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  I am not promoting a dual standard.  If you re-read my post, I said nothing about the judge, Samsung, or Apple.   As for logic, use some of that, yourself.  I hope you realize that precise language is required in legal documents.  And all requirements must be included by quotation or by reference.  If the judge didn't do that, he really should not be upset.   Apple, on the other hand, should be careful to choose their enemies wisely--and not fight battles that they...
  That's the dumbest analogy I have ever seen.  It actually proves Tallest Skil's point.  Dad gave instructions that were vague and ambiguous--subject to interpretation because he didn't include his dislike of pickles by reference.  And now child is being grounded because child failed to look up dad's ass and read his mind?
I know a lot of women who trade sex for favors, car payments, house payments--and it's usually with people they know. It's not prostitution because they don't call it prostitution. The same is true, as you suggested, for a lot of marriages.I guess what I really meant to say was that I understand that it is illegal. I didn't intend to pass judgement as to whether or not it should be. I don't guess I have given it enough thought to really care.
  Not to mention that it's unenforceable for all practical purposes.  That's really getting into some thought-policing.  I can understand it being illegal to be a prostitute or purchase "services" from a prostitute.  But it's also illegal to know where the prostitutes are?  What if someone is searching so they can make sure to avoid the area?    And yeah, it would slow things down to the point that search would be unusable.
  Got rid of it when it turned 18? 
  If I was Ballmer, I would be on the phone every day with the MacBU asking when Office would be ready for iOS.  That could actually be a win for him.  (I'm guessing) low cost to develop.  Low risk--it will sell well.  And high volume--which is the most important thing to him.
Ballmer must be this ultra-competitive guy that would push a kid down just to beat him in a race.  (It's an analogy--I don't think he would actually push a kid down).  How can you counter a competitor's making more money by saying that we actually sell more crap for less profit?  Some of the stuff he has said in the past has been bad, but this one really is the worst that I can remember.   The Zune didn't squirt its way past the iPod.  The Kin didn't bury the...
  Already been done:   http://www.theonion.com/articles/apple-claims-new-iphone-only-visible-to-most-loyal,2772/
  Sh!t.  Why didn't Cook think of this before letting him go?   Seriously, if he was fired/pushed out, Cook probably determined that the harm he was doing and was capable of doing internally outweighed the benefits of having him there and the harm he is capable of doing externally.   Un-seriously, maybe he is some sort of Trojan Horse/Manchurian Candidate heading up to Mountain View.  Or maybe he truly is the future CEO of Apple, Inc. and this begins his time in exile...
  No need.  Android is already perfect.
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