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"Apple on Monday officially ran out of online stock..."   Well, someone has to say it... Apple is Doomed!!!
That's a thought.  The carrier part is still an issue - I have Verizon in a family sharing plan, and I suspect ripping that up would be dismal.  But perhaps Verizon would let me pay a hefty fee to simply upgrade and extend the plan...and perhaps my wife would let me live...perhaps not, its on a razor's edge as it is.  Probably easier to just enjoy this phone for a year - or two - and upgrade us all then, but thanks for getting me thinking about options.
It's nice that folks eventually did what the article should and could have: posted lists or links to them. I had a weird experience probably unrelated to this two days ago when I purchased Purify in the App Store, and rather than use my account info without question, I was required to verify and re-verify my payment info. Maybe it had to do with updating to iOS9, since 'wallet' seems a little different than passbook or whatever it was before. Anyone else had this...
In the link, he includes clear instructions on how to obtain a refund...To my sense, he simply developed a conscience - a little bit late.  Many of your posts, while irascible, seem to support the idea of business people displaying a conscience - try applying the standard here.
I love my iPhone6, but I'm really excited about this new phone - if I could afford to break my contract, I'd do it... plus, I'm thinking it would be good to get my 2-year schedule aligned with the 's' years...they seem to be  significant upgrades...   BTW - as to the early delivery thing, you all have good points, but I think the most significant thing is, that what SolipsismY is warning about are the consequences of a deliberate act, not a hapless blunder, and...
Thanks for the link, I thought he was very articulate.His two suggestions - Purify and Crystal - do seem to have flexible options to avoid blanket elimination of ads on sites you choose to support...I wonder whether you could or should use both in iOS9?I use both Ghostery and AdBlockPlus in OS X, and they seem to attack different 'invaders', somewhat. ...This opinion has been brought to you by your friends at...
Perhaps not entirely.  The TV ads themselves don't track you, of course,but I'm pretty sure data from your cable box (if you have one) is commoditized.Good comparison, otherwise.
Just did my iPhone6, seems easy now, of course... But everything looks smaller, and that is NOT good for old eyes and pudgy, careless fingers...   And why "Wallet"???  Isn't that Googlese?     And, as someone else mentioned, why does iCloud storage say on the downgrade page that I've already lowered to the 50GB level, while the "available" page still says I have 180GB?
Can't be too sure of that - Fallon still has that MBP on his desk, after all (although it did disappear there for awhile).
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