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Never forget.
No.  They need to cut their losses and move on. My guess is that they would face lawsuits from members who were cajoled into exclusivity agreements and had to pass up ApplePay and GoogleWallet. My other guess is that they might be nursing it along hoping someone acquires them.  There's a sucker born every minute.
 You wouldn't argue with me about that. I'm sticking with it, but it is very frustrating sometimes.I don't understand if it's a search problem not finding things, of if there's nothing there to find. I don't know how the database gets updated/maintained, but it seems like retailers, especially chain stores and restaurants, should feed the database with x,y coordinates of locations. They're the ones losing money when people settled for McDonalds because they didn't know...
 Apparently there's nothing like commenting on Friday's news on Monday morning, either...
 I'm one of the grandfathered few or many (who really knows). I can only speak from a perspective of one, but that's never stopped me before. I think the main reason grandfathered people stick with the unlimited data plan is psychological. They know if they give it up they can never get it back, so they never give it up. When the roll-over data was announced, I started seriously considering switching. I just moved, so I don't yet have a baseline for my consumption in...
And still, this is the only place I have seen anything about CurrentC. If it weren't for competition with ApplePay, nobody would even know about it.
 Hell no! Beyond wasting money for the litigants and courts, frivilous lawsuits delay justice for other litigants that have legitimate claims. Suing or sponsoring a lawsuit against oneself as a marketing strategy is so unethical the government wouldn't even do that.
All I want for Christmas is for Apple to open a store in this exact space. I will fly to London for the grand opening if this happens.
 I would point to Apple's changing of music and video distribution as a better example of what you seem to be getting at. And Facebook is in a much more vulnerable situation. They are literally only a fad away from being relegated to the status of MySpace or classmates.com.
 Probably some will want to crowbar the judge.  It is.  It all seems to have started with lawyers identifying the defendant, but the plaintiffs are nowhere to be found (actual plaintiffs, that is).  On one hand, I would like to see a legal precedent set where the courts sue the lawyers who bring these frivolous suits to recover damages--not only operating expenses, but also for litigants of other cases who experienced delayed justice because of this garbage.
New Posts  All Forums: