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"...registration mandatory for certain models".   I'm hoping it's only the ones that fly.
Isn't that the general model employed by Samsung vis-à-vis making hardware for Apple?
But..."Suing" is the topic! 
Well, he was certainly an expert on what HE wanted to do with it...but go ahead and tar them with the same brush, if it makes you feel better.
LOL!  Microsoft is the new Tupperware! (and things will still get rotten inside)
It just looks so generic... It's like drawing a stick figure to defend ownership of the human genome...
The problem is, the government keeps wanting to go in my backdoor,  while I consistently envision them going out my backdoor...
Umm...I believe that would be the DoJ...?(Not saying I agree with them, though.) I wonder whether that sort of specific default would expose Apple to litigation?In the NFL I think they call it "targeting"...the same thing could be accomplished with less exposure, I would think.
I'm hoping that doesn't apply to Victoria's Secret...
I'm not the greatest researcher, but I did try to look at that before I posted.  I couldn't really find a definitive answer to this, even among Apple's descriptions,but perhaps I just missed it.  Most of the outside speculation (and of course it's all only that) is ambiguous as to whether the pencil alone "activates" or simulates Force Touch, or whether it was Apple's plan to incorporate that feature in more than just its phones starting with 6s/6sPlus.  They may have...
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