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Might just be happening already in the normal course of things, huh?
Quick!  Hit Apple with an anti-trust or restraint of trade suit!!!  
This just in:   MS seems to have discovered which mobile side its bread is buttered on... (probably no film at 11)
Nice link...although it is 27 months old, I wonder if its any different today...
I know you like to be contrarian, but you can't really need it explained,that players wearing the league-sponsored headphones and commentators using the network-sponsored techare both forms of product placement...can you?
The price of increasing popularity...
Uh...they are "lumping" product placement issues...How is that a stretch?
Product placement's funny... When Fallon switched from 'Late Night' to 'Tonight', I noticed that the Apple logo disappeared from the MBPro on his desk. The other night, I think I saw it had returned, but I don't watch that regularly, so, not sure when it returned, or whether it's permanent.   On the other hand, I was very gratified to notice "all Apple" in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. labs. I thought it was excellent to associate it with a high-tech, sophisticated...
Just curious, but why is everyone referring to 'SolipsismY' as a newbie?  Irony?   Right now its 11/5/14 7AM where I am.  If you look at all "Y's" posts, the first was 5 days and 10 hours ago. "Solipsism X's" last post was 5 days and 11 hours ago...   Maybe we could discuss why "Y" seems the tiniest bit edgier in some posts than "X", or whether "X" or "Y" is a better joke on the word 'solipsism', but it doesn't seem the identity is any mystery.
And I'm suggesting it may be more like this:"Why have you chosen to limit payment methods to exclude Pay?" "Your honor, it suits our business model better to have a partnership with >insert any name but Pay<...We find we have a more vertical, seamless integration.We also used to sell Bob's Peanut Butter Cups, but now we only sell Reese's...We used to sell RC Cola, but now we only sell Coke and Pepsi...And we've replaced numerous premium brands with our own generics...And...
New Posts  All Forums: