humane) beings.And, for what it's worth, I also feel that, of the two,socialism is far more compatible with democracy than is capitalism.
  Ironic or misinformed, it makes the bizarre assumption that teachers are only working when they have class in session.
Sorry, Officer, I don't have any ID with me...Do you take Apple Pay???   
Ummm, start buying chips from TSMC?
No, I hadn't thought it was your intent...but since the celeb/pic kerfuffle, I've been casting a weather eyefor any possible attacks on Apple's credibility, either in the security or tech-ability areas, especially given the growing level of desperation evinced by some of their more prominent competitors.
Does anyone else wonder why it took him 6,777 posts to come to his conclusion?
Haven't seen much improvement in the US on ship dates - our 6plus 128gb was slated to "deliver by 10/28", but later orders showed delivery on 11/4 (this is with Verizon).Today they say they'll "ship on 10/31", so probably not an improvement…yet.Sure hope we start to see sliding here too, but, knowing the business mentality here in the US (probably everywhere),if they think they are getting ahead on stock, they'll put it into retail, since they already know they have the...
"Tim Cook unlocks the doors at Apple's Palo Alto store to kick off iPhone 6 sales"   I guess someone called in 'sick'.
Simple words, but "change" isn't necessarily "innovation"...More to the point, neither is necessarily "improvement".Too early to tell with this, perhaps?
I loved this caption: "Tens of hundreds" of Apple fans line up outside a reseller in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong."   Such failed hyperbole... So, as the crowd thins out, will it become a crowd of 'ones of tens'?
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