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Well, you wouldn't wanna go around advertising it...
I think buying up is always a good idea in tech, if you plan to own it for any length of time...And that is one of the traditional attractions of well-made Apple stuff.
Proposed names for Android 6.0: -Bland-Aid-Way More Tears-Operation (Could not Be Completed at this time)
The article does refer to "better endurance", but doesn't get specific...
Easy - he sees Johnny Ive... (sorry to piggy-back)
...uh...why do these iPhones say "Samsung" across the top???
I always wondered why I had to verify my account when I wasn't actually paying for anything... That was before I knew security absolutely had to be taken seriously. Now I'm not sure I'll take advantage of the change after all.
And the cost?Seems like it would take a million lawyers a million years to negotiate all the rights to even come close to realizing this.  So you'd still have the issue of tailoring, and it might just be stupendously complicated, instead of streamlined,to be cost-effective.
We can only hope - not that the iPhone is having any problems, but it would be a nice momentumboost to Pay if that pairing produced a sales bump... I still can't convince myself the Watch will have those legs - I know (almost) everyone here is very positive, but we're hardly a representative sample.   Still, you have to love the realization of Jobs' vision of these devices enabling one another,and growing the lifestyle of the future...if we can't have "flying cars", at...
New Posts  All Forums: