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  How can this response diminish credibility?       What is the best smartphone ? -- highly subjective   Which smartphone has the most RAM?  Which smartphone has the display with the highest pixel density?  Which smartphone has the processor with the highest clock speed or most cores? -- all objective
Quote:   not all.
  Not sure I see the Nano connection, but I definitely see this expanding to other form factors.  I don't see the room in the current pricing scheme for a mini iPad.  Only if the Nano becomes the new Touch, and the Touch gets scaled up to the 7-inch range.  Otherwise, a 7-inch iPad really only serves to satisfy a small but loud group of people who just want the form factor.     I can agree with this.     Seems un-Apple-like to me.  Even more so with Tim Cook as CEO. ...
  No.  The only thing the offer suggests is that Apple is willing to pay $16M to end this.
I guess the people who persist with these rumors are hoping this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   I don't think it will happen.
If it's fair for a company to charge more to Apple just because it's Apple, then it has to be fair for Apple to conceal its identity.   Proview squeezed every dollar it thought it could out of its sale of the trademark.  Proview accepted the price.  That set the value of the trademark at the time of sale.  Maybe Proview should have researched the buyer more.  Maybe Proview should have negotiated for a higher selling price.  Maybe this whole episode is just a symptom of...
This was never going anywhere.
Anybody else think its ironic that the model name is "Envy?"
Hear, hear.   I love my iToys, but I have a six-year-old MBP that is beginning to make me nervous.   ~~~   Nothing new about either of these rumors.  iPhone in September, likely.  iPad , less than 25%.
So, if you don't rate, just overcompensate. At least you know you can always go on Ricki Lake. The world needs wannabes.
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