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At thirty minutes it was still "in Chinese" - the annoyance, and the clear note of screwing up at a very bad time,are what support that judgement - name another at which the experience was so unpleasant,and indicated such a level of technical bungling...oh, and you can't use one from Microsoft or Samsung, either! ;-)
Why? - he isn't saying anything he hasn't a perfect right to say, on top of which, he's speaking the truth!
and at 10:03 I have only bar codes on Apple & Apple TV…starts a little introductory film, can't buffer, back to bar codes... not impressive. 10:05 Tim on computer, with Chinese(?) translation overlaid, crap on APPLETV, then Safari crashes, when it returned, still Chinese overlay totally distracting & AppleTV "error loading content"... Yay Apple!  Welcome world! It's almost 10:30 - why am I STILL hearing Chinese???????????
No, because I think they've said it leading up to other events too... Anyway, I'm not really that interested in a watch - I've never worn one anyway,and don't really see myself as 'Mr. Jet-packing Into the Future' as to using it...Plus, the only mock-up I've seen that came close to giving me a chubby was this one, I think I saw on Mashable:http://mashable.com/2014/09/07/apple-iphone-6-event-what-to-expect/ 
Yep, it could.
Plus, would you really expect both 4.7 & 5.5 to have the same battery?
Well, as of when did a network need to be confident of delivering, or actually end up delivering,anything particularly earth-shaking to use those terms to drum up viewers? I do think it's an interesting attempt to make themselves more accessible to otherwise non-alert folks,and I hope it doesn't backfire on Apple, if the announcements are "merely" incredibly cool,instead of the best freakin' mousetrap ever in the whole universe in all of history...
I still have trouble seeing them completely abandoning the current form... It would be a bit horrific if the "c" was again a repackaging, of 5s guts instead of 5 this time. But I think, since my 4 is now 4 (years old) and I will be upgrading, that I'd like the newest tech but in the current size, at least as an option. I can see switching to 4.7, but 5.5 is just too big for me, for a phone...   (sorry, sog)
I've never in any way said _I_ disrespect Apple's security commitments or expertise. I'm suggesting that when you enter a market - the rather significant portion of the world'spopulation that makes credit purchases - you are reaching a huge number of people whomay not be as sanguine about Apple generally as you or I, and which may need a reason to trust Apple…or beopen to reasons, however spurious, not to. So a preemptive strike against that aspect of Apple may slow...
Unless, of course, the public decides it can't trustApple's hardware's or software's inherent security to protect their privacy...​Hmmm…where have I heard that suggested recently?
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