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I don't mind that the RAM is soldered and non-upgradable.  I don't mind that the SSD is proprietary.  But it really puts me out that the 256GB SSD is the only option on the base model.  Anyone know why that is?
  The migration will be a cinch.  That truly is idiot-proof.  On not having to upgrade the OS, it's a toss-up for me.  Go with a the mature OS and upgrade when wrinkles are ironed out of ML, or start with a fresh new OS and maybe have to live with a few wrinkles until that's sorted out. 
  Don't forget, it's also about bragging about the size of your RAM to people who really don't give two craps about it anyway.  I would venture that's the ultimate reason for most of those who persist in whinging about it.   Having said that, I shall now commence whinging.  I only have 4GB on my 6-year-old MBP.  I bought it with 2GB and upgraded after a couple of years.  I would really like the option to upgrade it later myself (I'm assuming you can take it to an Apple...
That doesn't make sense to me either. I could see 11" and 13" MBA, 13" and 15" MB, and 15" and 17" MBP. At least in my mind, that covers a broader range of needs.But like you said, we'll see.
  With the exclusion of your conspiricy theory, you have a reasonable point about wanting a matte display.  People might take you seriously if you expressed that reasonable point in a reasonable way.
  Or maybe named Rubenstein...       I wouldn't say that Siri is an embarrassment.  Or it shouldn't be, anyway.  It will only get better with time, and this open public beta is a huge part of that.   Apple should probably focus on managing expectations.
I say release it as is. Call it the GooPad. Keep it in beta for the next couple of years.
I wish someone would do a pay-as-you-go model.  No monthly rate, just sell 10GB at a time.  Let people use it however, whenever they want.  Obviously this will never happen with phones, probably never will with other gadgets.  But, I would actually use an iPad data plan if I could do this.
  Seriously!  If a rumor from a source known to be unreliable can cause a 6% drop, investors don't have much confidence at all.  Hard to make that argument now.  I'm sure some will, though.
  I'm wondering more about battery life and heat.  If the cost difference really is that low, and all else being equal, I can't see leaving Retina out either.
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