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In some ways, it's almost depressing to see Apple partnered with such a mediocre retail partner as Best Buy... Went in to one this morning to see this - they had a piddling little "Force" endcap, but had to look up what this was, and then, no, NOT in store, just for shipping to you.   More disappointingly, they had finally just this morning put out a single Watch - which they were supposed to have had weeks ago - but had no idea it was even there, or whether they'd...
We'll see - I think you might actually be about 5.13 for 7...It'll be close, though, between you and Suddenly Newton 
Uh...I think that was John Philip Sousa...?
Well, as the Duchess of Windsor said, "you can't be too rich or have too big a battery"...or maybe that was Kanye...?
It's a slight bummer that they'd like to charge for service calls post-warranty, when quality products do last longer. That said, it's not like they aren't perfectly willing to waive that for good reason, i.e., old machine but new OS, etc.   It's also a slight bummer that Communities seem utterly anemic now - used to be you'd always get a response, but, personally I haven't, on my last 5-6 questions at least...of course, I might be asking boring questions...   But...
Maybe just smeared numbering, like on The White Album?
I understand and agree with your point about market manipulation.Still, in a pretty meaningful way, most of Apple's product releases in the past 12-13 years have been "intro devices", including Watch.  For the simple reason that, while there already were watchesand fitness trackers, etc., Apple has created a functionality and a methodology that almostmake putting it into an established category silly.  They don't just stand on existing shoulders, they leap imaginatively...
I'm determined to wait patiently for Windows 9...seems like the safest way.
He seems to be trying so hard to "think different".
Some years ago, when purchasing a MacBook for a daughter, we bought that for her, to ensure she could get help with somevideo-related & other issues...but no, i don't think she ever used it after all...but that was in the good old days when you could always 'intuit' your way through pretty much anything - not all of us are up to that, these days, and, if I were purchasing a new iMac, I might have purchased it for various iTunes, iPhotos, iCloud & Family Sharing issues I...
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