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best part
And you have ridden this comment into the ground to the point of diminishing returns. Now go and email Steve Jobs that he will sell twice as many iPads if he listens to you.
Except that the Xoom was promoted all along as having the ability to run flash.Not only the ecosystem but also the ease of use. Honeycomb seems to be venturing into the gap between iOS-like systems and full desktop (Only my perception, I haven't used it). There could be a market there for those who want/need a hybrid (I'm sort-of interested). I doubt the market is large enough for an ecosystem to develop that will give Apple any real competition. I wonder how well those...
Apologies if you were genuinely offended. Otherwise, lighten up, and realize that not everything written here is intended to be taken seriously.
He's just "calling in sick" so he can oversee the demolition of his old spooky house and the construction of his new one. Hopefully...
I agree. Somehow they think the dishonest response lends to their credibility.
They all do this, though. Attribute the rumor to "anonymous sources." Then say the "sources" were wrong or there were last-minute changes. It's all a big steaming pile. ~~~~~ I waited for iPad2. If this rumor does turn out to be true, I don't see a compelling reason to buy even though I really want one. I might just pick up an iPad1 for less $. I guess we'll see next week.
I'm glad you are not in charge. This isn't about Apple having them by the short and curlies. If it isn't a worthwhile partnership, they WILL try the competition when it becomes viable. And it will actually help the competition become viable.
I agree. And I would run it that way. In fact, it fits with their MO (charge $39.99 for 450 minutes and 45ยข for each additional minute).
A lot of people are paying for 2GB but using 200MB. If they allow tethering for free, more people will use what they are already paying for, further straining the network. It's BS, but that's one reason. The main reason is because they can.
New Posts  All Forums: