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Not even a tablet with a new connector???
All four of my aliases from MobileMe now have ".me", ".mac", and ".icloud" versions...strangely, the only one that doesn't is the main account name. There are probably better ways to check, but an easy way is to initiate an email, and open the "from" to see your valid addresses
Uh, I think "desire" makes supply more limited.
Why???   At least pick a really fun gesture for porn, 'kay???
How active can they be, if they're wasting their time on Facebook?
I know a lot of you thought "Espoo" was a comment on their products, not their location (rim shot), but I have a question or two: if they become homeless, should we call them "Hobokia" instead? and, is that sailboat in the background somehow symbolic?  Or merely skewed by Google's graphics? It appears to be sailing right off the road!
Wouldn't that involve an awful lot of risc?
Well, one way is to make products no one will buy...like several of his competitors. (He hasn't tried that yet, and doesn't appear likely to.)
"Still in Beta:  Siri falls short"   Maybe they should change its name to Betty or Bette, at least until its bettah?
Glad to see they've finally instituted a valid product testing program...
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