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Yes, it's hyperbole when you intentionally phrase it to sound like a 75 cent increase, for effect.
Hyperbole much? - the tax was already 68 cents per gallon, and the increase is meant to fundchanges in climate control regs which might, one would hope, keep the planet going a while longer.Not a bad way to spend the 7 cents. BTW, yes, here it was $4.50 six months ago (SoCal), but is still $2.90 or so where I am...$2.40 sounds pretty good!
Wow...now this is what I call 'wishful thinking'.Apparently, you've traded in the Grape-flavored Kool-Aid for Apple...?
Hey wait!  You made it way harder!In the video on YouTube, it's only 80 miles...
Apple's version of The Marshall Plan? Why?
http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/12/nation-backed-malware-targets-diplomats-iphones-androids-and-pcs/ I just used it... (shrug)...or isn't that what you were referring to?  I used their staff directory, though.
Well, it's about Time!...   Actually, although this forum seems pretty resentful about it, I can't imagine Mr. Cook regrets losing the Time award to the sort of selfless, cooperative, humane activities of the collective that did win it.
Ironically, so is VD, traditionally...
 I think I could see these increasing sales...not sure how multi-Putins orburned-out looking health-worker covers would have that effect.
Plaintiffs are still skating on thin ice...
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