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  I thought you were joking with this statement, at first.  But seeing how you have stuck to this, I'm curious.   1. Do you understanding the meaning of the word "useless" or are you trying to be hyperbolic?   2. Have you actually used one?   3. What do you do on the iPad that you can't do at all on the iPad Mini?   4. Do you expect all Apple products to fit your exact needs?   5. Are you DaHarder?  Teckstud?
  Well, the app may be beta, but the underlying data certainly is not.  I have had plenty of errors with Google maps, too (original iPhone Maps app, iOS Safari, MacOS Safari, IE, etc).  And Google has always hidden behind the "beta" label, anyway.  Don't forget they're an ad company.  All they really have to do is get their "beta" on gadgets.  Users allow Google to collect information because the they think those data will go to improving the product.  Meanwhile Google...
  You're missing the point.  It's not simply about having a high pixel density.  It's about maintaining the pixel ratio so the apps scale easily (i.e. x2 rather than x1.847962185485468521567 or whatever).
  Or the writer could have meant that it will be coming in the next generation rather than the third or fourth.     It's not, though.  It's really more like an iPad "Air."  And it doesn't seem to be hurting sales at all.  The 16GB and 32GB models still seem to stay sold out everywhere I have looked.  The next generation is always going to be better than the current one.  If you always wait to buy on that logic, you will never have one.     I agree.  It seems to me that...
  Yeah.  If they actually do this, they really should make it so you can turn this off completely.  I'm tired of AI doing things it thinks I want done.  I still use predictive text, even though it pisses me off a lot of the time.  Pretty agravating to try to text fast, but have to go back and change a word the AI thought I meant.
  I think they were hoping the headlines would include something like, "Microsoft, who just released super-awesome Windows 8 which everyone should totally upgrade to."
  I wouldn't assume that he is actually advising Tim Cook on anything.  If Forstall is actually "in the building" he is likely only the senior monitor of the water cooler.
  I think the steering wheel should be a click wheel.
  I am not promoting a dual standard.  If you re-read my post, I said nothing about the judge, Samsung, or Apple.   As for logic, use some of that, yourself.  I hope you realize that precise language is required in legal documents.  And all requirements must be included by quotation or by reference.  If the judge didn't do that, he really should not be upset.   Apple, on the other hand, should be careful to choose their enemies wisely--and not fight battles that they...
  That's the dumbest analogy I have ever seen.  It actually proves Tallest Skil's point.  Dad gave instructions that were vague and ambiguous--subject to interpretation because he didn't include his dislike of pickles by reference.  And now child is being grounded because child failed to look up dad's ass and read his mind?
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