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You know, I think it would - I for one would really like to see that story...Could we insert an iPad-announcement segment, too?
And, "would you like to stop at a Microsoft store on the way home...to pick up a little nothing?"
Honestly, I suspect this with each new Apple product - anything the competitors can doto make the story a negative, instead of about the thrill of it being finally in our hands.
I carry mine in my pants pocket, with coins and keys, just like my 4. I didn't even get a bumper for it for over two weeks.  I will say it feels more like plastic than glass, not sure why.   Nothing at all on it so far.   ...oh wait - there's a scratch right on the bend! oh no! 
"They're", from other places I've seen the quote.She ends the comment with, "So are we", so she's citing a synergy(or siting a cynergy, perhaps?),not delivering a dis.
I think you may have this wrong...In what may be one of the first examples of true A.I.,the devices seem to have done this themselves!
Despite Apple itself touting it well, people I talk to seem mostly cluelessabout the revolutionary security level of Pay, even though it's what everyone claims to want mostin these transactions...or maybe I simply live in a hopelessly provincial little 'backwater'.
Conclusive evidence of how valuable public relations is for businesses in general.But it's still nice to see a bit of counter-surge to the Pay competitors.
Just wanted to thank the majority of this thread for helping me to understand how lemmings "think"... I vaguely recall a scene like it in Alice in Wonderland, where folks charge off manically in one direction, then just as fanatically charge off in the opposite direction at the smallest cue. Once we were all agog at how smaller was so much more elegant...but now?  Perhaps "this too shall pass".   When Apple steadfastly refused to make a larger phone, we were all 110%...
Let me rephrase then - it doesn't give the sense of intimidating chaos I'd feel in other venues.Again, I suspect it's because such a large percentage of those present are focused on product,and by 'focused' I don't just mean riffling through some items, but raptly immobile.Yes, it's still an obstacle course, but, no, it's not a demolition derby. ...As for "B-line" (I think that's 'bee-line'?), aren't you using the anti-grav app on your iPhone???
New Posts  All Forums: