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"If true, the move would be a change from May, when Apple emphasized Beats Music as a key component of its $3 billion purchase of the headphone maker."   May???   Mr. Cook said something to that effect during the Charlie Rose interview... This is probably the kind of thing where a kernel of truth  has been given the most "newsworthy" spin...gee, wonder why they'd do that?   (oops, was typing - yeah! Waldobushman)
I may have missed the sarcasm mark, but otherwise, it just seems like some folksview the world with their eyes crossed...
To me, the problem with your reasoning is that, while the union protecting employees may be corrupt,the business or government entity they are to be protected from most certainly is.   Further, those venal entities always have the organization (unity of purpose, ironically), and the financial means not to play the game you describe one-on-one with workers,but play it instead by controlling  and co-opting regulating and legislating bodies. They may be imperfect, but unions...
While I agree with you, as it turns out, about the lot of teachers (as the son of two teachers, as it happens),I'm afraid I don't agree as to the reason unions exist...it may be how they function when corrupt, but it surely isn't why people form them...and it's probably useful to note that the idea of the market driving the value of a given group can hardly be said to reliably drive it up for every group.   But we certainly don't disagree as to what teachers have versus...
Well, when you stated we needed to disband teacher's unions, I assumed you meant that they had it too easy - perhaps I mis-interpreted your meaning?  This more recent comment would indicate that I did.
I'll think I'll cast my lot with Einstein.  He felt capitalism breeds (by selecting for) predators.Socialism, it seems to me, tends to select for human (and humane) beings.And, for what it's worth, I also feel that, of the two,socialism is far more compatible with democracy than is capitalism.
  Ironic or misinformed, it makes the bizarre assumption that teachers are only working when they have class in session.
Sorry, Officer, I don't have any ID with me...Do you take Apple Pay???   
Ummm, start buying chips from TSMC?
No, I hadn't thought it was your intent...but since the celeb/pic kerfuffle, I've been casting a weather eyefor any possible attacks on Apple's credibility, either in the security or tech-ability areas, especially given the growing level of desperation evinced by some of their more prominent competitors.
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