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Not saying it necessarily will be that different, just saying its silly to say you prefer that experience when you've never even held one... I've driven a lot of cars, but don't presume to know what a Rolls is like without ever having driven one. Or what rotelli will seem like because I've eaten ziti... you can make a guess, even a good guess, not "know".
And different sizes, which in theory _could_ alter the experience. So, to reiterate, we can't know with certainty until we have it in our hands...that's just common sense.
Be nice if you'd bothered to read the point made in my post...
You are assuming that the user-experience on the mini will be identical to what it is on the iPad...perhaps very generally it may be,but the experience on the iPhone and the iPad are markedly different,so I'm not sure how you can presume to know what it will be on the mini...did you receive a review mini that you've been using for a while?
A real "stocking stuffer"?
The iPad mini is actually thinner than my Kindle, by about a millimeter+...I guess Apple uses thinner pencils. And, I love my Kindle, but, whether Apple is trying to kill other smaller formats or not, I believe if I could move my 450 purchased books from Kindle format into iBooks, I'd switch for the vastly greater functionality of the mini, higher price be damned...well worth it.
Ummm, it might not be magic...maybe its just that no one ever actually touches the other brands???
I agree on the thickness, and I think its kind of a shame that they tweaked the illustration, and then Schiller goes through the carefully elaborate turning onstage, to give the appearance that you are seeing it more "side-on" than you really are, and then to avoid showing you the bubble.As for the card, it's no different from what I do now for thumb drives or any usb external, so, if anything, I'd have wanted one usb3 on the side...not possible now though.
To each his own, I guess... but I just can't get all upset about the slightly higher Apple price ($2 knock-offs? In your dreams!). I don't know whether they still do this, but Apple used to include anything you bought as accessories when you bought AppleCare with a major product under that 'umbrella'. If it still works this way, and even if it doesn't, complaining about a couple bucks more for build quality, reliability, certain compatibility, and warranty (?), is a...
And what "mid-cycle" updates? [/quote] [/QUOTE] I'm struggling to think of a precedent myself. [/quote] I thought he might be referring to minor changes such as different RAM or hard drive options that occasionally occur on Mac's between full "updates" or "refreshes".
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