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That's what she said. I seem to remember having a skin for an iPod or iPhone once that was printed with exotic wood grain. I would like to have one made from the real stuff, though.
Please don't feed or engage the trolls.
Or Boot Camp for iPhone... Maybe a click-wheel for iOS, Android, WP7, WebOS, BlackBerry...
Yep. Fingers crossed.
I had a friend a couple of years ago who was using an iPhone with voice-only. They somehow detected that his device was an iPhone and forced him to buy a data plan in order to use the iPhone on the network. I read on a forum just the other day (it may have been AI) that someone was forced to buy the minimum voice plan in order to get a data plan for the iPhone. Both of these were with AT&T. I don't know if these experiences are commonplace, but I do seem to remember...
Yeah? So?
iCloudI don't think so. My guess is that it would have 3G data, but no 3G voice capability. I believe there is a difference in the radio, but I'm not sure.I don't think you can do this. I think the providers have been pretty firm about dongle-ing data and voice plans together if you want to use a smart phone on their network (at least in the USA, anyway). Not really fair in my opinion.I pretty much agree with you if it remains the same size. I could see it if the if...
Damn you! I just spit coffee on my desk!
Yeah, they didn't used to be so strict about it. I have never had to turn it OFF. I always have just had it in airplane mode in my pocket, or at least not using it. But on the last few flights I have taken, the announcement has been that it has to be OFF, and that airplane mode was NOT OKAY. Not that I always pay careful attention to the safety announcements, but I guess some people can't wait to kill one more pig or zombie or whatever.
Obviously not an AT&T service area. I wonder if it just saved the last known location. I wouldn't assume the owner had it on the whole time, either. If I were on a plane that was going down, I would turn the phone on and try to call family and friends to say goodbye.
New Posts  All Forums: