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Certainly didn't stop them from releasing Macs with Intel chips in January 2006. A bigger sea change than the next update of anything.
yes that's the Loop Street Geeks
Well, I was going to agree with the original post...but then I substituted "women" for "bottle"... (minor apology for the sexism)
Is your name, "Sheldon"??? He's oblivious to sarcasm too...\
Well, obviously it will be thincker...
Well, there are lots of versions, but they all seem to come with some other identifiable message. Massive coincidences happen all the time, like you being able to type out your boneheaded message, for example. Be sure to post your collection of "Jesus silhouette revealed in everyday foodstuffs" next. The gullible, delusional masses really go for that stuff, as you've shown.
ummm...wouldn't the fly be going up a touchscreen?
Aww c'mon...lighten up! Surely, at least some of it will go to pay for warranted wars?!??!?
Nothing "individualist" or "egocentric" about allowing yourself use of the title "Lord" though! It might even be considered blasphemy
Just curious exactly who the three plus one are? Didn't see the earlier thread referred to...
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