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Or, perhaps it's important to the hope of growing a better world, that people equate "well-respected" and "gay executive" routinely.I seem to recall his topic and Mr. Cook have been alluded a few times in the past few years, and I always thought the relative silence that ensued was simply because it was obvious that it doesn't relate to any person's character or competence,and certainly not in the way of needing to be concealed (unless, of course, an individual prefers that).
If Apple lowers the price, they take the hit, as they'd also be wholesaling for less to these other retailers.Unless there really is cooperation behind the scenes, retailers like WalMart are the ones taking the profit hit with these price discounts.On the other hand, the retailers are also getting the credit for being customer-centric, while Apple is missing the chanceto score those public-relations points.  Wouldn't matter to folks like most of us here, who feel that, for...
Wow - Bono for President!!!   Of Something!  Anything!He apparently has the Two-Step Tap-Dance down pat...
>>For example, a report in May said the manufacturer would take around...<<   Apparently AI could use an infusion of labor to help finish sentences…?   I dunno, I suppose 100k new workers is impressive, but I sort of hope none of the brand new ones makes my new phone... Automation aside, I like to think of it as benefiting from fairly skilled labor!
I was wondering if you could back up that dismissive statement with specific fact, rather than the typical lawyer slur.I'm not saying it isn't so, but I think your comment should be subjected to that 'smell test' as well.
Okay, so now we've got Star Wars, to go along with Dune, the Terminators and Battlestar Galactica,but I have to say what Fake_William_Shatner reminded me of was…The Man Who Fell to Earth.
I believe that you were saying that Amazon having a software issue immediately upon release was an inauspicious launch, and I was merely pointing out that even apple has had software issues, in these cases not at the launch of a hardware product, but when releasing something new they'd had some time to work…so, it even happens to my tech brand of choice. If I didn't interpret your comment correctly, apologies.
No, but Apple's had those too,didn't they update iOS 7.0 in about a day? And a similar event with an ATV upgrade,just to name two.
Well, golly gee!  Thanks AI!!!Now we won't even have to watch the commercials!You've pretty much made your Fire tablet sound like a glorified (and expensive) Kindle!
hmmm...Still, I think that's better than being represented grossly...
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