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I think that the gist was that the isolation of Britain from the mainland of EU helped shaped the character of the Brits.The moment Britain became an island
Iran unrest: MPs call for death of Mousavi and Karroubi
Apple Report Details Supplier 'Core Violations' Amid outcry, Apple says it monitors work conditions in ChinaApple criticized by Chinese environmental groups
The moment Britain became an island
The first shots that started the US Civil War were fired upon Fort Sumpter by rebel troops. Now they want to mint their own coinage......dam rebs South Carolina lawmaker wants separate currency for state
How Tibet's Karmapa Lama is fueling China and India border tensions
If there are more demonstrations in Teheran, IMO this will be a bloody one. We got a preview after the 2009 elections. As posted above, Teheran doesn't take kindly to protestors....the end of a rope seems to be their answer. @ http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...&postcount=157
Algeria government to lift 19-year state of emergency State of Emergency
Energy Security Leadership Council Transportation PlanTransportation Policies for America’s Future
Arctic Roamers: The Move of Southern Species into Far North
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