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It actually isn't that much of a retail rarity... One factor has to do with lease renewal times, and lease terms,since the same time of year also sees a lot of leases initiated,and some leases require minimum payment not necessarily tied to sales. Then there are tax and write-off reasons as well.   But you're right, whatever the specifics, the general message is 'epic fail'.
And not just content providers...Why hasn't Samsung stood up to be counted? Seems like they'd have something at stake here,in an obliquely hypothetical way.
Please submit a list of the hills not worth dying for... (I promise not to censor it)
It's obvious - they'll get a second one for the other hand!
I'm thinking it was really the smoke you liked...
uh...right in the middle, numerically... The thing that seems a little silly about this product to me is,size affects battery life.  Apple is very proud of the numbers they claim for the 13",but they are greater than for the 11", so, building a smaller Air means sacrificing batterywhile driving that screen - unless they've concurrently come up with a significant bump in battery tech,they'll have trouble matching their boasts from even older Air generations...not the...
I knew! -me too.  
Lobe, finger, or nostril?
Y'know, I've always liked her scuttlebutt... @digitalclips "What's a DVD?"Aw, cmon!  Apple still sells the Superdrive...
In precisely the same way Apple uses its prominence - where it has it and can do so - to leverage change and improvement, so do crusaders leverage Apple's profile to draw attention and outrage where it needs to be drawn.   Apple should be disappointed that a fairer view of its Herculean efforts on behalf of workers and the environment are less often seen and portrayed accurately, but might also perceive that the end result may benefit, both from their efforts, and,...
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