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"She did however suggest she feels regulations are "constraining innovation" in some respects..."   I prefer to think that intelligent regulations channel innovation intelligently.
"a windfall of $392..."   Cool!  Now Apple can afford its own Edition watchband!
Or...perhaps they intend to make a "brick" wall around the new Apple campus?
Well, you wouldn't wanna go around advertising it...
I think buying up is always a good idea in tech, if you plan to own it for any length of time...And that is one of the traditional attractions of well-made Apple stuff.
Proposed names for Android 6.0: -Bland-Aid-Way More Tears-Operation (Could not Be Completed at this time)
The article does refer to "better endurance", but doesn't get specific...
Easy - he sees Johnny Ive... (sorry to piggy-back)
...uh...why do these iPhones say "Samsung" across the top???
I always wondered why I had to verify my account when I wasn't actually paying for anything... That was before I knew security absolutely had to be taken seriously. Now I'm not sure I'll take advantage of the change after all.
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