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Ballmer must be this ultra-competitive guy that would push a kid down just to beat him in a race.  (It's an analogy--I don't think he would actually push a kid down).  How can you counter a competitor's making more money by saying that we actually sell more crap for less profit?  Some of the stuff he has said in the past has been bad, but this one really is the worst that I can remember.   The Zune didn't squirt its way past the iPod.  The Kin didn't bury the...
  Already been done:   http://www.theonion.com/articles/apple-claims-new-iphone-only-visible-to-most-loyal,2772/
  Sh!t.  Why didn't Cook think of this before letting him go?   Seriously, if he was fired/pushed out, Cook probably determined that the harm he was doing and was capable of doing internally outweighed the benefits of having him there and the harm he is capable of doing externally.   Un-seriously, maybe he is some sort of Trojan Horse/Manchurian Candidate heading up to Mountain View.  Or maybe he truly is the future CEO of Apple, Inc. and this begins his time in exile...
  No need.  Android is already perfect.
Not sure what to make of this. You brag about being savvy with your Windows 3.1 install, but you don't have the savvy to type maps.google.com on your iPhone?
Lame and annoying. I find. The three-word code names to be the most annoying.
Well, there is a whole group of people out there who have a settled disposition against owning anything made by Apple. (I wonder if they also avoid eating apples or drinking apple juice, and maybe even applewood smoked bacon just to be safe). Anyway, this tablet is for them. The iPad is for everyone else. And the iPad will outsell this by probably 10,000-to-1.
My experience with iOS 6 Maps: Bay Area - pretty good National Capital Region - okay to good Baltimore - marginal to okay Frederick, MD to Harrisburg, PA - sketchy to marginal (did some things very well, but it also got me lost a couple of times and sent me down roads that didn't exist anymore. When it sent me down the non-existant road, it just stopped working altogether. I guess it wasn't embarrassed. Turn-by-turn spoken directions - devours the battery (or rather the...
How viable of a strategy could that actually be?  They would still have to maintain some sort of HQ somewhere.  And is there really that much of a market for a 200-300 Euro building?  A buyer might have to spend millions building-out what's there in order to suit its needs.  And the buyer would definitely be in the driver's seat in those negotiations since Nokia is on the ropes.   Really, these are Nokia's options: Bet the whole company on some dramatic...
Trolling, huh? You seem to be wound pretty tightly. My actual first thought was "why did they use a stock photo of an old plant?" I added the hyperbole in order to reply to another, more-obviously hyperbolic comment. Didn't know I wasn't allowed.
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