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Pity the unimaginative, who actually think that discrediting a username is the same as discrediting a comment... On the other hand, I didn't really have a pithy point, just an observation about the similarities of the two ads.They may represent canny targeting...but are not really "sliced bread"... And what about my comment suggests I didn't get their point???
I think he's suggesting that you may not even be happy trying to subsidize your own.
Nice to see AOL (Apple - Old Ladies Division) is alive and well, in ads at home & abroad.
My own problem with iTunes is that Match keeps losing track of things I should have in iCloud - some that I ripped, but sometimes even stuff I bought in iTunes.  Sometimes I can re-download, a couple of times I've had to re-rip. So much for counting on the Cloud for fail-safe backup...at least, yet. Yeah, that's probably more of a complaint about iCloud and iMatch, but iTunes is at the least a co-conspirator. Other than that, navigation just seems to get weirder each...
Not really either - your pointing out the choices the dialogue box offered - as a little roadblock - reminded me of the "I'm a Mac" ad ending "You are coming to a sad realization", about the inconvenience of features in a Microsoft "upgrade" - I've forgotten which. For the second part, I merely highjacked your inset pic of code to point out that, were it not for Apple's insistence on an advanced graphical interface, computers might still look like ms-dos code interfaces. I...
And this is what I guess the annoying Apple GUI should look like, eliminating all those imbecilic pictures...at least, according to Inkling...
really impressive upsurge by the Windows phone, there...    /s  
I'm hoping for John Hodgman
LOLNah...too much like Google's failed SF Bay adventure.
...and now he's been 'Manured'...
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