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One of the words that you don't want after your handle in PO is:Gee just got started too.
Increased flood risk linked to global warmingHuman contribution to more-intense precipitation extremesAnthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to flood risk in England and Wales in autumn 2000
Egypt's harassed women need their own revolutionIn light of recent events in Egypt and the commitment to revise its Constitution, IMHO there has to be more attention to women's rights.
On this we can agree.
I agree, somehow I like to read my books in the paper and not virtual mode.However, even if you purchased your book legally, if it has a copyright, you can't do with it what you want. You can't make copies of it and sell them, you can't make a movie from it and you can't make a pdf version and place it on your website.....so there are certain limitations what you can do with your book.
Never mind that the state is nearly bankrupt. We'll just saddle the tax payers with more and more.....California state employees take advantage of pension perkDUH!
UK human rights law review 'imminent'Human Rights Act 1998UK bill of rights plan a 'bad idea', warns head of European court
Libya: Violent protests rock city of Benghazi
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