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Iran has been taking a hard stance against protestors:Iran hangs protestersIran hangs woman held after protestsIranian opposition activists hanged for protest footage For now it seems that the army is siding with Mubarak. Do you think that it may turn if the protest continue?
Iran opposition leader under house arrest after calling for Egypt-style protests
Egypt Foreign Minister Warns of Military Intervention
Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak 'may be stepping down'
The Nano replaced the Mini, was smaller and had a color screen so no loss for the Mini.Classic will not reduce its capacity. 128GB flash will probably move into the Touch which is due for a make over/upgrade in Sept. Had hoped that the Touch would of made the 128GB jump last September since the 64GB chips came out that January. Toshiba just came out with a 220GB HD so most likely this will be the new high end Classic....possibly with a touch screen and virtual click...
I could see an upgrade with a larger hd, longer battery life and possibly larger screen and virtual click wheel. Didn't AI have a recent article on this? Low inventory, new drives raise questions on future of Apple's iPod classic
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/...entry_id=60429 http://www.apta.com/mc/past/2010/201...il-US-Page.pdf
+4 ft -2 mj#
No its not. But you've been on my semi ignore list so I gave up responding to yours.
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