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I'm glad you are not in charge. This isn't about Apple having them by the short and curlies. If it isn't a worthwhile partnership, they WILL try the competition when it becomes viable. And it will actually help the competition become viable.
I agree. And I would run it that way. In fact, it fits with their MO (charge $39.99 for 450 minutes and 45ยข for each additional minute).
A lot of people are paying for 2GB but using 200MB. If they allow tethering for free, more people will use what they are already paying for, further straining the network. It's BS, but that's one reason. The main reason is because they can.
Yeah. I only see an announcement if there is a launch imminent.
I'm not trying to be a smartass, but is this a security concern? Suppose a hacker figures out your login and password. Would he be able to download malware to your phone or tablet remotely?
a fragmentation, if you will...
It's like he had no PR help writing this. Why not just say, "I speculated about Jobs' health and Apple's future (post-Jobs). I regret doing so, and I apologize to Jobs and his family." That's all he needed. He will have plenty of opportunity to defend his thoughts on open vs. closed. Trying to spin it the way he did just makes his apology as offensive as the comments.
I had the first generation and the 3Gs. Never dropped either of them once. I got the iPhone 4 in August and have dropped it at least half a dozen times. I think it is the metal bands/antennae on the sides. It seems to just slide right out of my fingers. The lawsuit is a load of BS, though.
Your a Mac and Lion was your idea...
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