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Sooo...worth more than 6 trillion adjusted dollars?That would take, not imagination, but hallucination.(Unless you simply meant building size...but even then... .)
Before you applaud yourself out, you might note that, in fact, Amazon gives 35% to authors, 35% to publishers,and keeps only 30% themselves...there was not a time when Amazon was "keeping" 70%, unless you'd like to document that?so, if Apple gives 'only' 30% to authors...hmmm...perhaps "altruism" means something different from what I thought...
...which addresses only the three books unavailable on iBooks but borrowable on Amazon, I think?The reason they would not do as you suggest, or, perhaps, haven't, to date, would be the very great difference in exposure on Amazon...although, with the reported numbers of readers "finding" iBooks- at least experimentally, as they discover it on their devices - there's a chance of that dynamic evolving.
Sounds perfectly reasonable - thanks for the heads-up.   I'd only add, in the same vein, that an auto-note to the poster - even if it came from an unaccepting mail - of the removed note would be nice...I often feel I've made posts I can't find later, so knowing whether I'd imagined it or had crossed a line would be both helpful and instructive.
Since this topic won't die, I'll simply mention, as I've tried to in the past, that iBooks suffers the same price disadvantage relative to Amazon, that iTunes  does relative to Amazon Instant Video.   Of the 13 books currently on my Kindle Wish List, released or to be released between about 6/14 and 7/15, 8 are the same price on both services but 5 are less expensive by $2 to $3 on Amazon.   Of the 8 older books currently on that Wish List, one has the same price,...
They could just change their name to "Redberry"...?
The new superintendent probably "knows a guy"...
I wonder how much flash storage will be available after you install it...is a negative number possible??? @sflocal - Thanks for copying in the whole article - I was thinking about rereading it anyway!
LAUSD Motto:  "Nothing Is Too Good for Our Children...Except the Best!".   dismal
I wonder whether the author actually got the Dell to display the 5K using an iMac, or just read it in the product description?   (edited to specify not a Mac Pro, but thanks Marvin and SolipsismX for helpful replies)
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