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  When I saw that photo, I was thinking they just built a brand new factory to look like a 40-year-old sweat shop.  But now that I think about it, it actually does look more like a 40-year-old prison.
Eating disorder. It binges on data and power, then purges.Seriously, mine was a little bit tight, BUT THEY ALL ARE WHEN THEY ARE NEW. I'm sure some people are legitimately having problems, but I think the majority just need to plug it and unplug it a few times. It will loosen up, and everything will be okay.You will eventually get used to inserting something and removing it, and it will feel natural.
Without reading the actual contract none of us know who was making money and who stopped making money.
Have you considered selling your iP4s? You might come close to breaking even with the cost of the new iP5. Otherwise, nothing wrong with upgrading every other model. I'm looking forward to upgrading from iP4 to iP5.
Are they in line for the iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini, though?   I slept through the initial pre-order (delivery on launch day) availability.  I don't know if I'll wait in line on Friday or not.  I had an issue the last time I purchased in store, and the guy activated on the spot.  My notes never synced from my old iP3GS to the iP4.  I swore that I would only accept delivery and activate through iTunes in the future.  I may give it a shot this time.  I haven't had any...
  You may like the surprise, but a lot of the people who post here like to say "I knew it/told you so/predicted that months ago/..."
  I had not thought of that.
 The "C" is for "Cosher"   Yes, it is too much.  Seriously, who really gives a crap?
Is there a reason it is not feasible to offer both now? Why not include a us USB cable and sell a thunderbolt cable? That would give the people who have computers with thunderbolt ports to take advantage of it now. It also might encourage people to upgrade to a new Mac. It might also help to speed industry adoption of thunderbolt.
Well, I like that the BTO option is there on the entry-level model, but I didn't realize it would cost that much.
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