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  You may like the surprise, but a lot of the people who post here like to say "I knew it/told you so/predicted that months ago/..."
  I had not thought of that.
 The "C" is for "Cosher"   Yes, it is too much.  Seriously, who really gives a crap?
Is there a reason it is not feasible to offer both now? Why not include a us USB cable and sell a thunderbolt cable? That would give the people who have computers with thunderbolt ports to take advantage of it now. It also might encourage people to upgrade to a new Mac. It might also help to speed industry adoption of thunderbolt.
Well, I like that the BTO option is there on the entry-level model, but I didn't realize it would cost that much.
  The judge didn't say you weren't cool, just not as cool as the iPad.   I hope this helps. 
I'm curious to know how this one slipped through. I wonder if a reviewer was just asleep at the wheel.
Appreciate the effort, but that's for the original poster to do. He knew he took that quote out of context.Seriously, though, there's not one kind of "pro" user. The logical conclusion is that Apple did market research and designed the MBPr to hit the largest part of the market. If it doesn't meet your own needs, you are on the fringe, or rather "niche." Whoever is buying these (pros, pro-sumers, average geeks overcompensating for the size of their pocket protectors)...
  ...and F8.  Gotta be able to boot in safe mode.
It's misleading. It doesn't seem that any of these reviews have said that he MBPR is a bad value. They are only complaining that the entry level price is high. Anyway, consumers don't seem to think it's cost-prohibitive.
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