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Wow…you're actually trying to pursue a logical reply to one of sog35's "jokes"?He's been running that general one for, I think, months.
I think B&N and Nook would be thrilled enough just to "take on" the Kindle... slightly closer to "picking' on someone their own size".
…except for the guy who wrote that into their Constitution...
It's so much harder to execute anonymous people who say what you don't want them to…poor Brazil.   Although, other digital content can be disappeared when permissions or copyright issues arise. Don't see why apps should be immune.
In other news, this site is being renamed, AppleInsidYerHouse...
"…last great ad…"?Did you mean, "latest"?(i.e., not "final", but "most recent"?)
But none of them is 100% different...perhaps that's useful too?
Nobody said they were going to 'double down' on unsubstantiated rumorsderived from no official Apple source…strictly speaking, those aren't "leaks".Apple can't be held responsible for pranks or irresponsibility.Let's 'double down' on those Bigfoot rumors while we're at it.
Huh…doesn't the sun "rise" from that direction anymore then?
New Posts  All Forums: