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Whoever owns the trademark to ApplePad will probably sell it to them for $3b. Any word you can think of and put an "i" or "Apple" in front of has probably been trademarked to death (perhaps by trolls). There are tons of companies that have iProducts and will buy those TMs. Apple is the only company out there that will have an AppleProduct, and therefore be likely to buy those TMs. If you know you are selling a really desirable piece to a company who has $100b in cash,...
Heh...if the court were to "void" that transaction, I wonder if Proview could come up with the $55,000 to refund to Apple.
I don't believe it's a violation of any law. By signing a contract, customers agreed to those terms. Just about anything you agree to in a contract is enforcable.
That might have been sarcasm.
This sounds like something that would have gotten a terse response from the sjobs @ apple.com account.
Call it whatever they want. 11" and 13" integrated graphics 15" and 17" discreet graphics All SSD No optical drivesAnd I get sick of those Ultrabook commercials saying the design of the computer was inspired by Intel. BS. Just say it was inspired by the success of the MacBook Air. When the MBA first came out, people laughed because of the price and the niche market. Then the price got better. Then they redesigned and added the 11" model. Then the MBA started selling...
I have been waiting a looooooong time. I really hope this happens soon.
Be vewy, vewy quiet. We're hunting twolls!
Yup. They "had" me at HP.
I'm glad you know what I meant. I was referring to Verizon's initial rejection of the iPhone due to revenue and control of the relationship...http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/20...n-iphone_x.htm ...only to come around later. I'm not aware that anyone ever explicitly admitted to crapware being an issue, but that was widely rumored to be a sticking-point, too.
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