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Not up for a little 'molesting plus'??? oh…I forgot, you hate the 'Hagrid' model, huh? ;-)
Which means, what?They'd have to come up with another excuse for throttling?
Kind of surprising - with all the leaks, I just assumed everyone in China already had one!
  What kind of bugs me is that in the Apple store, the pictures showing the lens make it look pretty large,but then their side-on flat pictures show nothing…kind of deceptive illustrations, there -reminiscent of when they sort of carefully "arranged" how they portrayed the current iMacs skinniness,to avoid showing the rather massive "bubble".
Oh, yes…but sadly, he isn't with us anymore...
Yeah, I'm also confused...Per Apple Support page "Here's what iCloud backs up: Photos and videos in your Camera Roll Device settings App data Home screen and app organization iMessage, text (SMS), and MMS messages Ringtones Visual Voicemail" I have a couple thousand photos in my camera roll, I share them with mostly family in photo streams,yet my storage says I'm using approximately .31GB out of my 5 free…clearly, I'm not "getting it", or at least not using it...
I bought more than a few songs (and a variety of iPods) based on those ads.
Took over 20 minutes before you could even see the album in the iTunes Store - where it says I've already purchased it. Not in my library though, nor is it listed as an "available download". Another 'not impressive' performance. I have a feeling Apple flatly failed to account for sheer volume in any of today's endeavors.
Well, it glitched again while Tim and Bono were playing patty-cake...   "U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, going out to over half a billion people, free on iTunes as of... NOW!"   Well, no, it isn't even searchable yet on iTunes 12:13 pacific time
At thirty minutes it was still "in Chinese" - the annoyance, and the clear note of screwing up at a very bad time,are what support that judgement - name another at which the experience was so unpleasant,and indicated such a level of technical bungling...oh, and you can't use one from Microsoft or Samsung, either! ;-)
New Posts  All Forums: