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Personally, I'm glad to live in a state, and, less markedly, a country, that tries to protect the humanity of workers. But, I'd be pretty surprised to find that a particularly large fraction of Apple's people felt taken advantage of, or wanted to actively join the class…or that it will be proven that there was willful disregard on Apple's part. So many of the things they do, here and abroad, including in places they don't strictly have to, show a very active concern...
Well, really they are supporting Mavericks here, I'd say.
Thanks for explaining this - it's been bugging me for a long time, especially because,while I enjoy the OpEd history and viewpoint, it seemed to bespeak a carelessness that challenged the articles' credibility.  So your explanation helps!
Ssshhhh! For heaven's sake, just ssshhhh!!!
This seems to be the popular question.To which end, it might be good to know the precise difference in power consumption between the regular 13" and the retina 12".Perhaps the hope of staying as close to the 12-hour standard as possible played some part in the strategy for this machine?Always assuming it really is in the works...
…something, something "no honor among thieves" something, something...
Jurapple Park?
I wonder how long it will take for Samsung to reveal plans for one that covers the entire forearm, doubling, no doubt, as a shield to deflect any criticisms…?   They'll probably refer to it as a "Wablet".   Perhaps Apple should simply forego the watch thing entirely and move straight on to  a fully functional "neural net",  à la those wonderful "Culture" novels?
I'm not getting why they are characterized as "disruptive"…just for wanting to sell things?
Try this: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/ So the debt is currently just under $17.6 trillion.  A recent post from zoetmb breaks down percentages and appears to use about that figure in doing so.  About 30% of the debt is foreign-owned.
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