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    Why not just make a Nazi analogy? 
    I was thinking there would probably be a lost-and-found for iPhone prototypes.
If they would make a 17" pro with an air form factor, they would sell at least one on launch day. Hoping they don't discontinue...
Nothing worse than a deformed character. Seriously, though, I'm not sure that Apple's character has been defamed in the legal sense. The DoJ made their accusation in a filing, which is the proper place. It might be different if they never filed in court, but made accusations in various media outlets. It's pretty hard to sue the government successfully. Even if this is completely frivolous, has Apple suffered any substantial damages that would be worth going after? ...
I'm not taking one side or the other, but I have a question. Do you genuinely believe that conservative politicians are the only politicians that will screw you over for their own interests?
I see a post count of four. And two suggest that Intel deserves credit for the inspiration, design, and overall success of the MBA. You say you work in this industry. Does that you are an Intel-hired troll?
What he meant was that SJ hated Android fo sho. The interviewer just misunderstood.
Shiny knobs
In other words, "We're copying the wheel, we're saying we're reinventing it, and we're putting a flat tire on it." And, "If we build it, they will come."I would really love to see this done well. OS is probably going to suck. Maybe it could be hackintoshed with OSX and iOS.
This is the real problem. Best Buy doesn't benefit from their overhead. Shoppers can test-drive at Best Buy, then buy online cheaper, with no sales tax, and get free shipping. Even if they provided exceptional customer service, they couldn't beat that triple threat. I also think people have caught on to the ruse of their "extended store warranty" things. That used to be a lot of free money coming their way.
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