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...not enough pictures...  /:
Outside of the box and into the trash...why bother with thinking???
What the hell is with putting "i" at the beginning of everything.  
http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/ I use this - it's basically for laptops, but recently added a feature to allow you to connect an iPhone or iPad to your laptop and get iOS data also.I know this doesn't answer the part of your question about Apple's policy, but at least you'll know how healthy your phone or tablet batteries are.
there are a number of utilities in the App Store, try "battery health" or similar
Well, there's an unfortunate gap between supposed to "last 1000 cycles before dropping to 80%", and actually accomplishing it.I have a mid-2011 MacBook Air, and in just about 500 cycles, it was at and sometimes under 80%.  It's an indoor computer so there isn't an "abuse" or "extremes" issue, Apple tells me I'm treating it properly, and, as it was under warranty, Apple replaced the battery.   Just over a year and a half later, I noticed the replacement was at 79% after 458...
@mstone When you connect to your Mac, in iTunes you can decide which backup method to use. Select backing up to Mac for restore purposes, then set back to iCloud backup for continuous, but less comprehensive backup.
 You can do both, for different reasons, as you've actually already illustrated.
I did buy one at the $99 advance sneak preview price, because, hey, toys... While waiting 6 months for it (it came in April), it suddenly(?) occurred to me that, what the heck would I need one for???   I'm embarrassed to say I gave it as a wedding present over the past weekend, because, hey, young people... I'm hoping they find some cool uses for it, since it's supposed to "evolve".   It's good to hear the comment about voice control working, but, when I think back...
I know I would think so - there are so many ways to have extra charge with you, without encumbering the phone itself.And I rarely, if ever, even need need the extra charge, but I always have the phone, so I never need the bulk.
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