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Great to see the penetration rolling along apace. Meanwhile, actually out in the field, a local McDonald's failed to provide me the service effectively twice in a row... This is almost as awful as admitting I was at a McDonald's twice, recently.
Back in my day, cigarettes were machined to a single millimeter tolerance, but then again, that was a 'silly millimeter', as I recall...
I think the suggestion is, that perhaps "nice" may have a different definition for some gold watch customer-typesthan it would have for some of the hoi polloi...and I think it's valid to suggest it, even if you ultimately don't embrace it.These changes aren't occurring in a vacuum, or without an underlying concept, after all. For my taste, the ultra-uniformity look lacks a spontaneity, it's less kinetic, more sterile, less welcoming...but that's just me - of course many...
They're already giving away tablets to get you to buy them... how much more do you need to know?
...not enough pictures...  /:
Outside of the box and into the trash...why bother with thinking???
What the hell is with putting "i" at the beginning of everything.  
http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/ I use this - it's basically for laptops, but recently added a feature to allow you to connect an iPhone or iPad to your laptop and get iOS data also.I know this doesn't answer the part of your question about Apple's policy, but at least you'll know how healthy your phone or tablet batteries are.
there are a number of utilities in the App Store, try "battery health" or similar
Well, there's an unfortunate gap between supposed to "last 1000 cycles before dropping to 80%", and actually accomplishing it.I have a mid-2011 MacBook Air, and in just about 500 cycles, it was at and sometimes under 80%.  It's an indoor computer so there isn't an "abuse" or "extremes" issue, Apple tells me I'm treating it properly, and, as it was under warranty, Apple replaced the battery.   Just over a year and a half later, I noticed the replacement was at 79% after 458...
New Posts  All Forums: