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They should've just gone all the way: 666 > 6   (btw, this is also the approximate proportion of Samsungs given in promotions to sold)
1984... Read it and weep.   Calling it "The U. S. A. Freedom Erosion Act" wouldn't improve it. More accurate, not more palatable.
TailGate... Apple Is Doomed
How can jet fuel cost $3 a gallon?       (@Junebug172:  hint - it's not "Eve")
Thanks, I think I grasp the concept.I'd return the favor by introducing you to the concepts of hyperbole and exaggeration,but, apparently, it wouldn't help. As you point out, the controls and selection process will affect the accuracy of the extrapolation,but it's still true that 15 million people didn't say it, and, by pointing out that this is an online survey, I suggested that the results might even be skewed towards the tastes of tech-savvy folks, not necessarily...
15 Million Americans did not say any such thing... About 1,100 of the sort of people who are online a lot and take surveys said it.   It'll be nice if there are this many sales, or two times 15m, or eight times 15m, but this is hardly any kind of a representative sample, and the headline should be phrased more responsibly, imho.
I'd like to see them keep it "in the Park", so...Half Done sounds about right.
Don't you folks remember the horrible travails of the late 1800's, when all the Impressionists were suing each other, willy nilly, all the time? The duels? The feuds? The vendettas?   ...I didn't think so.
highly redundant   wish I could figure out how to get the thing onto my MBAir too...
There are always new ways to turn an Apple celebration into another "Apple Is Doomed" moment, it seems...
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