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@mstone When you connect to your Mac, in iTunes you can decide which backup method to use. Select backing up to Mac for restore purposes, then set back to iCloud backup for continuous, but less comprehensive backup.
 You can do both, for different reasons, as you've actually already illustrated.
I did buy one at the $99 advance sneak preview price, because, hey, toys... While waiting 6 months for it (it came in April), it suddenly(?) occurred to me that, what the heck would I need one for???   I'm embarrassed to say I gave it as a wedding present over the past weekend, because, hey, young people... I'm hoping they find some cool uses for it, since it's supposed to "evolve".   It's good to hear the comment about voice control working, but, when I think back...
I know I would think so - there are so many ways to have extra charge with you, without encumbering the phone itself.And I rarely, if ever, even need need the extra charge, but I always have the phone, so I never need the bulk.
But...it wasn't "broke"...
"In a bid to drive the already-impressive iOS upgrade rate even higher"... Actually, I hope they don't make it more "inline with OSX"... I haven't yet upgraded to 10.10.3 because of general concerns about photo collections and streams. But I DO have a lovely reminder box on my desktop which can't be removed and takes precedence over anything else on the desktop. I have to say I don't particularly appreciate this as a way to bump up the "already-impressive" upgrade...
Have to disagree about the intro...while it may not have been guffaw funny, I thought it did a nice job of poking pointed fun at both critics/competitors and Apple itself. I also thought - without actually counting - that there were more videos than usualthroughout the presentation...And I wonder if that dovetails with going more to in-house ad-making?
But, Congress IS listening to its customers...Your mistake is in assuming that that's the American people.
They should've just gone all the way: 666 > 6   (btw, this is also the approximate proportion of Samsungs given in promotions to sold)
1984... Read it and weep.   Calling it "The U. S. A. Freedom Erosion Act" wouldn't improve it. More accurate, not more palatable.
New Posts  All Forums: