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  I'm wondering more about battery life and heat.  If the cost difference really is that low, and all else being equal, I can't see leaving Retina out either.
  How is he putting off the date?  The article you linked says the he predicted Sprint would loose money until 2014.  This article says quite profitable in 2015.  There is a break-even point and a period of low profitability.  Looks like he expects the cash-cow years to start in 2015.  I don't see how he contradicted himself.   Your posts on that article and today's article seem to indicate that you really want Sprint to fail.  Why?
  Yeah, but I don't get paid for my crappy analysis.  This donut is probably making bank.
  Just curious, why do you think GP deserves any credit for this?  Al Gore has been on the BOD for like ten years, now.   Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with either GP or Gore.
Yeah.  iOS 6, ML, and (the rumored HW redesign of) MBPs are big enough news to carry their own discreet events.
  How can this response diminish credibility?       What is the best smartphone ? -- highly subjective   Which smartphone has the most RAM?  Which smartphone has the display with the highest pixel density?  Which smartphone has the processor with the highest clock speed or most cores? -- all objective
Quote:   not all.
  Not sure I see the Nano connection, but I definitely see this expanding to other form factors.  I don't see the room in the current pricing scheme for a mini iPad.  Only if the Nano becomes the new Touch, and the Touch gets scaled up to the 7-inch range.  Otherwise, a 7-inch iPad really only serves to satisfy a small but loud group of people who just want the form factor.     I can agree with this.     Seems un-Apple-like to me.  Even more so with Tim Cook as CEO. ...
  No.  The only thing the offer suggests is that Apple is willing to pay $16M to end this.
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