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I suggested this as an explanation for the appearance at this time of the hacked celeb pics story...Got about zero traction.  But I'm more in tune with GTR and Flaneur than with Suddenly Newton -I don't insist that solid proof is required in order to have valid suspicions, soooo...let's combine the two and put this outage down to Misguided Revenge of the Hacked Starlets!!!!!
Nobody thinks it "odd" that a challenge to Apple's vaunted abilities in security  should be trashed on the same day they announce agreements with major credit card companies on a new payment system?   I'm not convinced this is really all about 'naked starlets'…maybe, but...   As Apple attempts to enter another hugely lucrative market (assuming these deals pay them even a tiny transaction percentage) they are playing in the big kids' pool… and the big kids can see...
Why not 'the Tall-ee'?
"Samsung asks New Yorkers to compare Apple's iPad Air to Galaxy Tab S in new ad…"   The archetypical  'be careful what you wish for'.
As in, "the -Sung Remains the Same"?
I have the disquieting sensation that they are making more sense than we are...
This must mean that sog35 does exist!
Well, I'm boycotting... at least, until the ball girls start wearing them like that.
I kind of like the idea of a three-size lineup... The current form factor will be iPhone6, then the iPhone 6G for Gigantic, then the 6WHG for Way Huge Gigantic... I got this from a fortune cookie, if anyone's curious. (wanted to be sure the day had its proper rumor ration)
Well, Folks, there it is!!!This post definitely proves there'll be a 5.5" iPhone!Only a daft donkey'd doubt or deny it now!
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