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but...but...that's when Samsung starts copying them!
To me, the common sense assumption might seem to be that black hats will be figuring it out and/orhearing about it fairly quickly, anyway...it's what they do, after all...but maybe they're preoccupied instead.
If you tell the public first, aren't you telling the company/author at the same time? I can't see why it's a bad thing to tell everyone as soon as possible,  unless you think it would spoil the tea and crumpets, gentleman's handshake atmosphere we all expect in tech...
This isn't a problem you can solve in the endgame, having previously ensured that only a privileged class is likely to be "most qualified".  And, as such, it isn't even just an educational issue, but a societal one.   Fundamentally equal education can't only be available to some economic classes, some colors, some countries, one gender (some genders?).   And once it isn't, the problem of hiring the best, AND hiring with diversity at the same time, solves itself.
Well, thanks for reminding us of Prohibition...If Apple were providing the very occasional extra link free,there'd be no no reason to be "collecting [them] bogusly",since there'd be no Black Market (or secondary market) for them anymore... They want $49 because they're offering six links, when, in fact, most slightly plus-size-wristed people won't need six (but that's what'll create the aftermarket),
Congrats!  You were the very first Samsung apologist to pretend - and with a straight face - to be unable to see the change in design from earlier Samsung watches and any similarity, in that change, to the Watch!  Shape notwithstanding...
Why not? MS could just sell them protection from themselves..."And the Premium Package includes..."
Well, of course...Except that to some, it might to some degree suggest,"Their philosophies, forgotten; their ideals, abandoned"...as per cnocbui's very illustrative response.
Funny they called it that... Why won't 'Samsung Pay' Apple those damages, after all this time?
When Microsoft closes a Window, it opens a backdoor...
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