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 I would like to see some real data that demonstrates a migration by customers for this reason--or with this as a primary reason.  All we ever really get are a bunch of loudmouths screaming about how they could never use anything so small as an iPhone 5 again, and loudmouths on the other side that would could never use anything larger than an iPhone 5.  The real question is: before iPhone 6, how many normal customers were searching for different phones with size being low...
 He acknowledged that one possibility may be correct without expressing agreement or disagreement. Then he stated another possibility that he seems to favor. That's how grown-ups have a discussion.You add nothing to the discussion by making a personal attack.
 Or maybe...No, do evil!Back to the article...Wasn't the DoJ just bitching about Apple's security changes making the devices too secure? Which is it?
Look at the by-line for the story.Suddenly Newton got it...
Sarcasm aside, you appear to be looking for reasons to disagree. And locking a competitor out of nearly 100 percent of the market is far different from choosing to stop selling a "competitor's" product in an extremely small percentage of retail outlets, so this is a bad analogy. If Apple later refuses to allow Fitbit to work with HealthKit and removes the iOS app and attempts to influence other retailers to drop Fitbit, then you might be able to start complaining about...
Not only that, their brand is a horribly annoying, bastardized combination of pun, twitter-speak, acronym, and portmanteau.  MCX and its partners have too much invested to just walk away.  They will have to lose more money first.  Another hack and it might be over sooner than we think, though.
He should stop with this BS about consmers' best interests. Everybody knows that's a lie. With all the statements to clarify months and not years, it leads me to believe that MCX is feeling a lot of heat--probably from consumers and partners alike.
Mechanical watches have to be sent for service every few years. Movement is checked, parts are replaced, everything cleaned and lubed, etc...costs a few hundred dollars. I wonder if Apple is thinking of some sort of maintenance schedule for the AppleWatch, as well. Buy a $5000 watch now, in 3 years when all the internal components have been updated, you can have it rebuilt with new internals for $300, or so.
I agree. And I would also add that Apple probably tries as many new things as any other company. They just do it in secret. Apple's market research is done in private, and ideas that don't have the promise of success are shelved.Google's product betas may be successful than you realize, though. Although Google may fail at producing a product, he betas themselves are market research and not necessarily geared toward product testing. Unsuspecting users share data with...
 To be fair, this is one guy with diarrhea of the mouth. When the last minute U2 rumor broke, the band did have the good sense to deny that they were working on anything with Apple.
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