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Starting to sound like a "Surface to Air" missile.
Yep - this is how you "build a winner", Baldmore.   And, as a courtesy, Microsoft will only use the Clippers Dancers in future Surface ads...
In the interest of fairness, when I get home, I'm gonna put a Samsung TVin my pocket to see if it "uncurves"...
Funny, but it seems most of us don't think of this as a matter of 'putting ourselves above the law', but of putting ourselves under the protection of the law, in the form of the Constitution our vaunted FBI director is so eager to circumvent.   "There will come a day"...when you'll smirk and say, "Rights?  What rights?  You haven't any now - We took care of that some time ago!"
Melodrama much?Ruined?More likely - if true - he's now a hero in the Android and 'Network News' worlds.
What did I see about the regularity of failed software releases from Apple in recent years? Yes, anyone could have them...but with a closed vertical system, you should be able to control your own updates much closer to "perfectly", just imho.
Sorry, I'm naturally suspicious, and I wonder that the guy who just selflessly decides to do the test, who just selflesslyhas a phone to give away to cement his glory and underscore his video,just happens to already have an inadvertently, innocently bent phone of his own...but, maybe.
And note we have only his word for how it got that way...I think I referred to that, if obliquely.
Now let's try a hammer!
This point is well-taken, in theory.  But, do we really know that?We know that one person, who clearly abused the phone, made a videoof himself doing so that has gained wide purchase.  He claims that it had already begun to bend from "normal" use...but had it?  Or was it "prepared" beforehand for the recorded abuse? I can't tell how many reports of this phenomenon are simply retellings, so I think we don't yet have a clear idea of whether it is a "normal use" oran...
New Posts  All Forums: