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I'm not getting why they are characterized as "disruptive"…just for wanting to sell things?
Try this: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/ So the debt is currently just under $17.6 trillion.  A recent post from zoetmb breaks down percentages and appears to use about that figure in doing so.  About 30% of the debt is foreign-owned.
"If the Reddit user is to be believed, Apple is achieving a quick turnaround of one week for each reported incident."   ​Ummm…I think you mean, "If the Apple Support person is to be believed…"
More to the point, I hope it isn't in my pocket when it happens!
Nice to know this Dan Newman has a job…but did they really have to name the publication after him???   ""Apple faces many of the same issues"... Certainly, he's right about that.  They are facing the same issues, but, so far, only Apple is responding to them with honorable intentions and measures. Given Samsung's corporate ethic, it's hard to imagine that changing.
Not actually had it yet then? But as far as the "anniversary", to answer someone else, it isn't the "six", it's the "75"million.What an incredible accomplishment, for both Apple and the developers who've flocked to the flag - Bravo!
Uh, no, it says that a Korean analyst firm dropped its quarterly projection for Samsung sales by 11 million - from 88m to 77m….It's really okay to actually read your own posted links!
I'm…devastated... I may wear black for, oh, about a minute. It seems odd that they are blaming diminished interest in smartphones, although I confess I'm less interested than ever in their 'smart'phones.
What I would have found useful, instead of a point by point description of the ad's claims - which, incidentally, we can see perfectly well for ourselves - would be accurate stats about relative battery life of all the phones, including specific comparisons for specific uses... I suppose one could gather this together oneself, but what was the point of the article, if not to present that data itself??? It's like posting an article saying, "Hey, Lookie!!! It says...
Gee then thanks for quoting the whole thing just so we could check it!
New Posts  All Forums: