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Sorry, TS, they are not too large to be used as phones - most cellular phones since, their inception (before iPhones), were much larger.  They are too large to be merely phones, but that's the point - that's their evolution.I'm not sure yet how comfortable I'll be with it either - I just don't agree that it's stupid or pointless.
Hasn't it been largely debunked by now?  I think the media were abandoning it in favor of 8.01-gate, which Apple was quick to ruin for them, too. Seems there's almost nothing left for them besides berating Apple for calling it the "plus".
Excellent to see them able to get this market moving. I wonder what effect it might have on backorders and order times elsewhere...
The choices you mention go to the heart of the trade-off issues driving the evolution of all these devices. I still have a month to wait for my 6 to arrive, so I'm not sure how I'll feel about handling it.But as "handleable" as my 4 is, I can't favor it as a browsing or photo-viewing device.I just hope my wide, short hands with arthritic thumb can accommodate my more view-worthy replacement.
I'm with Benjamin here - I got sick of the bumper on my 4, and now I frequently have to adjust how I'm holding it,but I prefer the feel of it this way both in pocket and hand. Hoo-freakin'-ray for your various wives - Apparently it isn't an issue for everyone, but that doesn't make it "bullshit".
I think this is quite cool... next I'd like one that tells me what's using data, since our carrier can't or won't.
Starting to sound like a "Surface to Air" missile.
Yep - this is how you "build a winner", Baldmore.   And, as a courtesy, Microsoft will only use the Clippers Dancers in future Surface ads...
In the interest of fairness, when I get home, I'm gonna put a Samsung TVin my pocket to see if it "uncurves"...
Funny, but it seems most of us don't think of this as a matter of 'putting ourselves above the law', but of putting ourselves under the protection of the law, in the form of the Constitution our vaunted FBI director is so eager to circumvent.   "There will come a day"...when you'll smirk and say, "Rights?  What rights?  You haven't any now - We took care of that some time ago!"
New Posts  All Forums: