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Aware of that, but if they haven't started assembly, then the location of parts may yet be limited...so, again, where'd this guy get one?
What a tiny car - not even room for a search engine.
So, we're giving this guy credit for bullshitting Apple into "fixing" something that wasn't wrong in the first place? I didn't think he had credibility then, so why would I credit him for "prodding" Apple now?   And the thing I'm most curious about:  how does he even have a real shell, for an as yet unannounced product? Thought they weren't even starting assembly till later this month, so they probably exist, but again, how does he have it?
I think I read that this wouldn't be posted until "Cellophane: the Series" ended.
Good points.  I just remain slightly skeptical, and really only time will change that.Comparing the two "products" isn't necessarily telling, because the early adoption rateof one may not speak to the long-term 'legs' of the other...I was simply suggesting that there might be a clue in Apple's willingness to be specificregarding only one, not the other, but you've suggested a way to interpret that, so...we'll see!
It's interesting, that they are willing to "tout" the music subscriber numbers specifically, but not the Watch numbers...makes you wonder if, despite more ambiguous pronouncements, they might be less "toutable" than we'd like...?
I'm a little uncomfortable with the notion the Jobs actually would have played the "changing the world" card quite so readily...I'm sure he knew it, even felt that way, but to play it so readily as your answer to everything? Can't believe he was that...tacky?  Insubstantial?  Doesn't ring true...but, I wasn't there, so...
What I can't seem to find is the Education store that provides student/school employee discounts... Well, I sorta found something, but it's really unwelcoming, and harder to see the "discount"... I guess I'm still waiting for something I like about Apple's retailing changes since the Age of Angela began...
Aw c'mon guys - he just left out that little sarcasm thingy...hey, so did you two!
New Posts  All Forums: